Sunday, November 25, 2007

"we've got a lot of power if we flex and tell our leaders to - quoting onyx - bacdafucup."


RE: North American Union

RE: America, Canada and Mexico one country by 2010


hey hip hop headz,

it's good to see people are on this, we've got a lot of power if we flex and tell our leaders to - quoting onyx - bacdafucup.

check the official website, they admit they're taking over everything:


Following the March 23, 2005, launch of the SPP, each nation established Security and Prosperity working groups to fulfill the vision of the North American Heads of State.

The working groups will consult with stakeholders; set specific, measurable, and achievable goals and implementation dates; and identify concrete steps the governments can take to achieve these goals. An initial report is due to Heads of Government on June 23 with semi-annual progress reports thereafter.

The Prosperity working groups established cover a wide range of issue areas:

* Manufactured Goods & Sectoral and Regional Competitiveness
* Movement of Goods
* Energy
* Environment
* E-Commerce & Information Communications Technologies
* Financial Services
* Business Facilitation
* Food and Agriculture
* Transportation
* Health


this has been happening since march 2005 and no one but lou dobbs is talking about it, which proves how controlled the media is. we need to get this fast, 'cause fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

we know they lie but accept it and don't know what they're hiding or how it affects us. we often "make up" the truth, which leads to arguing about nonsense instead of agreeing on the problems and working on solutions.

even after the cops got caught infiltrating the NAU protest in montebello, quebec last august and everyone found out, we still didn't talk about it and it was never mentioned in the ontario elections.

the short answer is in a "global" economy a "global" group of criminals is running a world where they steal and control everything and 3 billion live on less than $2 a day. they don't like us and want to kill a bunch of us now that we've built them a bunch of crap, which is why they started educating us in the early 1900's in the first place. they want to take us down hard which is why our food, air, water, minds, bodies, vaccines, etc. are messed up.

if we resist we can stop them, if not we'll be too weak later.

they want 4 major free-trading blocks (really controlled by them), the european union, north american union, pan-asian union and african union, which we can see happening now. it's a huge deal but the mainstream news makes us get excited about crap instead.

they'll be run by the UN global government, which we're being prepared for with "international law" stories and the "global warming" crap getting us to blame each other instead of the corporations we used to know polluted a lot more, which means they can keep doing it. i know people want to save the environment, but listening to corporations who own the media won't show you how.

this scam was thought of by the "club of rome" think tank in the 1970's when they tried "global cooling" as newsweek magazine and other cover stories promoted. all it does is commit entire countries to paying taxes off the backs of the people for everything we use, making us poor and funding a global taxing body.

who collects taxes?


who collects global taxes?

global government.

incidentally, CO2 is what we exhale and what plants use to make oxygen, the levels have gone up and down a lot throughout history, it's only 4% of greenhouse gases and we contribute a ridiculously small percentage of that which doesn't affect climate change at all.

the bigger the scam they pull the more they can convince the people working for them to stick with screwing us because we're too stupid to figure it out, which means they will instead of helping us.

anyway, i don't want to overload people but this is the endgame, if you can i recommend watching this flick which breaks it down nicely. it's heavy stuff but it's worth knowing and sharing so our families and friends can avoid the traps set everywhere for our minds to fall into... :-)






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