Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Blueprint - Volume 1: Seeds - PART FIVE: Break-Up 2 Make-Up

Primary target: everybody...

Process: post-trading-convo consciousness streaming...

Plan: each one reach one, each one teach one, each one...

Primary theology: Marley's absolute rights of the individual...


Specifics: unimportant irrelevent apocrypha...

Suggestions: general principles for general understanding...

Applications: specifics reached through principled framework...

Ramifications: utility for tough decision-making and rationalization...


Melody: Marley'esque rooted beyond parody...

Cognoscenti: style-authenticators affirm evolution...

Plebiscenti: cross-sampled ages, races, cultures, genders enjoy...

Venni Vetti Vecci: confidence in clarity, simplicity, universality...




The Blueprint - Volume One: Seeds - PART FIVE: Break-Up 2 Make-Up


Raw path to poetry (minus internalized data-mining):

- need to prove the reasons for any break-up are valid and work for both parties

- the only way to leave on truly friendly terms is to position the break-up and saving of a subsequent relationship is of benefit to both parties

* being at peace with any decision you or someone else makes is the key to happiness

- extension of the "Bob", the pure rights of the individual, the idea of each person in the natural order as behaving in a natural way without malice


* need to work it out so there is a solid rationale for the party in receipt of the bad news to accept, one that loses them no face (...)

* AND, causes them no pain they wouldn't have felt if the relationship had remained:




> Bobism



U got 2 break-up,
2 make-up...

U got 2 shake-up,
2 wake-up...

Break-up 2 make-up...
Shake-up 2 wake-up...


All this fighting,
And fussing, for nothing,
Something, is not,
An end 2 itself,

All the struggling,
And juggling, 4 nothing,
While your dreams stare down,
From 'pon, the top-shelf,

There is no need to fight,
If you know that you're right,
The fight won't seem right,
In the light of hindsight,

So, skip a sad-step,
Keep up ya rep,

So simple,
It's gotta be right...



U got 2 break-up,
2 make-up...

U got 2 shake-up,
2 wake-up...

Break-up 2 make-up...
Shake-up 2 wake-up...


The laws of nature,
And the laws of man,
All fit together,
In one God's plan,

The laws of the jungle,
And the laws of the beast,
Rule the Kingdom of Heaven,
From the West 2 the East,

At least we know by now...

At least we can show how...

The tools we've been given,
Show we're forgiven,
Happy fools just keep livin',
The ends are a given,

The trends are a joke,
The chain is a yoke,

So simple,
It must be right...



U got 2 break-up,
2 make-up...

U got 2 shake-up,
2 wake-up...

Break-up 2 make-up...
Shake-up, 2 wake-up...


Preview: Second album.

Working Title: "It's Your Revolution: Take, Break, and then Make The Rules"


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