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Pro-Gun and Anti-War: The Only Position That Makes Sense. (And that's a rap.)

Virginia Tech Shootings: Sooner or Later God'll Cut You Down

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Virginia Tech Shootings: Does That Make Me Crazy?

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thanks meng, i know i can crossover and cross the game up, and i don't mean sell-out, i mean relate to all types of people. that's what i've been up to for a minit, and since the game keeps changing as peeps sink deeper into dreamworlds, i'm making a move.

i got mad-love for peeps that put on events and spend mad-time on specific 'ish, especially since i get to check 'em. but, i've been focused on learning a ton of 'ish, and the way i spent my time is soul-food for my rhymes, so i can go, pound-for-pound, dime-for-dime. i just dropped a mad-freestyle tonite that someone's got on film, it ain't my specialty but i can hit it, and working with a live band is crazy fun.

on beatin' fiddy, if i said i wanted to beat his sales i was exaggerating, but i eventually do, and what rapper in his right mind wouldn't? i've heard a dozen say "if you don't think you're the best or could be, then why you rappin'?" i tend to agree, but i also keep competition friendly (like b-ball) and hate most of the hip hop beefs people feed. it's just a waste of time and probably from serious infiltration by "hip hop police" (google: miami herald) spooks, and i can't stand people scrappin' over stupid stuff.

if you dealt coke you dealt coke, it's a tough and stressful life with good times takin' the edge off, and if you can still rap real good and express your deepest feelings you're young jeezy, who's shit i love. if you didn't then you didn't, but if you can express yourself about something else honestly with some wit then you're kanye west, who's got balls even when he talks about not having balls. as for old school vs. new school stuff... give me a break, people rap how they rap based on what they've done or what will sell, and chasin' open-lanes for paper ain't a crime. besides, all it takes is mutual respect to double both clique's sales, and cats got fans mad-confused and hatin' and fuckin' up the game.

like i said to you years ago meng, the secret to life is no matter what happens: be cool, have balls. that's it. as long as rappers are honest with balls i fucks wid 'em, and 'cause that's the rapper i wanna be...

Nas in Concert - One Mic (9)

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We gotta help wake up our confused brothers and sisters to how we're controlled by fear and money, especially since the North American Union (NAU) is squishing us all together. The best tools are "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism" and "America: Freedom to Fascism" on DVD, and the filmmakers encourage people to burn and distribute copies.

The corporate elite need to hide so much evil that 90% of the news is pure propaganda, with the "War on Terror Rapture" and "Global Warming Rapture" hijacking resistance from the right and left, and channeling it into supporting police states and global government by supporting a global taxing body. There are 6 billion reasons to promote "global warming", which they now call "climate change" to blame any weather problem on it, and they all add up to controlling the planet.

Bush is also using the same script Hitler used when everyone was expecting him to stop attacking the world, and the neo-con PNAC (Project for the New American Century) cabal in charge of the Bush Presidency wrote down plans to fight 60 countries. They showed their allegiance to corporate-fascism and military-industrial complex profits in print, and have been rewarded by media outlets littered with right-wing think tank idiots using talking points, shaved monkeys bestowed the undefined title of "expert" throwing fascist feces at each other.

This whole thing is ridiculous, and if Islam is by it's nature such a violent and hateful religion, how come so many of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world are chilling out while their brothers and sisters are being tortured and murdered? Seriously, a violent and hateful religion by it's very definition should inspire violent and hateful reactions by a whole bunch of them, perhaps 50%, or 600 million people. We don't see that. Okay then, a violent and hateful religion should by it's definition inspire at least a big chunk of them to retaliate with violence and hatred, or perhaps 10%, or 120 million people. We don't see that either.

We don't seem to remember that most of these people wanted to send their kids to America for a better education. Seriously. They don't hate our "values", and the average middle-eastern DVD and CD collection quickly reveals that lie. After killing over 2 million Iraqi's starting with the Gulf War and subsequent sanctions, the criminal scum running the U.S. government are now trying to cover up how fast they're finishing the job, and reminding us that nobody who disagrees is safe.

Hitler's lawyer was Carl Schmitt, and he arranged for a young Leo Strauss to get a Rockefeller Foundation grant to begin his studies. This ended up with Strauss becoming U.S. National Security advisor and greatly influencing violent foreign policy, and his ideas godfathered the neo-conservative movement. Bill Maher had one of these nutcase neo-con Professors on, he wrote Dick Cheney's favorite book which argues that man's "natural state" is to be at war, and he lied and weaseled away from his written words like they always do.

These are not disconnected sentences, and this is not hyperbole or conjecture. The elite get power by keeping secrets, we the people get power by exposing them.

These are neo-fascist madmen who need to be understood to understand what their dreams of endless war are, and why they must be "driven from public life" (Webster Tarpley) as soon as possible.

This beef is crazy, and it could end worse than Biggie and Tupac's. (R.I.P.)


Webster G. Tarpley - How To Stop World War Three - Feb 24, 2007

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