Friday, November 04, 2005

Plan BK: The Solutions - "I ain't scared of Thugs, Pimps, Drug-dealers, Crackheads, Black Guys, White Guys... nobody, until they start acting scary."


I ain't scared of nobody.

I know being a pussy is a waste of energy.


I ain't scared of a stereotype until that stereotype starts acting scary, and that's just the best way to play it. Most of these people are real cool until you set 'em off, just like anybody else. And just like anybody else, anybody can screw you, so best to keep your instincts in reserve and money tight, often it's the last person you expect who'll catch you unawares.

I don't trust everybody 100%, but I don't automatically distrust anybody either.


I remember I used to get in more trouble for what I said than others did for what they did.

To wit: I was never the type back in college to push-up on a lil' shawty with a fake-mack; either I was into it or I wasn't. Other dudes by design would fake interest in what they said for a couple of hours while feeding 'em drinks and messing with their brains, and try to bag 'em by the end using a combo of guilt and faux-commitment.

I even have a buddy who's bagged a tonne of ho's who told me he always discusses marriage on the first date - even though it's the last thing on his mind.

It "works", if that's how you wanna work it.


Honesty is the best policy of fools in love with a dream.

Do we have the balls to be that fool?

That foolish?


I remember the dot-com bust a few years back, and argued vehemently with CEO's and others about how little we should trust what these bustas say. I mean c'mon, nearly all of them suits gambled and guessed wrong, and all the interviews in them magazines suggesting the technological revolution was impermeable were flat-out incorrect.

So, either they were lying or they were wrong, and either way, fuck 'em. They don't deserve to be trusted just because they are who they are at the upper-echelons of society, and neither does anyone else.

I don't care who you are, if I can beat what you say, then that red-headed step-child of an idea is taking a hella-beating.


I had a white friend rip Kate Moss for doing not just coke - but he heard it was "crack", an exponentially worse drug that justified her being pariah'd out of the modeling world. He was incorrect (it was coke), but that's besides the point.

He then later said that crystal meth was getting huge these days, and he even ran into a white-dude on a Saturday night in a city he visited who came up to him fairly frenzied, and said: "I've been up since Wednesday!" before darting off.

We had a good laugh (another white dude was there), until I made this point:

"So wait a second, a nigga get high for 15 minutes smoking crack and he's the scum of the earth, but a white-guy gets high for 4 days and it's "cute"???"

What if he drove a car? Or stole some shit to get higher?


Oh well.

Fuck that ex-crack dealer George Bush Sr., fuck his kids, and fuck his grand-kids.

(Actually, the twins are kind of cute.)

After all, we're all fucked.


I did some Nate Doggin' for a friend's track a while back, he's a really good rapper and a really nice guy, I've kicked-it in his hood with him and his baby-mama and they were great. He's a young cat with two little kids to feed, and after just getting out of jail again he mentioned to us that he bought a sawed-off shotgun for $200 instead of a handgun for $600 because it was cheaper, but that it could still be hidden in the big-pantlegs of hip hop gear.

Now, this got us half-eye-rolling and half-shook, but I know dude, and he's really a nice guy. He's got a record so getting work is tougher, he's got a limited skill-set, and he's of average intelligence as opposed to exceptional - and since most of us are average that's who we should worry about.

The exceptional ones will make they're money no matter what: Jay-Z moved kilos of coke before millions of CD's; 50 Cent moved "From Pieces to Weight" in the crack-game, etc. They will be fine, just like the 50 - 70% of dumbasses in a nice suburb who have a legitimate chance to squeeze into post-secondary education while less than 10% of dumbasses in the hood do.

I can't front: homie's gotta carry a piece on him if he's looking to make money off anything but random piece-work, and if he's carrying a pound of something or the cash to buy it then he'd better stay strapped. I don't like it, but I understand, and as long as I'm not caught up in it then I'm in the clear.

Homeboy don't scare me, but I wish him luck surviving the game he's playing, and hope he makes it out with enough cash to front another way out, and raise them kids right - "So they don't rob me in 10 years!!!" (Chris Rock).

T.H.U.G. - L.I.F.E.

The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody

"I didn't create T.H.U.G. - L.I.F.E., I diagnosed it."

- Tupac Shakur


There's more examples in the arsenal but you get the point: it just ain't worth hating anybody you don't have to, and in fact, it's a waste of time and energy.

In fact, if you walk the streets and every second or third person invokes an instinctive guttural reaction of fear and anger, you'll be mentally and spiritually weakened or contorted into a mess sooner than later.

And, you're a pussy.