Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy 7/7 Everybody!!! :P And now, it's time to present the history of recent history... TERRORSTORM.


It's about that time...


Y-ep, there ain't no half-steppin' allowed, no more: "Well... I think they did it, but really, I don't know for sure, and I'm just too smart to buy any of that conspiracy stuff either, I mean, who are those "people" who waste all their time trying to convince us to check out their crap? Anyway, it doesn't matter, so what if they did? So? Who cares? What can we do about it?"

I'm afraid that's not good enough.

I mean, if your house was full of termites, would you wait until a solution magically manifested before you act? Or would you ask others for a solution to your problem? Advice maybe, but choosing to either hear a perfect solution or settle for falsely self-satisfied inaction? Is that choice a sign of strength or weakness?

It's actually easier now then it will ever be to dissent and figure out what the dissenters are saying, at least for the near future - or whatever "near" is on a 4 billion year old planet, this fascist slide could last for years...

I mean, since this is the fastest changing era in human history, and an unprecedented time that's giving us bountiful technology, wealth and pleasure palaces that evolve at a rapid rate, aren't the negative changes that we know are happening but hardly see or get concerned about accelerating too?

The answer is:

If a tree falls in the forest and the media doesn't cover it, it doesn't make a sound.

It's time to give 'em up or get 'em going, because we aren't seeing how they're taking away our ability to improve our situation or defend ourselves against situations getting worse - for ALL of us. There are alternative media sources that make you "smarter" because they want to, and that reassure you of certain truths when we can all sense the lies coming from the other side.

I mean, the fact that ANY media organization takes what the Bush Regime says seriously anymore is proof positive that they're under an immense amount of control. It's like "criticism" is "bias", when in fact, if you're "criticized" for something at work, it probably means you f--ked up, not that your boss is necessarily "biased" against you. Well, I'm concerned about them lying to us and slashing layers off the middle-class to add to the poverty rolls, and their affinity for attacking countries just for the fun of it - and lying to us about that and everything else they say every time they say it too. And on and on and on and...

If this ain't the country you love, or at least like, then what's the point of scraping by in bitter paranoia "When It All Falls Down"?

I mean, the root of this is fake "terror", and that's just supremely evil.

Even those who disbelieve that 9/11 was fake have to admit you know the Bush Regime and assorted supporters (of varying yet surprisingly consistent degrees) in the corporate media are deliberately lying to us and scaring the hell out of us. That's just a fact. Their "opportunism" in using fear to train us to be scared all the time for the rest of our live is criminal enough in and of itself, and in any sane or rational world we would recognize that. But, they also "torture" other people, so "terrorizing" us doesn't seem so bad, I guess...

As a human citizen, if you've ever "terrorized" someone then you probably weren't very fond of them, and the very nature of the potential crime and it's impact means you could get yourself charged or incarcerated because of it.

Well that has to happen here.

If you're trying to Save The World, then it doesn't matter what you're working on when mechanisms are being put in place to change the rules of how you operate and choke off your resources. It doesn't matter what you say or do if you're not allowed to say it or do it, and everything needs to be sped up including coming to conclusions, solutions and alliances. It doesn't matter what you're up to, only what they're up to that will keep you from being up to what you used to do, and that means all of us are in trouble - together.

Books are being confiscated, people are being arrested over them and for wearing peace t-shirts, and for disseminating Alex Jones films like... TERRORSTORM.

It's awesome, it's twice as slick as many others and all shiny for the video game generation, and it's chock full of awesome facts like Operation Ajax from the website. They brag about their first and highly successful experiment with "false flag" faked terror operation and working with MI-5 to bring down the popular democratically elected leader of Iran in 1954 because he nationalized their oil fields and British Petroleum got upset: the details are incredible. Mainstream news has covered all of this in a lot of detail - in a bizarre way adding to it's credibility, but either way it's all been documented (again: it's on the CIA's website) and is worth looking into.

If you Google it or use Bitorrent you can grab a copy to stream or download ASAP, I also strongly recommend buying the DVD at or because there's nothing like hooking up your surround to be blown away completely.

The first pass is hella trippy, it's kind of like 'shrooms, and you may get into the mantra mode of: "whoa, whoa, whoa..." a la Keanu or Joey from Blossom.

The second pass'll be more like weeed, as you relax into an enjoyably lazy and hazy: "holy fuuuuuuuuck..."

Alex Jones' TerrorStorm Has Arrived!

by Alex Jones (reposted) Thursday, Jun. 29, 2006 at 10:26 PM


The long-awaited launch of Alex Jones' latest trend-setting documentary has arrived! TerrorStorm delivers a powerful sucker punch to the architects of global terrorism and how they stage false-flag events to achieve political and sociological ends.

Alex journeys from the depths of history from the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty and Gladio through to the Madrid and 7/7 London bombings and robustly catalogues the real story behind the government induced fable.

This film contains viable solutions on how we can reclaim human dignity and freedom and prevent the global population from becoming the slaves of a prison planet.

