Friday, November 23, 2007

"ron paul knows over 30 years as an honest congressman that the more government gets involved the less problems get fixed..."


RON PAULITICS: President? Ron Paul Is Risking His Life!


hey [redacted],

i read the zmag article, i'm afraid the writer doesn't understand how the world works, which means their analysis is flawed. we need to figure this stuff out quick because the more worried people get the more they'll accept deliberately mis-diagnosed problems, the reactions they're told to have and fake solutions - which only makes the problems worse by-design.

that's why i'm sending big emails.

if the media we consume doesn't talk about 9/11 truth, the federal reserve central banking frauds, the north american union and the biggest issues we face, then you know they're controlled. it's too bad, but you can see the current debate isn't constructive.

ron paul knows over 30 years as an honest congressman that the more government gets involved the less problems get fixed, which is why socialism is a band-aid solution invented by the people who want to control us. the "wars" on drugs, poverty, illiteracy and everything else are examples of people pushing for solutions that don't work.

you can give the Native or Indian Affairs Department $100 million in 1960 and $1 billion a year now, but despite 10x as much money the natives are still starving. you can go down the list, including the NGO's that get billions in funds to solve the worlds problems which keep getting worse.

using charity to hide crime is the oldest trick in the book and it still works today.

immigration is a problem when it means the people who come here are meant to drive down wages and be just as poor as everyone else. the U.S. govt. and bank of america is leaving the borders open and giving them loans and more to encourage it, so we can't trust the problems they create and solutions they give us to work in the long-run.

the position of legitimizing "slave-labor" which the left is conned into pushing by the same corporate or foundation-funded media profiting off it doesn't work either. a more sensible policy would be to encourage a free and prosperous mexico we could visit so they could visit us too, but supporting their police state is part of the bigger plan.

no one wants more gun-crime, but gun control doesn't work because criminals don't obey laws and innocent people do, which means the former preys on the disarmed latter. in cities and countries with strong legal gun ownership crime drops a lot, while in those with disarmed poor people they get victimized by criminals and cops sent in after to harass "troubled" neighborhoods. the same liars who lie about iraq, new orleans, millions of poor and the rest don't tell the truth about gun control either, giving us a false debate.

abortion is tricky too since we're used to it, but even the hardest core advocates get squeamish when it's "third trimester" or whatever. if you look at bush sr. pushing it in the 1970's as part of eugenics programs - which is why it was created, you'll see why it's roots are wrong. dr. paul has delivered 4000 babies so hear him out before you condemn him on one issue. while he feels it's wrong he's also said it's a state's rights issue, so individual states can decide. he also feels that it will take time to wean us off government programs and our years of socialization in general, so don't expect a nice guy to screw people easily.

church and state should be separated because otherwise the latter controls the former, just like it has for thousands of years and vice versa. following the u.s. constitution would stop all this nonsense, so dr. paul has the right idea since it gave america relative freedom for 150 years before it was totally hijacked.

i hope that helped, if you'd like i can have a convo on MSN or Meebo about this with you for others to listen to as well, i like posterity and think lots of people can benefit from hearing this kind of dialogue,

cheers! :-)


Peace, (NOW!!!)



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