Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Manecdote / El Manecdoto: Your PTSD (P*ssy Traumatic Stress Disorder?) Ain't Sh-t to Me


Are You Not Entertained?



Pete Seeger - What Did You Learn In School?



Pete Seeger dies aged 94

Singer-songwriter inspired folk revival in the US and was blacklisted during McCarthy era for his leftwing views and lyrics



I Wanna Play Che
By: Black Krishna



Ed note: I'm going, come thru if ya finna...

7th Annual Bob Marley Tribute Concert w/ House of David Gang

Bob Marley's B-Day is taken very seriously by music fans. It could be that the ideals of peace and unity Marley wore of his sleeve have never gone out of fashion. Although his birthday was on the 6th, it's tradition to keep the festivities going across the nearest weekend, and TO Reggae faves House Of David Gang are doing just that with a dance party to be reckoned with this Saturday night at Lee's Palace. They've just released their new CD, Reggae Warrior, and will be joined by Michael Garrick, Melodic Yoza, Dub Connection, DJ Chocolate, and Partick Roots. Your admission will be reduced if you bring a canned food donation, which will go directly to the Parkdale Food Bank.

Lee's Palace (529 Bloor Street West) February 9, 2013 9PM $15 ($10 with canned food donation)



The Pop-Culture Vulture

By: Black Krishna



FYI, I ran into a young man who's a Canadian special forces vet back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan yesterday and we really cliqued on some "man-crush" shiznit as per the modern emasculating vernacular, which was awesome. He only recently got back and was suffering from mild PTSD, a bit high-strung with his hands shaking, but after we chatted for an hour and he got a lot off his chest, he was thankful and fine.

Of course, we went into some army stuff, including a bit about what he could say he saw which was pretty crazy interesting, plus weapons, tactics and military strategy in general and more.

He was into some street-sh*t back in the day too, so we talked about that, men and women, life, politics, family, friends, culture and more, though he did most of the talking since I deferred to his youth, situation and needs to re-adjust to life and people here well until he's re-deployed soon.

He's a nice but dangerous guy and I also wanted to make sure he could adjust to all the people acting pushy, nervous, needy and creepy without snapping on and killing one, since that's what many might feel like while he could actually do it. It's cool, as I explained they're mostly harmless for now.

He's smart and ballsy, he just has trouble finding people to talk to who can handle it like many.

As I said, I can hear anyone say anything, so it's no big deal, which makes me ideal to talk to.

Of course, the danger is I might say anything, but as long as someone else feels they have what they're starving for -- or the chance to speak freely with someone else -- and I know it's my job to listen and comment intelligently -- then I could care less about saying a bunch of stuff I already know since I've found ways to speak freely for years. All I do is usefully interject once in a while and interrupt a bit more when I feel I want to, but not often, just within the flow of the type of conversation we set out to have.

This is where what I'm offering comes in handy for most people, or for many men who look like they're suffering from their own version of "PTSD", or possibly "P*ssy Traumatic Stress Disorder" from our general gender-neutered emasculation and feminization, plus of course women suffering from their men suffering from this and more too.

As I've said when I drop my voice and demand respect when it's not forthcoming from silent sketchy people, I don't know who you are, I just know how you are, which is good enough, at least for every single person I meet all day and night everywhere, which should mean it's good enough to invest their time and money in.

Our socially constipated spazzing is obviously causing some problems, which is why I'm clocking some World War Z's and zoning into what I'm doing before this might turn into the "zombie apocalypse", which is finally a term lodged so deeply into the back of our minds that if we see it we'll probably think it's normal.

Plus, even if I'm wrong about some stuff and hey -- who isn't and who knows what the future holds, I know I'm right about a lot after getting increasingly quiet co-signs in a variety of ways for years, which includes my need to engage with people more formally more consistently and in more detail.

This is one of my greatest regrets and it haunts me, but people were acting weird and talking to them without talking about it just seemed weird, like the elephant in the room farting up a storm while we pretend it smells like roses. 

