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Pentagon Admits To New Spying of Student Groups: "Okay, we know they're listening, so what are we saying about it?"

I mean really, this is all a bit much.

I mean, the guys who are spying on us - illegally - as if that had to be added, are also the ones telling us what they're doing overseas? And when we know they "disappear" and torture people overseas? How can they be trusted when they clearly don't trust us? How can they be trusted at all when all they've done is lie and deny while thousands die?

And what the heck is the Pentagon doing operating domestically and in direct violation of Posse Comitatus Act of 1878? Again, and again, and again, and again? An act that expressly forbids them from doing any domestic law enforcement without express Congressional or Constitutional authorization under the most extreme circumstances to prevent them from being tempted to militarily take over the country - as has always historically happened?

Don't worry, if you hadn't heard of that last confusing bit then it doesn't matter.

Soon it's not going to exist.

I mean, it's been practically Orwellized now.

With the increasing militarization of the police across North America and how often they're working together these days, it's shocking how there's almost no mention of Posse Comitatus in the mainstream media. This isn't new either, and it's merely something that's an old warhorse of an exceptionally healthy check and balance on military power.

What - is "Posse Comitatus" a "conspiracy theory" too?

Well, there's no healthy check and balance on power at the moment, and the three main branches of the U.S. government are either spineless or evil: and guess who wins?

Oh right, "...we're fighting a new kind of evil..."

Yeah, tell me about it.

The media is soft-selling the police state, nudging us forward using a careful cocktail that's getting us shaken, not stirred.

Yes the news sucks.

Yes the news lies.

Yes you can't watch it.

Yes it's way too depressing.

Yes it's terrible that you don't want to know.

Yes we'll pay for it.

Yes we don't have to if we just look elsewhere to listen to people who defend people - a wonderful and uplifting concept that can actually help cheer you up - and understand how we can help by at the very least being informed enough not to poison others.

From there, life gets much better...

Homeland Security.org

The Myth of Posse Comitatus

Major Craig T. Trebilcock, U.S. Army Reserve

October 2000

Major Craig Trebilcock is a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in the U.S. Army Reserve. He is assigned as an operational law attorney with the 153d Legal Support Organization in Norristown, PA. His area of specialization includes the laws applicable to U.S. forces engaged in operations in both the United States and abroad. Major Trebilcock is a graduate of the University of Michigan (A.B. with high honors, 1982) and the University of Michigan Law School (J.D., 1985). His military education includes the Judge Advocate General Basic Course (1988) and Advanced Course (1992), U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (1997), and the U.S. Navy War College International Relations Seminar (2000). Major Trebilcock is a civilian immigration attorney with the firm of Barley, Snyder, Senft, & Cohen in York, PA.


Erosion of the Act

While the act appears to prohibit active participation in law enforcement by the military, the reality in application has become quite different. The act is a statutory creation, not a constitutional prohibition. Accordingly, the act can and has been repeatedly circumvented by subsequent legislation.
Since 1980, Congress and the president have significantly eroded the prohibitions of the act in order to meet a variety of law enforcement challenges.

One of the most controversial uses of the military during the past 20 years has been to involve the Navy and Air Force in the “war on drugs.” Recognizing the inability of civilian law enforcement agencies to interdict the smuggling of drugs into the United States by air and sea, the Reagan Administration directed the Department of Defense to use naval and air assets to reach out beyond the borders of the United States to preempt drug smuggling.
This use of the military in antidrug law enforcement was approved by Congress in 10 U.S.C., sections 371–381. This same legislation permitted the use of military forces in other traditionally civilian areas—immigration control and tariff enforcement.

