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Men's and Women's Lib: Master Your Domain in the Singularity or Die in the Matrix


Men's and Women's Lib: Master Your Domain in the Singularity or Die in the Matrix

FYI, while I officially retired on March 31st, 2013 from my "Ghost Protocol" activities and now want to be treated like a self-help guru who can solve people's similar problems since I've figured out much bigger ones and help save masculinity and femininity from being destroyed, the latter issue is now dangerously unstable.

Many men and women are now basically non-verbally acting the same with a desire to get attention for lazy scratching, wiping, picking, coughing and sneezing and then running at each other or running away like they just got away with something. Men and their compartmentalized "I'm a girl!" brainwashing may survive this big "joke" a little longer by continuing to "act" like boyfriends, husbands, fathers and so on. Or maybe not.

But, if women and girls go out like this, their very nature will be compromised forever. Or, spending $500 a month to look hot and barely getting real attention from anyone for it is killing them softly. I've seen plenty of gorgeous girls stalking less hot ones just because it's the thing to to do get attention. Now that 'ish cray.

Messed up girls are now trying to get attention like girls who are relaxed and not messed up more than ever by stalking them and then scratching, wiping, etc. when their victim is looked at. Just like many men do.

 In fact, nobody really likes looking at people do gross "The Croods in 3D" stuff. That's why it's so tricky.

This is also why it's the perfectly pointless gender-neutral harassment to destroy people with and it's usually the least sketchy people who command the most attention from the most. I know because I don't do any of this creepy crap and men and women pester me all day and night to watch them do stupid stuff whether they know me or not just because I don't, it's safe to and it's a challenge to get a busy man's attention with something compelling. Now they're just distracting me and wasting my and their time way too often.

It's a big "girl-off" pissing contest and it always has been between men and women for two years. I've seen countless men stalking women getting angry and jealous and stomping off because I've helped the women relax. So, it seems men want some strong man to keep and eye on them to help them relax. This kind of leaves women up shit creek. This is also why I'm able to accomplish what I'm up to, if it's anything at all.

Sometimes I'll even say "Relax honey, it's a girl-off, it's always been a girl-off and it's been this way for two years, so relax." Then they relax, look down and get depressed and thoughtful while their silently feminized male stalker stomps past them in frustration. Once they're fine, I say "I'm sorry, I mean I'm happy to be sorry I'm happy about how hot you are -- sorry!" or something like it to make them feel safe and cheer them up again. Yep. And this goes on for years.

Unfortunately, I can easily see people bugging each other for and with scratchy bullshit until nobody can stand to be out in public around anyone else since everyone makes everyone paranoid. Then people spend all their time on the internet instead, decide to take a chip in their brain to be there more often with a better experience and get stuck there like the movie "The Matrix" which came out in 1999. While it sounds crazy, it's been discussed openly for decades by trans-humanists and futurists like Ray Kurzweil and others who think man merging with machines is inevitable and it would be ideal so we can live forever.

That sounds great until you think about "how" that would happen and then have second thoughts while you are still able to if you can. Then again, perhaps this is not even remotely possible, so don't worry about it.

Regardless, based on what I've done and proven here, I know that all the men, women and children here can exchange respect and validation with each other in quick and appropriate ways to master our domains in the singularity and feel out appropriate requests for unique or extra attention, or use this connectivity we all feel non-verbally to consistently and intelligently empower each other instead of bother and destroy each other.  

Women and girls are not in control of the attention they seek from men beer commercial style when they are moving faster and sketchier on purpose for the first time in history and it's not validating for anyone at all. The initial invitation from many is so jarring that nobody can relax after that. It's a hell of a way to fuck up "hello".

Many women are now also attacking me by running at or near me and then running away like the guys trying to trick or force me to treat them like girls, or making some sketchy mess near me and running away barely caring what they look like. I know it may seem like I'm complaining because I don't get to see them look hot, but I also know the only reason they flirt with me so damn much is because they want to. They show me and I tell them they're hot and they love it. Now I can't and many don't even care. This is a stunning development

Now, the same millions of women who loved and flirted with me for two years, whoever and wherever the hell they were, may now hate me because I don't like the latest lazy aggro-girly, zombie, pushy, tricky, nervous and gross garbage they pester me with, or attack each other to trick me into looking at. But that's fine. I need to stop them before they hate themselves. If they get used to doing this looking like that: they will.

So, I've been going off about this for the last few weeks because it's only a few weeks old and it's happening fast. I couldn't even conceive of saying stuff like this just two months ago. Now I say it most of the time.

Men are rugged individual assholes and pussies and generally resistant to change, so they took a long time to switch to sketchy zombie-girl weirdos. Meanwhile, women are sacred cows who'll herd each other off a cliff fast with their men's help, or whatever men want to call randomly harassing them to trick other men into look at them with their "bros acting like ho's before ho's" code or whatever. I know because I say stuff like this to or near hundreds of people a day and they understand, agree, try harder to be relaxed and relaxing and get their security and vanity needs validated. Or they don't care, make a pushy-sketchy mess and leave.

Men seem to understand and for the last couple of years most have been nice enough about watching and hearing me carry the balls and do the dirty laundry around here. While many routinely and silently harass women like jealous, bitchy and ugly girls, most don't mean as much harm as they're causing and even if there is some resentment towards women; or a lot. They don't like seeing women reduced to a sketchy shell of themselves, especially around a man they know is an expert at hooking them up with what they want and I mean whoever and wherever as long as they know what they're doing. The problem is they're forgetting.

Today, I've even been saying to the men with wives and girlfriends saying hello: "No sheepish or girly shit or your girl will look for some man who's not a pussy to flirt with. Don't ask me how I know. Don't insult me."  

While it may sound bad, I'm basically a celebrity with no bodyguards who's constantly trying to stop people from silently bothering me or someone else, so I tend to take a hard-ass line on these things to mitigate them.

Anyway, I'm sleepy and there's lots to say and do about this, but the bottom line is get to it, get in touch or get me some money to do it better before we're all screwed. My budget basically involves housing, feeding and transporting my big mouth and it's working alright. Hell, I did this in Ottawa and Toronto and can easily do it anywhere this stuff is happening where they also understand english, allegories and pop music:

"And I do it twice, ain't no sense in me,
Lyin' as if, I am a different man,
And I could blame my environment, 
But, there ain't no reason why I be buyin expensive chains,
Hope you don't think users are, the only abusers niggaz,
Getting high within the game,
And if you do, then how would you explain?
I'm ten years removed, still the vibe is in my veins..."

- Jay-Z, "Public Service Announcement"

But, based on what's happening and people's response to my response, it's obviously not going well fast enough, so people are going to hook me up or hate me for not indulging in their lazy and bored harassment.

Who knows? Allow me to re-introduce myself and feel free to get in touch to find out sooner than later.






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