Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Facebook Presents: Mayor Vij vs. Crack Rob vs. Kicking Ass or Kissing Babies or Both


FYI, this is a little transcription of a running convo on Facebook I was having related to the picture of "Crack Rob" and my possible more successful second mayoral run, plus some odds and ends to solidify the argy-bargy-ment. I'm not saying I'm running, but if people are pissed at the current mayor and kick him out, plus if they're scared about the future and I'm not, then I can run for them to make sure they're not. Good enough?


From the Book of Faces... 


Thanks man, I'm glad you're feeling it [my thoughts on running for mayor] and I appreciate knowing you do.

While some people might think I'm crazy, they simply can't see what I can offer them from my perspective as often as they should. I know that most people are too scared to argue with me because, as I've said to some, you can try, but you'll cry first. If I'm wrong, then I'll usually change my mind and get smarter because I did. If I'm right, then I'll simply stay calm and make my case while you soon break down hysterically and accuse me of losing my cool because you did, not me, or at least that's what usually happens.

While this is not always a valuable skill and I often have to suppress my abilities regardless of the truth, it also means that if necessary I can: a) help galvanize people in a crisis without them being able to argue as long as I have some support; or b) help people by having them support me and sic me on their enemies who I can destroy. Just see "The Nation's Deathbed" and "United We Fall" for examples of those poor globalist bastards spinning bullsh-t destroyed by me, PFT and others spinning real sh-t to the point where it's not even a fair fight.

This mayor thing looks like a great idea as long as people support me with no fear. Keep in mind that all that people have to do to control me is the same thing that everyone else does: pay me. I've told and sold all kinds of stuff for decades for a bunch of bosses because I was paid to and only go off the rails once in a while when I'm not getting paid and it worries and stresses me; or I'm not getting the feedback to appropriately soften and mitigate my approach.

The only reasons I'm soldiering on in my often isolated and spartan way is: a) I can connect with people well at will so it's never an issue when it comes to making or keeping friends if people are open to it; and b) I know if I can stay hard enough when others get soft then I can be of use in helping them fight for their future; c) I'm basically waiting on people to be more worried about the future than about me to finally push me over the top by giving me the resources I need to be as impressive as they want me to be, from good food and working out to achieve movie star "likeable and f--kable" status, to being a smart guy who can fix their normal problems easily because he's used to figuring out bigger ones, to a nice guy who constantly proves it by interacting well with others most of the time and who even maintains that rep when he has to beat the crap out of someone verbally for good reason.

I'm not saying this is guaranteed, but it's better to keep as an option than not for as long as possible as one individual who's determined to make sure there are more. I hope that helps clarify my thinking, but don't worry, I can ROTFL for a laughing baby video with the best of them... :)  


Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper (Original)

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ROTFL... :)


It's Nice To Meet You

Which Is Better Than Not

What You Want To Believe In... Is People



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