Thursday, June 02, 2005

Big Numbers... Big Pictures...

Iraqi Insurgents Kill 39 in Rapid Attacks

AP - 1 hour, 7 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents killed 39 people in a series of rapid-fire attacks Thursday, including three suicide car bombings within an hour and a drive-by shooting at a busy Baghdad market that ratcheted up the bloody campaign to undermine Iraq's government. Iraq's interior minister, meanwhile, claimed the government offensive seeking to root out rebels in Baghdad had scored big gains, saying this week's sweep by Iraqi soldiers and police captured 700 suspected insurgents and killed 28 militants.



what stopped the vietnam war?

big numbers.

what do we get daily from iraq?

little numbers.

what really happened today?

big numbers.

what do they tell us happened?

little numbers.


it's almost boring.

in fact.

it is boring.



they're spending $2 billion a day there...


the situation is getting worse...


what are they spending the money on?


"There's no public accounting of how many missions are flown, how much ordinance is dropped, we have no accounting and no demand to know. The only sense you get is we're basically in a full-scale air war against invisible people that we can't find, that we have no intelligence about, so we bomb what we can see."
- Seymour Hersh, 11 October 2004, UC Berkeley


every number is argued...

every criticism questioned...

every challenged siphoned into the ether...


"Conversational Aikido: Absorb the blow, redirect it harmlessly away, or redirect it harmfully back."
- Black Krishna


something is going on over there...

something bad...



we just don't know what.




don't believe it?



do you like to watch videos?


Judge: Release Abu Ghraib Videos, Photos

Associated Press Writer
8 minutes ago

NEW YORK - A judge has ordered the government to release four videos from Abu Ghraib prison and dozens of photographs from the same collection as photos that touched off the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal a year ago.

i still like G-Unit videos better...

"Hate It Or Love It" is wikkid...

the "Girls Gone Wild" collection is funny...

especially the ones with Snoop Dogg...

can you believe he was on Sesame Street?

or was he?


hopefully these are pretty good too...

The federal judge issued the order late Wednesday requiring the Army to release the material to the American Civil Liberties Union to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

The ACLU said the material would show that the abuse was "more than the actions of a few rogue soldiers."


what normally happens to "rogue soldiers"?

i mean...

isn't this the best-trained, equipped and disciplined army in the world?

who gets away with roguishness?



"c'mon, rogue! let your body move to the music! yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Judge Alvin Hellerstein said the 144 pictures and videos can be turned over in redacted form to protect the victims' identities. He gave the Army one month to release them.

aw man!

i hate when they edit videos!

like when every 3rd word is bleeped out!


it's usually hip hop videos too...

and it isn't like we don't know what they're saying...

and they let alanis morissette say "go down on you in a theatre"...

oh well...

i hope over the next month they do a good job...

maybe get a DJ to scratch over the edits...

that usually sounds good...

they have a month too...

The judge ordered the release after he viewed eight of the photos last week. They were given to the Army by a military policeman assigned to Abu Ghraib.


just eight???


must be some crizz-azy photos!

In October 2003, the ACLU filed a lawsuit seeking information on treatment of detainees in U.S. custody and the transfer of prisoners to countries known to use torture. The ACLU contends that prisoner abuse is systemic.


nearly 2 years later...


the pix from Vietnam came back daily...


"These images may be ugly and shocking... (but) the American public deserves to know what is being done in our name," said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the ACLU.


do they want to?

i mean...

"The Surreal Life" is pretty cool...

and isn't this kind of like that?

So far, 36,000 pages of documents and the reports of 130 investigations, mostly from the FBI and Army, have been turned over to the ACLU. The group is seeking documents from the CIA and the Department of Defense as well.

The judge said last week that he believed photographs "are the best evidence the public can have of what occurred" at the prison.



didn't we see these?

are there new episodes?

and who the hell is reading 36,000 pages of documents?

umm... thanks?

Government lawyer Sean Lane had argued that releasing pictures, even in redacted form, would violate Geneva Convention rules by subjecting the detainees to additional humiliation.

Lane did not immediately return a telephone message for comment Thursday.

would you?



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