Perhaps some of this is my fault, but out of respect for increasingly quiet people, I typically prefer to be quiet, busy and mysterious while casually exchanging respect with whoever gets my attention respectfully, or whoever notices that I want to do what I'm doing too and acts accordingly.

My polite, brief and busy-man doing something important steez is certainly attractive, but what it's attracting these days is not.

Of course, I do talk to people, including strangers, but I don't just want to prove I can talk normal and perhaps act in socially constipated and "new nervous normal" ways to make people feel comfortable with how uncomfortable they are.

I want to help many transcend this if they wish so they too can walk around more confident, polite, brief, busy and possibly even graceful, as I've proven by casually dancing around many flirty girls, or they've proven by dancing around me.       

"Anyway", as the PSYOP "relax and forget" or "go to sleep" modern meaning of the word suggests, I'm just leaving this on the table and moving on.

People can simply relax and do whatever they want.

Or, if they can't, which is what it looks like, they can get a t-shirt, or get in touch.



Right now, for my own sanity and everyone else's, I've gotta get mine in other ways unless more people trust me to help them get theirs when dealing with this, or many turning into socially constipated, spastic, nervous and disrespectful weirdos who speed up and try to quickly trick or harass people into looking at them, or create more nervous weirdos, unless they're talking, in which case they usually stop.

Why people want attention from people they don't respect is beyond me, or at least that's what it looks like with the disrespectful crap they do when they try to get the attention, but I think it's not a conscious choice, nor is it well-understood since it's typically a substitute for talking that's not talked about. People are destroying their egos every day all day with this crap, IMHO, if I have to be H about it.

I know this twitchin'n'spazzin' stuff is "normal" and an adjunct that's supposed to help facilitate conversations and even I don't mind a little, more specifically from women and girls, but at this point I'm sympathetic to guys doing it too. But, from what I've seen it just makes people try to harass each other into getting more or any credit for it, which means people prolly don't really want to look at it, so we should slow down or stop.

Men can exchange respect with everyone every few seconds here in the ostensible "singularity", or hyper-observant and connected reality we live in, then stay busy and allow each other to do the same.

Or, they can just throw some damn confident gang signs, or hat-tips, salutes, thumbs-ups, a-okay's and so on, and let people get back to doing something worth doing, or at least pretend they are, or whatever.

Women can do the same, but under the right conditions they can also consistently and casually flirt, or get attention that makes them feel safe and or special, which is empowering for both men and women.

Right now, it looks like many want to do nothing with nobody as opposed to something with somebody, which results in lazy and stupid and annoying nonsense that makes nobody really happy or fulfilled.

Or, women and girls can just relax and be ignored when they feel like it. After all, if it happens enough they'll work up some spitefully hot shiznit that will make them and someone else feel worthwhile.

As I've said to many recently when they harassed me for crappy attention and I thought of it, I'm sorry but my standards for attention are high to keep me in a good mood, do whatever you want, it's obviously no big deal. In many cases people relax and make it a big deal with respect or attention of value, in other cases many just know they should and either can or can't as we all get gender neutralized.

I've even asked if people, in particular women, want me to fart in their face and force them to tell me it smells good or they're not being nice, which is what being forced to look at or possibly like some of the sketchy nonsense I'm supposed to be distracted by feels like.

We can fix this, because here in the ostensible singularity, we can also all exchange intelligent looks about something as opposed to trying to force others to give us credit for stupid ones. Or, provide confident answers instead of nervous questions to help us relax and feel confident.

People are like batteries who can empower each other all the time which is what I'm trying to help them do in my own weird way. The move from crazy to eccentric takes money, so I have to either get it or drop it.

By now many people can see that one pair of balls alone can keep us in the game.

So, if they bet on them we may soon see more and eggs too and win it.

And on that note, good luck with whatever versions of PTSD you're feeling or dealing with, and good day.

Warm regards,