The arrests of three brothers accused in the gang sexual assault of a young woman underscores the need for club goers to be on the alert in the city's entertainment district, police warn.
Toronto police spokesperson Const. Tony Vella said police believe there may be more victims and released photographs of the accused.
Nazeef Ahmadzai, 30, was charged with forcible confinement, gang sexual assault and sexual assault. Nazeef Ahmadzai, 30, was charged with forcible confinement, gang sexual assault and sexual assault.(Toronto Police Service)
“If you know who they are, if you have any information, or if you’ve been victimized, we want to hear from you. Contact the investigators,” Vella said.
Police say a 22-year-old woman was attacked early Saturday morning, after she met a 26-year-old man at a nightclub. When the woman and her friends left the bar, they were allegedly followed out by the same man and two other suspects, who police say offered to drive the woman home.
The victim accepted the offer and left her friends. She was allegedly led by the men to an underground parking garage where police say she was sexually assaulted around the Windsor Street and Blue Jays Way area.
"Her friends were then concerned for her safety, searched the area and found her," Vella said.
Hewad Ahmadzai, 26, was charged with forcible confinement and gang sexual assault.Hewad Ahmadzai, 26, was charged with forcible confinement and gang sexual assault.(Toronto Police Service)




This is horrible and I feel ya, but while it might be an example of culturally specific disempowerment, I personally think it's a symptom of something much more general than that. While the facts may speak differently in the end, I think cases like this on the rise in general worldwide have more to do with most men worldwide losing their feelings of being responsible for women and children thanks to 50 years of media brainwashing to destroy traditional values and make people morally bankrupt and easier to control, plus a perversion of what "equal opportunity" should mean, or people helping each other achieve it instead of feeling like they're competing, whether it's in the "Battle of the Sexes" or any other dark divide and conquor schemes. Plus, men are also losing the respect from women and children that their protective and not predatory attitude used to get them since instead of them normally trusting most men who can communicate it's okay with a simple look or smile, women and children are more likely to be suspicious of men in general as all parties send bad vibes back and forth more often than they should and destroy each others egos. Keep in mind that disempowered women are often sad, but disempowered men are often scary, or the beaten wife and the wife-beater, for example. Of course, the idea of "rape" itself is not new, but this new epidemic of it is. With gang rapes performed by pissed off guys who resent women and porn stars paid to act like they like it on the internet for more pissed off guys who resent women to watch beauty being destroyed, it's not surprising to see this play out more and more in real life. That's why I'm moving past most issues you see discussed and ahead of the curve while planning to change the world as it's shaping up to be in a couple of years with my latest project if it's possible, and if I get enough support for it. Either way, check out the site if you'd like to get more thoughts on how more of us can prevent this stuff from being something "normal" that we read about every week, I know how we can --