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny."

* See the TERRORSTORM (preview) 04:41 at:

* See the Alex Jones' TerrorStorm (free clip) 09:12 at:


BONUS: "Fight The Power, You Gotta Fight The Power You Be!"

Democracy NOW!

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Army Charges Lieutenant With Contempt and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer for Refusing Iraq Deployment and Criticizing Bush, War

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The Army has filed three charges against 1st Lieutenant Ehren Watada who refused to deploy to Iraq last month because he believes the war there is illegal. The charges against him include conduct unbecoming an officer, missing movement and contempt toward officials. He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted. The Army has filed three charges against a lieutenant who refused to deploy to Iraq last month because he believes the war there is illegal. 1st Lieutenant Ehren Watada is the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq. The charges against him include conduct unbecoming an officer, missing movement and contempt toward officials. He faces up to seven years in prison and a dishonorable discharge if convicted.

The contempt and conduct charges are based on public comments he made last month criticizing President Bush and the war. After military officials told Watada he was barred from speaking publicly about the case, he issued this video recording on June 7th explaining why he is refusing to fight.

* 1st Lieutenant Ehren Watada, video statement. Courtesy of Ron Smith.

For more on the latest in 1st Lt. Watada's case, we go to Hawaii to speak with his attorney.

* Eric Seitz, attorney for Army 1st Lieutenant Ehren Watada. He has been working on military cases for many years. He joins us on the line from his home in Hawaii.

To purchase an audio or video copy of this entire program, click here for our new online ordering or call 1 (888) 999-3877.


I was just a -

(beat drops)

Bayou Boy,
Raised as soldier,
Had to get colder,
Dad was barely older,
Bolder than my brother,
So clever, joined the Guard,
Wasn't really that hard,
But it's that, or the yard,
Now a weekend's turned to weeks,
Now New Orlean's reeks,
Now normal people are lookin' like freaks,
Play hide and seek with the bodies,
Politicians, paparazzi,
Was a Superdome Nazi,
Tried to play it like it's Yahtzee,
They say we need peace,
But they fired the police,
Now soldiers say desist, and cease,
Or get deceased,
I'm on my knees,
Every night,
I wanna fight for what's right,
But I'm staring at my city,
Underwater every night,
And Blackwater rises,
When a crackhead in sight,
From over there,
He was puttin' up a fight,
I ain't shuttin' up tonite,
Gotta knuckle-up and fight,
But if I stick my neck out,
They'll pull a Tech out tonite,
I put my check out of sight,
Can't stand the Blood Money,
Can't stand to see my blood run from me,
A Bayou Boy, now a Bayou Man,

I need to take a stand,

And that's why I ran...


Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?


Say a prayer for New Orleans...


I'm on the run now,,
Having fun now,,
Got a gun now,,
Let's see who run now...
But they' grabbin' guns,
Left, Right, and Center,
Homeowners and renters,
Store owners, dissenters,
My score only a slender,
Glock-9, all mine,
Feelin' fine,
If I gotta jack a bread line,
I gotta get mine,
Get food,
Get a home, get shelter,
The world's helter skelter,
The cards that were dealt were,
A four-leaf clover,
In a Range Rover,
Soldiers sayin': "Chill out man - the war is over!"
Hope I'm sober,
I'm on my own, and I'm scared,
'Cause Uncle Sam, really seems mad, when he stared,

I Dared to Dream, like Martin once said,

Now I'm scared to dream, or I'll wind up dead...


Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?


Say a prayer for New Orleans...


Ah, found me a toolshed, a place to nap,
I guess this is where, I should check out my map,
Let's see, Checkpoint A, and Checkpoint B,
And I seem to recall, Checkpoints C and D,
Looks like nowhere's free, and I'm'a die in hell,
And New Orleans, is one big jail...


Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?


Say a prayer for New Orleans...


- Black Krishna, "Bayou Boy: Prayer for New Orleans"

(┬ęBlack Krishna and TyGuy Productions)



Peace by pointing out the perfect soldier...



Black Krishna Brand

Philosophy -

Music -


P.S. Watch "Loose Change - 2nd Edition" on Google Video!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

BONUS: "Nazi's, Nazi's, Everywhere"

The New York Times /

Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts

By John Kifner

The New York Times

Friday 07 July 2006

A decade after the Pentagon declared a zero-tolerance policy for racist hate groups, recruiting shortfalls caused by the war in Iraq have allowed "large numbers of neo-Nazis and skinhead extremists" to infiltrate the military, according to a watchdog organization.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks racist and right-wing militia groups, estimated that the numbers could run into the thousands, citing interviews with Defense Department investigators and reports and postings on racist Web sites and magazines.

"We've got Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad," the group quoted a Defense Department investigator as saying in a report to be posted today on its Web site, "That's a problem."

A Defense Department spokeswoman said officials there could not comment on the report because they had not yet seen it.

The center called on Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to appoint a task force to study the problem, declare a new zero tolerance policy and strictly enforce it.

