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MPVij 101: Winning Everything Is Everything For Everyone


MPVij 101: Winning Everything Is Everything For Everyone


Canadian Action Party
Project for the New Canadian Century
Public domain and open source idea bank for all Canadians.

20/20 Vision for the New Canadian Century


1. Have a list of experts you trust that people can contact about various issues, like health, housing, food, air, water, war, peace, life, investment, monetary reform and others. They can be contacted by phone or email, and do interviews on your behalf about what they know while raising their own profiles in the process. If they’re willing, they can be shared among CAP candidates. People love to talk about what they spent years researching, so interview them yourself if you want, and set-up citizen journalism at websites like where you can post the interviews, and where people can become the media and promote the work of people who make more sense of the world we live in than we’re supposed to. Interview fellow CAP candidates (CAPstars?) as well. Create the “experts” we should listen to instead of the ones we’re given by the corporate media hired to hide the corporate crimes committed against us. (For example: How can doctors and scientists let “questions remain” for years about mercury causing autism in babies without hurrying up and answering them? People wouldn’t buy questionable car tires, so how does the propaganda make them ignore the “questions” and still vaccinate their kids?)

2. Make stickers for people to stick on the CD’s, DVD’s, brochures, books and other material they already hand out or sell to wake people up. Have them say the name of the CAP candidate, their own and CAP’s website, the election date, a logo, a slogan, and/or whatever you want. Or, just stick them on anything and everything you see before the election.

3. Get stores and businesses in your neighbourhood to agree to post or sell copies of your posters, brochures, CD’s, DVD’s and other material for set time-limits before the election. Some can be non-committal to the idea of anything except for defending your right to free speech, and ensuring views ignored by the media can be heard by the people in your neighbourhood. If competing candidates want to post their material then don’t worry, much like watching Ron Paul in the U.S. Republican Presidential Debates, lies look even more like lies when they’re sitting beside the truth.

4. Pop-culture reviewers can provide a fun way to interpret the world for your potential audience, so deputize a few friends for different subjects, and have them freelance their observations on a regular basis for visitors to your site or recipients of your email list to enjoy. Movies like “Resident Evil: Extinction” are a perfect example of New World Order programming, and we can help people enjoy them (I liked it) while preventing them from thinking a bio-weapon attack or plague is a normal or natural occurrence as opposed to the work of the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) or the British Porton Down Labs. Celebrity-worship can be fleshed-out with interesting facts, like Anglina Jolie joining the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and interpreting decisions like this (I still like her and think it was a warning for us) can lead to a more useful appreciation of their work and choices. Music speaks to the soul and can be re-interpreted too, and listening to 50 Cent’s new single “I Get Money” (it’s ballsy muzak) just reminds me that I “get” it, and understand how “economics” is a fraud that’s been used as a weapon against us. (Hear my interview with Ben Fulford, former Forbes Magazine Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for more.) It’s too bad we’re being sold the “love of money” in a collapsing economy, as Jesus said it’s the “root of all evil”, and it will catch up with us if we don’t understand it. We can make these points clear on a regular basis for a variety of audiences against the waves of propaganda, and use universal references sold by the media that they understand.

5. Artists should be approached to donate their works to help promote your campaign, including songs for YouTube commercials, pictures for posters, photographs of the city you relate to, and other interpretations that reflect your ideas, or that you just like, or that others might like. They don’t have to be directly related or topical, they just have to make people relate to your campaign in some fashion, including love songs and others that resonate with people and prove you can do more than “get political”, which is unfortunately a dirty-word these days. Artists can help humanize these issues in ways they’ve unfortunately been discouraged from doing, and they can boost their own credibility by supporting a real political party (CAP) that tells the truth like they should.

6. CAP should index its campaigns to that of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and his incredibly successful grassroots run for the U.S. Presidency, and leverage the U.S. contacts made to prove to Canadians the truth is both popular and fashionable in the U.S. We’re very lucky that - like Connie Fogal - Dr. Paul is the truth, and has spoken it publicly for 30 years in delivering 4000 babies and a perfect Constitutional voting record. He’s said the most important stuff in history, like the fact that the U.S. Federal Reserve is a privately held and secretive institution like most banks, and that their Financialstapo IRS division and personal income taxes should be abolished. They were also responsible for the 1929 Great Depression, and should be held accountable for the new one being forecast. With CAP’s unique focus on monetary reform, it helps to have someone with his credibility and fan-base to explain that the world’s money-systems - including Canada’s - are a fraud designed to control us. Dr. Paul’s campaign has also spontaneously created various movements based on the idea of “freedom”, something young Canadians like everyone else can easily relate to, and something we can use to boost our numbers by association.

7. Connie Fogal Canadians (CFC’s) should become a movement, with T-shirts, posters, stickers, and everything else celebrating our fearless leader. No one in Canada represents honesty in politics better, and making leaders who act heroic into heroes should be a natural process. Icons sell everything in society, and while today truth is the hardest product to sell, it shouldn’t be that hard when we have one of the hardest-workers in the Save The World Biz selling it. Approach artists, marketers, business owners, and salespeople and others with concepts you’re trying to execute, even for advice like a young graphic designer getting tips on their portfolio, and learn how people are used to being marketed to so you can tailor your information appropriately.

