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Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture' (And to quote The Great Porky Pig: "Th-Th-That's All Folks!")

Poor Torrijos...

He's gotta stand there with a sad distant face while this "maniac" (Cindy Sheehan) lies to the world knowing he's got people who will defend him. Or worse, spin what little he says into something more complex and yet palatable for the Average Joe and Jane to repeat simply as "truth".

And then they can say they "understand the War on Terror" and we "don't"... if we haven't seen the freakin' pictures for Godssakes.



This is all they need, just that quick and ubiquitous crack-fix of a headline in every newspaper and TV news show in North America, one that consistently receives at best a fractional retraction later upon being disproven in less than half the media-outlets - if at all.

And that's how they get us all arguing about what is patently obvious:

The Leaders of the Free World are torturing people right now with no signs of stopping, they have been doing this for so long it's now "normal", and they are simply renaming what "torture" is by changing what "law" is in order to continue their justification and expansion of these policies.

So, the next time you get a speeding-ticket and also get a night-stick broken-off in your ass Abner Louima-style, the next time you return a library book late and get your nose broken with a copy of "War and Peace", the next time your dog craps on your neighbors lawn and he's allowed to slowly cut-off it's legs, the next time your child is left to rock back-and-forth crying in a pool of their own feces and urine for hours in a broom-closet at school...

...don't worry about it! :)

We've gotta be tougher than that!

TV shows are popping up Left-Right-and-Center to show us how valuable hurting people is to protect all of us - even Good Ol' American Citizens!

I mean c'mon, what's a little "torture" - oops... er, I mean, what's a little (???) between friends if it makes us all (?) safer...


[Ed note: Great, now I can't add the piss-yourself-laughing or because they-won't-let-you-go-to-the-bathroom pic of Bush gesticulating with a big smirk while Torrijos looks awkwardly sad. Oh well, you've got the link, and I think it may be Internet Explorer too. I'm a hard-core Mozilla man myself, and it also centers my blog on the page as opposed to shoving it over to the left which I hate...]

U.S. President Bush and Panama's President Martin Torrijos speak to reporters during a news conference at Casa Amarillo in Panama City Monday, Nov. 7, 2005. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Yahoo! News

Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture'

Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 20 minutes ago

PANAMA CITY, Panama - President Bush vigorously defended U.S. interrogation practices in the war on terror Monday and lobbied against a congressional drive to outlaw torture.

"There's an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again," Bush said. "So you bet we will aggressively pursue them but we will do so under the law."

He declared, "We do not torture."

Over White House opposition, the Senate has passed legislation banning torture.
With Vice President Dick Cheney as the point man, the administration is seeking an exemption for the CIA.
It was recently disclosed that the spy agency maintains a network of prisons in eastern Europe and Asia, where it holds terrorist suspects.

The European Union is investigating the reports, which have not been confirmed by the White House.

"Our country is at war and our government has the obligation to protect the American people," Bush said. "Any activity we conduct is within the law. We do not torture."

Bush pointedly noted that Congress as well as the White House has an obligation to protect U.S. citizens.

Not only is the Republican-controlled Congress challenging an element of Bush's policy, but the Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider a challenge to the administration's handling of military tribunals for foreign terror suspects. The case, which won't be decided for months, is a major test of presidential wartime powers.

The United States is holding hundreds of foreign terrorism suspects, also, at the military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Bush spoke at a news conference with Panamanian President Martin Torrijos on last day of five-day Latin America trip. Bush was ending the day in Virginia, where he was to campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore just ahead of Election Day.

On another issue, Bush ducked a question about the CIA leak investigation, declining to say whether he has lived up to his campaign pledge in 2000 to abide by the spirit of federal ethics laws.

"We take this investigation very seriously and we'll continue to cooperate during the investigation," he said.

Bush expressed his condolences to victims of a tornado that hit Indiana over the weekend.

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[Ed note: Wow, look at the size of that link, I don't think they want to repeat this exact quote much, just once, and just enough to galvanize their "base" into rabidly and stupidly arguing for them - including a great many corrupt or insane smart people who've been building a case to justify this for years and just can't believe they have to back down now...]


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