The report said that neo-Nazi groups like the National Alliance, whose founder, William Pierce, wrote "The Turner Diaries," the novel that was the inspiration and blueprint for Timothy J. McVeigh's bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, sought to enroll followers in the Army to get training for a race war.

The groups are being abetted, the report said, by pressure on recruiters, particularly for the Army, to meet quotas that are more difficult to reach because of the growing unpopularity of the war in Iraq.

The report quotes Scott Barfield, a Defense Department investigator, saying, "Recruiters are knowingly allowing neo-Nazis and white supremacists to join the armed forces, and commanders don't remove them from the military even after we positively identify them as extremists or gang members."

Mr. Barfield said Army recruiters struggled last year to meet goals. "They don't want to make a big deal again about neo-Nazis in the military," he said, "because then parents who are already worried about their kids signing up and dying in Iraq are going to be even more reluctant about their kids enlisting if they feel they'll be exposed to gangs and white supremacists."

The 1996 crackdown on extremists came after revelations that Mr. McVeigh had espoused far-right ideas when he was in the Army and recruited two fellow soldiers to aid his bomb plot. Those revelations were followed by a furor that developed when three white paratroopers were convicted of the random slaying of a black couple in order to win tattoos and 19 others were discharged for participating in neo-Nazi activities.

The defense secretary at the time, William Perry, said the rules were meant to leave no room for racist and extremist activities within the military. But the report said Mr. Barfield, who is based at Fort Lewis, Wash., had said that he had provided evidence on 320 extremists there in the past year, but that only two had been discharged. He also said there was an online network of neo-Nazis.

"They're communicating with each other about weapons, about recruiting, about keeping their identities secret, about organizing within the military," he said. "Several of these individuals have since been deployed to combat missions in Iraq."

The report cited accounts by neo-Nazis of their infiltration of the military, including a discussion on the white supremacist Web site Stormfront. "There are others among you in the forces," one participant wrote. "You are never alone."

An article in the National Alliance magazine Resistance urged skinheads to join the Army and insist on being assigned to light infantry units.

The Southern Poverty Law Center identified the author as Steven Barry, who it said was a former Special Forces officer who was the alliance's "military unit coordinator."

"Light infantry is your branch of choice because the coming race war and the ethnic cleansing to follow will be very much an infantryman's war," he wrote. "It will be house-to-house, neighborhood-by-neighborhood until your town or city is cleared and the alien races are driven into the countryside where they can be hunted down and 'cleansed.' "

He concluded: "As a professional soldier, my goal is to fill the ranks of the United States Army with skinheads. As street brawlers, you will be useless in the coming race war. As trained infantrymen, you will join the ranks of the Aryan warrior brotherhood."




It's on...


(flip it up)

C'mon everybody!

It's time to celebrate!

We know what's going on!

And we ain't gonna let it last long!


C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!

Black Krishna and TyGuy Productions!

C'mon! C'mon!


I see Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!
I mean, how did you buy?
The Big Scare?
When most of the Middle-East?
Wants to send their kids here?
For a college education,
And a lifestyle change,
Coming back with blue jeans,
And a brand new Range,
So outta the way!
Ya slowin' down the fast lane of progress,
Keep gettin' it messed,
We'll never get to the projects!
My messianic complex,
Is coming back with context,
Now it's no contest,
I'm calm, they' stressed...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!



I'll never say that again...


Then again...

Why not?

See, back in the day,
When they thought, we had a way,
They spent all day,
Pointing us, the other way,
And everyone who say,
That it's gotta be this way,
Has gotta be dismayed,
When they see who's gettin' paid,
Who's lurkin' in the shade,
As "The Money Masters" made,
A killing off the Nazi's'n'Commies'n'weapons grade,
Now we steppin' to the plate with weapons home-made,
And we reppin' it for freedom in every single way,
And every single day we gotta say we're okay,
A mother-sister-father-brother tryin' to make it their way...

You's a mother-sister-father-brother tryin' to make it yo' way...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!








I can see you over there/over here,
I overhear convos,
Overhear-fear, like-you-facin' Shaq and Alonzo,
My flow is so Gonzo,
Like Hunter S. Thom, so fear is what I loath,
I'd rather know, who bombed those,
Towers, that fell, so easily,
While the government, acted, so sleazily,
What's keepin' it real to me,
Is having the guts to admit:
Since they torture people,
We're in some deep...
Sit back and relax,
The media's got the facts,
But they're ignoring the Left,
Like they're ignoring the Blacks,
That's why I write my little raps,
To get us out of Iraq,
So don't act like a Nazi,
'Cause they're already back...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!



"But if I talk about Nazi's?
My record won't get played?
Well, if this take away from my spins,
Which will probably take away from my ends,
Then I hope this take away from my sins,
And bring the day,
That I'm dreaming 'bout,
Next time I'm in the club,
Everybody screaming out -- "

- Black Krishna, "Nazi's, Nazi's, Everywhere"

(┬ęBlack Krishna and TyGuy Productions)




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