8. Have a list of websites and people you admire that tell the Canadian Truth you trust to give people options outside of the mass media, and the battered-wives syndrome approach of accepting lies on a daily basis. The MSM has ignored the truth CAP and others have told for years, and with the increase in propaganda being used to hide an increase in evil, it helps to immunize people against it. Ask fellow Canadians for their own list of people they trust and admire, if they don’t have one, share yours, and recommend they make one as well. If we don’t find people we like we’ll forget how to like people, which means we also won’t find the inspiration we need to make it through the hard-times planned for us. Keep expanding and sharing lists to show the number of people promoting the truth and where others can find it, and to help build a network of people for actions. Work with honest media to publish your articles or those by friends and experts that reference the ideas you and CAP are promoting, and change the media-consumption habits of your fan-base to ensure they understand the reality you are promoting. Or, reality.

9. Have people deconstruct the media’s daily diarrhea on TV and in the papers, and have their amusing musing’s posted on your website or as daily or weekly e-blasts for people to subscribe to. Things like “The Metro” newspaper give people simplistic nonsense to destroy their brains, and creative, intelligent and caring people with a sense of humour can mock the myths they create that define our schizophrenic realities and agnostic approach to truth. Create a nice outlet for people to vent their frustration at the media’s irresponsibility, and discussion and message boards can help further debate on the analysis. People can learn to deconstruct media on their own through this process too, and set up smaller Committees of Correspondence like before the 1776 American Revolution (discussions of problems and solutions in advance of actions) with their own lists of busy families and friends. Most people don’t think enough, so those who think too much are doing them a favour.

10. Take or have friends take pictures and video of the changes you see taking place in your riding and/or city to show people what’s happening, including changes in advertising, surveillance, policies and others most people with their heads down don’t notice. We are seeing and often complaining about the results of our socialization, but many can’t see how it’s happening right in front of us. It also shows how much you care about your riding and city and want to defend it, which are certainly qualities worth voting for.

11. Have a set-list of pricing for specific stuff to distribute that people can contribute to so they know exactly how their money will be used. For example, negotiate deals to make 1000 DVD copies of “TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism” or “Money As Debt” for $1.50 each (or posters, brochures, stickers, whatever) on certain dates, and show the difference between your campaign and that of others who misuse and abuse both the money and trust they get. Give people options to endorse the information they want getting out (e.g. “Get The Gardashills!”), and have a full and public accounting of the ongoing process. Have contact info (email, website, message board…) for people to contact your campaign with how the material affected them so those who donate can see the practical impact of their dollar on people.

12. Take advantage of our Constitutional right to free expression and peaceable assembly (for now!) by setting up times and dates in public spaces where you’ll take any question from any Canadian in your riding, or from anyone passing through. Film or record it, chop it into a documentary or clips, and use it to demonstrate that understanding “truth” movements carries over into a better understanding of life in general. Show your ability to easily answer the questions that plague and depress others, and show people how to get perspective and drive by aiming for a higher purpose, like saving your family, friends, city, country and the world. Show you can still relate to them in a “normal” and personal fashion by dealing with their normal concerns in a normal and personal manner, and encourage others to look for “information” instead of just “hope” like too many do.

13. Take your cue from the infamous “Masonic Lodges” by holding public versions in your community, including pub nights, where you share the questions and answers raised with the rest of your constituents. I found that setting up a laptop and LCD projector works well, with me (or you) playing the moderator-typist and transcribing the conversation as it happens. People make the connections by seeing ideas appear on-screen in real-time, and share information they individually have based on their areas of expertise to come to conclusions. People don’t agree on the problems today, let alone the solutions, so it’s good to see shared concerns materialize in front of everybody. Have them realize they are not alone or stupid in having legitimate questions about the lack of information we get, and allow them to share what they know to come up with solutions. (My CKLN Radio co-host Mark Bills and I came up with the “Jasonic Lodges” idea, where we celebrate our favourite Jason’s for the fun of it, and get members of our community together to discuss local and national issues. These can be whittled down to 10 key points and distributed to the neighbourhood, and if anyone wants more info they can contact key Jason’s or check the website. The big difference is the lack of secrecy, including Mason’s keeping secrets from their wives and family, which wittingly or not only furthers the destruction of the family the NWO seeks.)

