Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Oh Beautiful, Powerful, Cute and Come-Uppity Women, Or Men, Where Art Thou?


Just a head's up at 8:25 am on May 1st, 2013 as I came back from my porch. It just never stops.

First, there's a guy emptying the porto-potty a couple of houses away who says hello by getting me to look at him while his back is turned. So, I yelled at him and said he can't say hello like some shy girl and said "say hello like a man and make eye contact or don't bother". He directed me towards his sheepish turned-away eyes for a sec, then kept pestering me to look at him just doing his stuff while I ignored him.

(FYI, some men get so pissed off when they want to girl away and I force them to make eye contact that it's crazy.  You can see them silently shocked, mad and disappointed that they couldn't get credit for girly stuff right in front of me, as if I screwed up hello instead of them, which may be true by current standards. Sorry.)

Meanwhile, a lady and some kids were walking past and I casually acknowledged them. As they were further away and got my attention I said "bye shy pretty girls!" and laughed. Then a beautiful, powerful women in a beautiful, powerful black Audi sports car drove by and got my attention with a slightly pissy look on her face, so I said "bye shiny pretty girl in your shiny pretty car!" and laughed as she passed.

Then, another middle-aged women in an orange-y Pontiac Sunfire drove by a little saucier, so I said "well come on beautiful, powerful women, talk to me and I'll get my cute come-uppance, otherwise you're just girlin' away." I mean it too, or if I keep seeing women try to get my attention while angrier and angrier, I'll be damned if I let it put me off and I'll have a good time anyway.

But, more importantly, call me to control me and have reasonable conversations instead of me worrying about your increasingly frustrated and pissy silence and how to figure out how calm you down every few seconds all day. I know it's not your fault, but you shouldn't let this happen to you anyway and you either know I can help you or you don't, or I don't know why get my attention all the time.

Your little "chick taser" is not no big g-ddamned secret anymore anyway if it ever was now that men are doing it, so let's talk. I've been publicly talking about it since the summer of 2011 in the Market in Ottawa and if you want any man on the planet to help you with this he'll have to act like one and say let's do this.

Then, a beautiful young blond girl walked by on her way to school and wanted some attention. So, I directed her to keep it at generally wholesome as opposed to her bum, then stopped her from scratching and running out of control while I kept an eye on the cars as she crossed the street and wished her best of luck in her future endeavours. I really feel bad for the kids, especially since they need more reassurance and flattery.

Then, the same man working on emptying a porto-potty kept bugging me to stare at him just doing his stuff, so I said "stop begging me to look at you, you know you are, or soon you won't be able to be out in public with each other because you constantly bug each other for and with bullshit and silently can't stand each other, will stay on the internet all the time instead, then take a chip in your head to make it better, then get trapped in there like the Matrix. Or maybe it's not possible. Either way I'll leave you my card."

That was 5 minutes on my porch for better or worse this morning and stuff like this has gone on for two years while I figured out how to deal with it. Not bad for a disarmed slave in communist Canada, eh?

You finally and verbally tell me whenever you are ready, otherwise I'll see you hater. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to be nice, but also say that after babying every damn Canadian adult here about this non-verbal harassment thingy for two years it's time to 'fess up and clean it up before it's simply not possible.

All quiet people need to do is figure out the best ways to be quiet, have many calm countervailing forces to socially battle the zombiefication and re-establish a more relaxed and relaxing normal that is more accepted.

No problem, just reaction and solution, so get in touch or hook me up cash-wise so I can finish this for you soon. If you think I'm doing this for the money you're crazy, but if you don't think I deserve any you're crazier. This is about the future of the species worldwide and it all starts with samples in Toronto, Canada.




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