Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Facebook Fight: Mayor Vij vs. Crack Rob for the Future of Toronto!

Don't Be A Menace - I'll Suck Your Dick Man!!!


Vijay Sarma: Stopping The North American Union 1/4


FYI, this is a conversation I had on Facebook with a guy who posted the "Crack Rob" picture and funny video. As for whether or not I could actually be Mayor of Toronto and do a great job, heck yeah I could. I've proven that I can speak with and understand some of the smartest people in the world over the course of my life and on my CKLN Radio Show, at my job as an Executive Conference Producer talking to Fortune 500 VPs, at my more recent job as a career strategist talking to everyone from students to millionaires and more. It'll be hard to pull a fast one on me. 

Then I'd move to a much more open and transparent system, encourage people to get involved for 30 minutes a week to review potential decisions and help the City make them, speak to the smartest people around on different topics like fluoride in our water supply and call Calgary City Council among others to ask why they decided to stop using it for example, then work with my advisors and the bureaucracy to make the best decisions for the people of the City of Toronto. I also know if we argue then you'll cry first, so all people have to do is sic me on their enemies and we're good.

While I haven't officially decided to run, if people want me to and support me then heck yeah, it's on...


Nauresistance Dotorg

Don't Be A Menace - I'll Suck Your Dick Man!!!

Funny clip form the movie Don't Be A Menace

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Vijay Sarma 

Good old "Crack Rob" is finally getting his comeuppance after years of scandals he's tried to laugh off as politically motivated. Then again, living (and not dying) in Toronto, I know many of us, especially women and men acting like them, have been at least partially brainwashed into thinking we're tough if we can "take" stuff, not if we can "do" stuff, which just leads to us taking more crap, including possibly keeping and complaining about our crackhead mayor. PC Alert: who's of course innocent until proven guilty, who deserves a fair day in court, who may only be denying things to screw with his political adversaries, who's probably a great hard working guy who is either caught up in a mistake or made one and who's somebody we should laugh at by walking around like zombies and saying he needs "Braaaaains!". There. Happy? No? Well then, exactly...

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Nauresistance Dotorg 

I see and can understand both sides of the issue, you make some really great points Vijay and I agree. Although, they did have the chance to vote for you did they not? Just think, people voted for a crack-head instead of taking a chance on someone like you. Even if it turned out to be a wasted vote (which I know it wouldn't have), would the people of TDot be in any worse shape?

I actually think the whole thing is pretty funny, hence the reason I posted the pic, reminds me of the vid clip I posted above in the comments.

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Vijay Sarma 

I feel ya NAU-D, the only problem we have here is this stuff is hard to talk about honestly with meaning and feeling just like almost everything else that's remotely controversial. This something I've been fighting for years and the only reason that I chose to quit my radio show to run for mayor by myself for two months after trying to stop G20 Martial Law by myself for two months by suggesting activists could do a much better job of informing people in Toronto of how they feel while they're interested in the topic by sharing flyers and more than by agreeing to a fight with the cops set up by the government to make them look stupid on TV which is only designed to discredit their anti-globalization cause even more. While they don't or can't say much which makes it tougher to nuance my efforts, it still seems like people usually believe me, yet still don't believe in me for a variety of reasons, many of them my fault. First, I'm a born and raised slackass whacked with fluoride and more like most of us who'd prefer to chill, except I was born with will and I like to use it and that can beat chill, or perhaps save it so people can. Plus, I'm not sure how seriously to take things at times when my audience doesn't want to or give me much feedback. Or, I think I often get more credit from "normal" people for acting "normal" and drinking and partying (etc.) than I do for fighting for our freedom and perhaps making them feel weak or guilty for not, so I've got to mix it up carefully. Since you brought it up, here's the results from 2010 when I got 2264 votes with a two-month pavement-pounding solo and self-financed campaign costing a few hundred bucks and consisting of mostly flyers I handed out. So, if I had even a few more people helping me I may have been able to win. This is something I'm considering for 2014 or even sooner if "Crack Rob" gets booted as long as I get help --,#1369260823816

The City of Toronto: Unofficial election results -

MAYOR - City of Toronto
1870 of 1870 Polls Reporting
CandidateTotal votes% of
total votes
Rob Ford38350147.114%
George Smitherman28983235.607%
Joe Pantalone9548211.73%
Rocco Rossi50120.616%
George Babula32730.402%
Rocco Achampong28050.345%
Abdullah-Baquie Ghazi27610.339%
Michael Alexander24700.303%
Vijay Sarma22640.278%
Sarah Thomson18830.231%
Jaime Castillo18740.23%
Dewitt Lee16990.209%
Douglas Campbell14280.175%
Kevin Clarke14110.173%
Joseph Pampena13190.162%
David Epstein12020.148%
Monowar Hossain11940.147%
Michael Flie11900.146%

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Vijay Sarma 

Maybe I'll ask a bunch of you to ask me to run again while I politely decline and say I want to focus on my family, or starting one, or at least practicing in fun ways with potential chickandidates. But, then I'll get you guys to bug me more and more until I finally decide to agree and people think it's not just an ego trip or wasted vote, but it's actually a people-driven movement. That's how a lot of campaigns are started if you look into it, so if I could start mine that way instead of my usual "Yo let's do this -- or I'll do this -- and if I had 300 men to help me like in that damn movie instead of just doing stuff myself -- then g-ddammit -- it'll get done!!!" Though just to make sure no one feels bad, I have to admit if you gotta do what you gotta do just because you can and most others can't, for example that last mayoral run 3 years ago setting up this possible one to fight for our future and win, then that can be fun too...

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FYI, this is the other project I was working on and while I'm ahead of the curve, you don't want to hit it. People may not take their gender-neutral zombiefication seriously until a couple of years from now, if ever, but if they want to stop it from happening then they can support my efforts on this as well. I'm easy and ready for anything since there's a ton of stuff happening and I could always copy or support other efforts, but I'm always happy to work with others on whatever they're ready for too.


It's Nice To Meet You

Which Is Better Than Not

What You Want To Believe In... Is People 





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