14. The Canadian Action Party should have “Canadian Ambassadors”, or people deputized into approaching all established groups to introduce them to issues they are unfamiliar with. I did a simple version of this when handing out anti-NAU stuff in my neighbourhoods, and as I said to the people I met: “You know a bunch of Koreans, right? Great, I don’t, so don’t expect me to tell them - you tell them!” (For example.) CAP’s Canadian Ambassadors should ask for a 15 minute meeting to make a presentation, and be obligated to take a list of CAP’s core policies with them as photocopies to hand-out to everyone who attends to help mitigate any issues with people advancing personal theories or ideas that are unrelated or upsetting. The idea is to create discussions about unfamiliar issues in groups who are familiar and used to discussing in-depth with each other, and it’s easier for people to broach “truth” issues in that setting than it is to get them to bring them up in normal conversations. That should happen too, but you know, it takes a minute…

15. Student media outreaches are key. They are naturally open-minded, concerned and curious. They’re unnaturally bored and un-inspired by the crap they’re given to promote. By giving them credible options including credible experts ignored by the mass media, they can develop stories that beat the CIActivism and mainstream muddle, help us all call the fakery out, and show their friends how to improve their future. Set up media kits for yourself and your list of experts, hit up student media, and get ready for kids that give a damn to give you an interview.

16. Self-help is hot right now, Saving The World also means Saving Your Ass, and there’s no better way to live than to give a damn. We need to beat New Age nonsense like “The Secret” to sticking your head up your ass, and show people how understanding the world has improved your life in it. Also, show them how they can feel empowered by taking on the powers attacking them instead of buying into their nonsensical solutions that only lead to people with shelves full of self-help books - which oxymoronically proves they don’t work. Most versions of psychotherapy crudely shove people back into the system that screwed them up in the first place instead of validating their reasonable questions about it, and it’s important for people who are unique to understand it’s acceptable for them to take pride in their own views, and to develop them by understanding how we’re supposed to be herded into believing nonsense. (80% of people think 80% of people are stupid, get it?) We need to make sure we’re in a good mood throughout this process, because if you don’t look happy you bought something, there’s no way you’re going to sell it.

17. Translate CAP’s policies and related ideas into different languages for different Canadians, and have a list of translators for new information on-hand who can become leaders in their communities. Everyone is worried about their family, friends, jobs and homes, and it’s important for all Canadians to have access to important information. Reach out to the world too, we’re all in the same struggle against the capstone in the pyramid on the U.S. $1 bill, and it helps to keep one of those handy to show people. (I was just asked today if my copy was fake!) The inter-locking central banking system under the (B.S.) B.I.S. (Bank of International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland and the families that control it are key. The pricks will back down if they can’t use their tricks, and sharing hidden information can help people wake up to whom they should really be fighting instead of just settling on fighting with each other. (When three people are fighting over two pieces of bread, it helps if they stop fighting and see who gave out the bread instead.)

18. Put up posters with your picture on them and your interests. Start the first-round with a soft-sell list of your goals and dreams, and the second-round with a list of key questions that abuse the propaganda they’re sold on a daily basis. I did this in Toronto with great results, including a couple left up in the business-district over a month later, and people will get to know you based on a clear set of ideas that can’t be misinterpreted. Become a counter-PSYOP, or counter-psychological operation to counter the NORTHCOMM PentaPSYOP being run on all of us, so that people who see you will immediately suffer cognitive dissonance and recall what they should really be concerned about. I grew my hair long (even though it softens my jawline - dammit! ;-) and sport a big Canadian flag bandana on my backpack, and get lots of unsolicited attention as I walk the streets from strangers - most of it positive. If it’s negative don’t worry, barking dogs don’t bother me, and people who have problems with me that make no sense don’t bother me either. We have to have the courage to represent ideas people are scared to look at, convince them we’re serious, and show them we can survive looking at them with a smile on our faces.

19. Find examples in Canadian history of people whose words and deeds reflected the values of a healthy society, and don’t be afraid to use people who’ve otherwise been discredited. It doesn’t matter of Pierre Trudeau was a globalist who criminally introduced Canada to a national debt, because while that sucks and he should be held historically accountable for it, he also said “Canada should be a refuge from militarism” during the Vietnam War, and “the state should have no place in the bedrooms of the nation. As Canadian National Treasure and Gift to the World Alan Watt says, all of our culture is given to us by the same people attacking us, so all of it is tainted in some way - especially the popular stuff. Instead of just finding flaws and dumping people, understand that key things they said had to resonate with key values we hold, values which are being destroyed today. Instead of TV anti-heroes like “Dexter The Murderer!” and “Torturin’ Jack Bauer!” or whores like Paris/Britney/Lindsay Shillton, show people the key quotes and decisions that reflect the Canada we know and love and the values we hold dear. Whether Jesus Christ Himself was real or not, his philosophy as “The Prince of Peace” who said “Forgive The Whores and Beat The Money-Lenders!” still works today, and reflects what we had to be sold because we still had values to appeal to. (For the record, I believe Jesus existed and was a cool dude.)

20. Make a list of events in your city over the next few weeks to attend and share information at, and since everyone needs to learn the truth any event will do. Don’t be aggressive and protest anything, just give them stuff that will improve the quality of their lives by helping them understand and ignore the crapaganda they’re fed that dumbs-down and depresses them, or that turns them into ignorant children. Have a way for people to sign-up to attend, and build de-centralized networks in different parts of the city. If they are aware of them, there should be at least one opportunity a day to wake up a fellow Canadian, and there should be at least one person a day willing to try.


Good luck! :-)


Vijay Sarma
October 10, 2007
Toronto, Canada



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