Sunday, February 23, 2014

MANTASTIC: All Systems Are Go. So: Are You A Go'er? ;-)


Young Jeezy - Trap or Die




I feel immortal.

Nobody knows for sure since nobody lives long enough, but unless we're all dumbed-down, dehumanized, robbed and murdered, we should be in great shape to have a great time working on living in a great place.

What's awesome is how simple everything is.

Or at least that was the plan a few years ago.

And it still appears to be.

Check my histori-steez on tracks on wax (or really mp3's), the radio, film, bloggage and more.

As long as people help me help them then we're in business and they're happy.

If not, then that's cool. Instead of minding theirs, I'll mind my own business.

I got my 9 to 5 and I'm working on my 5 to 9, including getting back on stage soon to take all the incredible inspirational and empowering energy I posses to a more conventional venue, like a gig as part of an artist showcase at the Mod Club in Toronto in April among others I'm working for. There's no better feeling than being busy producing something that's worth something.

I was also just listening to a bunch of my buddy Lucid Nights' beats just now and I'm working on some house or dance tracks to diversify my portfolio. While some don't understand it, even anger can produce beautiful music and I'll argue it has. Even Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" was probably written after he got really, really pissed off at what people were bitching about.

After being mostly out of town for a few months, I recently proved many ideas can still work anywhere with a representative sample of relatively young, hip and wealthy taste-makers who can then convince others. So, we're not too late. Not too late for what? Not too late to worry that we're too late. Or something like that. You know what I mean. Sort of. Just like everybody else.

People basically said they can't worry about stuff I knew they'd worry about later. No problem and no worries, or as one of my t-shirts says: "Don't Complain: Explain. Don't Worry: Work." I knew that once they started to worry anyway since it was bound to happen, then I'd have answers since that's always what I worked for, or the win whenever we wanted to. It's a rap.

As the most confident and positive person I know, who's also fairly relaxed all things considered (or almost, you know, it's hard to get 'em all but the important ones I'm pretty sure of), this is a ridiculous amount of fun. While I'm happy to chat with anyone about anything at least for a bit, if people don't respect me I don't care. They just disappear while I focus on something else. So why would I?

By not respect me, I really mean they don't respect themselves or others, which is now fashionable. It's hard to look at people acting nervous. Just try to look at crackheads or meth-heads, for examples. When you add pushy, tricky, spazzy, frustrated, faux-disinterested and more, it's a mess. These are first-principles, or "Hello" and "It's nice to meet you!" as opposed to not. We can work with that.

People are batteries and right now we're fritzing verbally and non-verbally and destroying each other instead of empowering each other. This could totally change if we want it to as long as we either do it or put on someone who can. That's me. People can exchange respect in the singularity every few seconds and put each other in a great mood. Or do the opposite and put each other in a terrible mood.

A hundred years ago, if I was shoveling sh-t on a farm in butt-shmuck nowhere, and a pretty girl walked by and gave me the eye or threw a wiggle in her walk just for the heck of it while I slack-jawed until it hit my shovel, that could make my whole sh-t shoveling day. Guys exchanging respect could help, but not like that. This is a microcosm of the potential streetgasms as part of a relaxed, relaxing and respectful environment.

First principles are often backed-up by others which I can encapsulate better than most and with a big enough platform it's on. This is about way more than guys being cool so girls can look cute. If it helps them focus then of course I'll let them think that, but they don't respect any man who makes it all about them anyway, including this one who they all say hello to just like the guys, kids, dogs and so on. It's bigger.

However, once we get the basics down we're in business. From what I can see, people are (PC ALERT!) um, nice and smart and fun and all that. However, many are getting weaker by the minute and compensating by over-acting to feel stronger, or turning into a bunch of needy, creepy and sketchy zombie cartoons who try to harass each other for attention they want credit for when it's hard to give nervous harassers credit.

This is where what I'm walking and talking about comes in. While a big part of me is now finally officially retired after confirming most parts of my plan bring out the best in people, I'm moving forward with the old official schism between "will" and "chill", or "BK" and "VJ" to focus whenever I can on "ART" and "BIZ" with all my free time. The only valuable exceptions include valuable interactions if they're available to have.

What's crucial is the absolute lack of any desire to waste time. When I'm watching the Canada - Latvia Olympic Hockey Game I'm really into it. After that I'm really into something else. When I'm talking to the guy who works at a gym or comes from Hong Kong, or girl here from Japan learning English, I'm really into it. After that I'm really into something else. When nobody can equate or improve my mood, they're ghost.

Despite the fact that I'm running into a ton of ghosts, or more accurately turning away from many trying to run into me, or spazz-out and so on, I'm optimistic because I'm still the standard. Mantastic. I'm not perfect, but once I free more of my Caniggaz, many will be able to do a much better job than I can do because I'm better at thinking of stuff for others to do than doing stuff myself as part of my eye on the bigger plan and picture.

For example, this brings up the idea of "Freejasonry" that my co-host Mark Billz and I thought of on our radio show years ago. Now, as a fellow Freejason, are you a Jason Voorhees, a wearer of masks? Are you a Jason Bateman, a baiter of men? Are you a Jason Priestly, a teacher of ballsy truths? Whatever, it's all on the table and I'm laughing about the past while looking forward to the future. What can I say? Mantastic.

As for our beloved and bethrothed but unfortunately bitchy'n'twitchy chickies, what can we do? Well, they're smart as hell, especially intuitively, generally speaking, which I can say since I've met most of them, or at least a representative sample. But, they're not guys and they can't fight as good. Or, if they can and beat a man, he's not as much of one as he should be. If we go they go and by now it's something they damn well know. 

It's in their best interests to build up men they want to take care of them in the general sense; or even the specific where they can stay home and babysit for 5 years as long as their man has a chance to go from making $75,000 to $150,000 a year, for example. This is something I can help engineer just by saying it, plus by doing a lot more with help. It's in men's best interests to make sure they're in top shape to help us as well.

Right now, it's tough since many women have been told they can do anything a man can and think they should be "in charge" in the general sense. Except, they don't argue like a man. This means if a man tries to argue and use logic and reason and passion to make his point like he would in a fight with another man, he often has to turtle and give up to avoid his woman feeling bad instead of changing a decision that'll have 'em both feeling bad.

This isn't the only issue, but it's one of many I can fix to not necessarily put one in charge of the other or pit one against the other in a "Battle of the Sexes", but rather to provide options in a "Battle for the Sexes" that can help change their personal paradigm for the better. People can do whatever they want, but they can't, or based on what's going on it sure doesn't look like it, so that's where I came in and confirmed it, so this is where I come in.

Fortunately I have outlets like this for this type of information and to eliminate frustration. The great thing about not living up to my massive potential is I can always look forward to it. In fact, at the expense of my own conventional success and satisfaction and unfortunately that of many close to me, I'm in a great position to do incredible things. However, the main thing is proving I can act normal first. Or, at least get back to my old busy and mysterious ways.

By mixing this stuff up with some really "normal" stuff, which I enjoy doing as a nice, relaxing, fascinating and disciplined break I hope to kick some serious sh-tty feelingue a-- on the regular. I've got a lot of minds and I've seen a lot of bodies, so now the last thing I need is a lot of money, which aside from cathartic explosions like this, is the only thing I'm focusing on. From a million friends to a million dollars instead of vice versa seems to be the way things are shaping up.

Once this happens, it's over.

Or more positively, it's beginning

So yeah.  

The process seems to be hella fun too. 

All systems are go.

So: are you a go'er? ;-)

What. You. Want. To. Believe. In.

(Endnote: coincidentally, with the last addition of six words, the above ended up being 1776 words.)



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