The use of the military in opposing drug smuggling and illegal immigration was a significant step away from the act’s central tenet that there was no proper role for the military in the direct enforcement of the laws. The legislative history explains that this new policy is consistent with the Posse Comitatus Act,
as the military involvement still amounted to an indirect and logistical support of civilian law enforcement and not direct enforcement.[9]

The weakness of the analysis of passive versus direct involvement in law enforcement was most graphically demonstrated in the tragic 1999 shooting of a shepherd by marines who had been assigned a mission to interdict smuggling and illegal immigration in the remote Southwest.
An investigation revealed that for some inexplicable reason the 16-year-old shepherd fired his weapon in the direction of the marines. Return fire killed the boy. This tragedy demonstrates that when armed troops are placed in a position where they are being asked to counter potential criminal activity, it is a mere semantic exercise to argue that the military is being used in a passive support role. The fact that armed military troops were placed in a position with the mere possibility that they would have to use force to subdue civilian criminal activity reflects a significant policy shift by the executive branch away from the posse comitatus doctrine.

SOURCE - http://www.homelandsecurity.org/journal/articles/Trebilcock.htm

Democracy NOW

Pentagon Admits To New Spying of Student Groups

The list of activist groups monitored under a secret Pentagon program is growing.
The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network says the Defense Department has admitted to spying on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and anti-war protests at several universities: the State University of New York at Albany, William Paterson University in New Jersey, Southern Connecticut State University and the University of California at Berkeley. De-classified documents show the government intercepted the students' e-mails and planted undercover agents at at least one protest. The government also refused to confirm or deny whether it had spied on activists in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.
The disclosure marks the latest case of known government spying under a secret domestic intelligence program, which has also targeted the Quaker movement and other anti-war groups.

SOURCE - http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/06/27/1432256

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P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.


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I was just a -

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Bayou Boy,
Raised as soldier,
Had to get colder,
Dad was barely older,
Bolder than my brother,
So clever joined the Guard,
Wasn't that hard,
But it's that, or the yard,
Now a weekend's turned to weeks,
Now New Orlean's reeks,
Now normal people are lookin' like freaks,
Play hide and seek with the bodies,
Politicians, paparazzi,
Was a Superdome Nazi,
Tried to play it like it's Yahtzee,
Tried to say we need peace,
But they fired the police,
Now soldiers say desist, and cease,
Or get deceased,
On my knees,
Every night,
I wanna fight, for what's right,
But I'm staring at my city,
Underwater every night,
And Blackwater rises,
When a crackhead in sight,
From over there,
He was puttin' up a fight,
I ain't shuttin' up tonite,
Gotta knuckle-up and fight,
But if I stick my neck out,
They'll pull a Tech, out tonite,
I put my check, out of sight,
Can't stand the Blood Money,
Can't stand to see my blood run from me,
A Bayou Boy, now a Bayou Man,
A man need to take a stand,

And that's why I ran...
- (0.49)

Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
A prayer,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?

(x4) - (1.31)

I'm on the run now,,
Having fun now,,
Got a gun now,,
Let's see who run now...
But they' grabbin' guns,
Left, Right, and Center,
Homeowners and renters,
Store owners, dissenters,
My score only a slender,
Glock-9, all mine,
Feelin' fine,
If I gotta jack a bread line,
I gotta get mine,
Get food,
Get a home, get shelter,
The world's helter skelter,
The cards that were dealt were,
A four-leaf clover,
In a Range Rover,
Soldiers sayin': "Chill out man - the war is over!"
Hope I'm sober,
I'm on my own, and I'm scared,
'Cause Uncle Sam, really seems mad, when he stared,
I Dared to Dream, like Martin once said,

Now I'm scared to dream, or I'll wind up dead...
(2.15 )

Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
A prayer,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?

(x4) - (2.58)

Say a prayer for New Orleans...

Say a prayer for New Orleans...

Ah, found me a toolshed, a place to nap,
I guess this is where, I should break out my map,
Let's see, Checkpoint A, and Checkpoint B,
And I seem to recall, Checkpoints C and D,
Looks like nowhere's free, and I'm'a die in hell,
And New Orleans, is one big jail...

Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
A prayer,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?

(x4) - (4.14)

(fade out last chorus)

- Black Krishna, "Bayou Boy: Prayer for New Orleans"

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new orleans

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