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FYI, sorry for the naval-gazing self-aggrandizement, but I'm finishing listening to all the songs I posted on ReverbNation and getting inspired. They're not perfect, but they're great, especially in sequence on the albums going back a ways. [As of starting to write this blog - Ed.] I'm hearing "Barack O'Blah-Blah" right now and it's an awesomely tense and dense listen from "Obamacide: The Album", which sounds blasphemous in principle, but if that got your attention give it a listen and you may find parts entertaining and enlightening. I mean him no harm personally but his rep as Prez is tricky to critique which is tough in tough times. I'm not a Republican either, but you'll see or hear what I mean on the 20 minute EP/Album/Mixtape thingy. It was released in March 2009 after an earlier quarter-done version getting ready for November 2008 was lost in a damaged laptop, plus the demo single "What You Want To Believe In" was released in October. Nearly 5 years later it's an interesting and historic listen. At 20 minutes long, why not give it a shot? It's absorbing.

You can download the tracks as seen in the previous post, or trust the buffering on your computer and play them off this widget. Since Obama has become such a successful pop-culture figure as President, yet one hard to comfortably critique with that much power and influence, it's a neat historic look at the questions from the jump. This will take many to the campaign and back with renewed, confident and comfortable context to use how we like personally, or adapt and pass it on. Hey, it's good to be able to think a bit.

I remember how I worked my ass off on it and it was even written up on HipHopDX in April 2009, a huge site with a link to the download which included a huge album package full of pics and a planifesto. Anyway, it's finally finishing in my headphones now and I love it again, so I hope you enjoy it on some levels as well.




“Obamacide: The Album”

I Will Listen To You
What You Want To Believe In
A Battle For The Ages
The Starbuckstapo
We On The Streets Now
Barack O'Blah-Blah
Universal Mind Controul

[Scroll down in the widget until you find and start playing the first track, the rest will follow. - Ed.]



Download or Stream this album's tracks and the rest at:


FREE DOWNLOAD: Obamacide by Black Krishna

posted April 06, 2009 at 12:04PM EDT | 6 comments

Activist, radio journalist and emcee Black Krishna [click to read] has offered HipHopDX the chance to premier his exclusive new collection of songs, entitled Obamacide: The Album.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the social and poltical-minded man, who also goes by "BK," said the following of his Barack Obama Administration-inspired work. "What Obama supporters want to believe in is great; it's the same thing as nearly everyone who wants peace and prosperity, but there were and are people behind the scenes who influence decisions that we have to know about, including the political "system" that Obama is currently President of.  All we have to do to stop the global recession and move forward is to see who's behind it, or who's getting money when we're not supposed to, which is not right."

[Click Here] to download.



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