Wednesday, June 05, 2013

It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long


FYI, buddy just sent me this song and it's hilarious. You might not think you like country music, but if you like this song, then like me you know that at least you like some of it, which is not so bad... :)


Vince Gill, It's Hard To Kiss The Lips


FYI - Too, while I find it liberating to focus on something else besides saving men and women from being unable to talk about and deal with how many are turning into frustrated, frustrating, deaf, mute, pushy, tricky and spazzy zombies, I also find it frustrating when I know I can and I know they know I can, at least many.

Or at least it's possible. Since I've worked on this for the last two years and people allowed me to... it is.

People know when they're bothering someone and others do too. This is why most keep saying hello even when I ignore many. My standards for attention and the way I conduct myself set the standard wherever I go with men and women. If they say hello in respectful ways I do too. If I talk about it nearly everyone starts to.

Since I'm identified with these issues most people want to say hello but are scared to talk to me because I might bring up what they're scared to talk about, but I typically don't bring it up unless they do, so it's a non-issue. However, that doesn't deal with what they're scared of, so it would be nice to finally address that too.


While I was at Yorkdale Mall for a few hours over the last few days trying to get out of the house and get on my laptop and get a job, or a few jobs to pay my rent, eat, save a bit and maybe even have some fun, which is tougher after I put myself out there so publicly trying to help people, so I'm starving and a little pissed-off that not enough will help me help them, I can see the problems people are having getting worse as they speed up and freak out to try to beg, bother or force me and I assume others to give them attention and credit for behavior that is unpleasant to look at. This is also probably why they try to get credit for it like that too.

I don't think it's just me they spazz out to impress since it looks pretty practiced by the time I try to avoid seeing it. However, I think one of the reasons so many people try this with me is because they know I don't do any of it so they don't have to worry about me bugging them the same way. I'm not the cause of this, I'm like an antennae broadcasting how people now say hello because so many say hello to me that I make it obvious for everyone to see what's happening, or hundreds of people freaking out and/or running at me or away and so on. I also get lots of looks from people acting normal and thoughtful who seem to recognize and worry about this. I've even said that Canadians used to exchange smart looks with a smart man saying smart things about their biggest problems that they couldn't discuss for two years before all this madness started.

When I say that, many relax and start and look thoughtful and grateful that they can look thoughtful again.


It looks like people are making a habit of freaking each other out and getting depressed because others don't want to look at it much. When I even casually or normally approximate this behavior, or when I pull my shirt or jacket down after putting on my backpack, or scratch my face and so on, people nearby who want to casually say hello are shaken for a second before realizing I wasn't trying to get them to look at it, nor am I trying to get credit for it, after which they relax and exchange looks that we can trust, namely no spazzing and the ability to read faces and relaxed, relaxing and respectful moves. That's one reason why they say hello.

While I reacted verbally a few days ago and shut it down at the whole mall as usual, proving people don't really want to do all this spazzy stuff that they're actually embarrassed to admit they do as long as someone gives them the option and they see each other accept it, I didn't say a damn thing yesterday and instead simply ignored people trying to quickly trick me into looking at them spazz out when they silently got me to look at them beer commercial style to acknowledge them, or when they attacked me by speeding up and running at and crowding me when I didn't want to look at them, or when they kept moving faster and more furiously spazzy, or when they sat near me and wanted me to look at them scratching, wiping, picking, coughing, sneezing every few seconds and while getting bored and pissing off the people they're with, etc.

Sorry about the run-on sentence, but that's really the least of our concerns at this time. Can we focus please?

So, once again I'd like you to help me help you before you, people you care about and many others get depressed because they don't validate each others' unpleasant and harassing behavior enough. Seriously.

As I said to the women and girls doing this a few days ago and before a few times, if men can be fooled into trying to act like girls and get credit for it and fail and still keep trying for over two years, then you women and girls can be fooled into freaking out and trying to get credit and fail for years as well, or perhaps both of you will do this forever, so you should help me help you and them stop too. People get it and still say hello.


The choice appears to be that people will get incrementally scared and/or depressed with nearly every non-verbal interaction they have with strangers and people they know because they silently freak each other out and make each other nervous or worry about it happening, or they help me help them fix their verbal and non-verbal issues because they're related and so they can finally walk and talk like men and women again in relaxed, relaxing, respectful and mutually validating ways. I can fix it for a few hours, or forever if you help.

The proof is what happens whenever my broke-ass tries all by my lonesome anywhere I go, which means with resources I can do a better job than ignoring it and accidentally reacting to it just by leaving my house.

As I said when starting this blog I find it liberating to finally ignore seeing people trapped in their hellish hello's and more communication problems and focus on what I have to do, like ignore it and get a job and ignore it some more instead. But, then I don't because I realize that I can help liberate them from these problems if they help me. The only way I can focus on helping you is if I don't have to worry about me, so help me out.

Please visit this website for more and if you want to anonymously support me, I've provided how below.


If you want to anonymously support my efforts, that's fine. I'll operate as a not-for-profit and share ideas to help you enjoy people where you live.

You can donate cash, goods or services directly to me, or transfer money, or walk to a TD Canada Trust Bank and deposit cash in my account.

Any amount will do. If I get enough small donations (eg. $5, $10, etc.) from many people who say hello and others, I can work on this full-time.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

As long as I'm not thinking about myself, which I find boring, I'm happy to think about everyone else and use your resources to get you results.

While this may seem unusual to some, the point is at least you'll have someone working on it, which means many good things might get done.

Please read on for the rest of the story, it's been a fascinating, wild and fun ride. After two years of work, I'm happy to finish this with your help.

Talk to you soon,


(aka Vijay, Vij, Jay or BK)


Helping you figure out...



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