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Avids, Aphorisms and Recycled Counter Psyops: Retrophilia Edition



Avids, Aphorisms and Recycled Counter Psyops: Retrophilia Edition



Just a few odds and ends to make sense of an odd world with a happy ending. First, the avid recollection of all things awesome like pop-culture icons from the 80's and 90's should be balanced with an all things will as well and a will to power to make it happen approach. While everyone can think positively this way, this especially includes men in general who can stop feeling sorry for themselves and start casually feeling sorry for the girls enough to occasionally formally reinforce it, much to their delight to see their men again.

Men can also stop trying to use their abilities to communicate in the singularity in girly ways when they don't give each other much credit for it and that frustrate them and all the girls they jealously bother and attack.

Now: too many people are acting like a sped up tricky, needy and creepy aggro-girly zombies and not really saying anything about it; as if all this gender-neutral and begging and bothersome crap should be normal. I don't care what your sexuality is nor should anyone as long as you don't harass others with it without admitting what you are doing or being capable of stopping. I understand people are having trouble talking, but screwing up getting looked or stared at by bugging each other with and for crap to feel like crap isn't going to help fix that problem. Once people can chill out they'll chill out. This means men using their new magical girly-powers in a manly way, like invited looks at their head and eyes briefly to make trust-worthy eye contact as opposed to tricking them into looking at the back of their head, or body parts, or them trying to quickly sneak in some ass-shaking and funny walking performance. This is all pathetic craziness. Stop it.

Once men are polite, brief and respectful, then women and girls can relax and pull better magic chick tricks.

Men can acknowledge each other briefly and intelligently when there is a reason to. Then there will be many.



"The iPad and other touchscreens may be forcing you to be more sensitive in some ways because of their sensitive interface, especially artists who may have had better results stabbing pen to paper than lightly tapping and pouring out their soul." 

Caveat Emperor: Or not. I mean like really, who knows? It might all even be better with the Cloud too.

"Women need to stop saying they don't need anything and then complaining they're not getting enough." 

"It's okay honey, it's my bad. In this world it's my war and your fairy tale. So, let's all be nice about this."

"'How To Make War Fun' is a great name for an album."

"People also eat more when they talk less. This may help explain our culture's collective obsession with food and all things food-related at this time." 

Caveat Emperor: Or not. I mean like really, who knows? It might just be more choices and info and fun.

"People are now trying to get far too much credit for stating the very obvious and also trying far too hard to get easily and yet somehow still horribly offended when someone else both doesn't give it to them and doesn't do it themselves. 

Worse, this is often at the expense of challenging themselves or anyone else to think of and juxtapose and theorize about their own and different ideas to feel unique and special in what people have to specifically offer each other with verve, daring, humour, intelligence, mistakes and more involved. 

People should aim to not just survive but to also freely and express and enjoy the highs and lows of modern conversation by finding it all a pleasant challenge and verbally alluding to awkwardness to deal with and defuse it when possible. 

Otherwise the maddening tendency towards hyper-sensitivity and insisting on banal and repetitious accuracy is often what passes for quick-thinking intelligence in too many of today's conversational interactions and is a rubbishy and intellectually stifling habit. 

Or, perhaps this is some maddening and experimental political correctness gone awry, a complex combination of cultural factors that needs more common man and woman simplification to be a more common topic for more common goals to ensure our common language is fruitful and fun. 

Something needs to be done and even perhaps beyond the traditional man's bridge to truth that we all trust. Perhaps CBC's Rex Murphy and anyone else anywhere fit to should give a good fist-shaking talking to this subject just to make sure their's some worthwhile fist-shaking talking possible.

At least experiment with where you can go and not where you can't and help each other with irony. 

Perhaps this can assuage anyone's fears about fear and formality being more important than fun. 

Rest assured they are not and if they are then we are not amused. 

Unless we are allowed to be a-musing." 

- Best, Vij, 15.May.13, Toronto, Canada


Recycled Counter Psyops: Retrophilia Edition

I just listened to my "Obamacide" album from March 2009 and really liked it since it's eerily prescient and even today it can channel a lot of current concerns into concrete ideas with one's own intuition, knowledge and research if they prefer. It's only about 20 minutes long and you can hear it just by queuing up all the songs and starting to play it from the first track "I Will Listen To You". I'm just listening to it again right now and it's giving me goosebumps. However, it's a good listen and it's not like people don't "know", it's more like for one reason or another they just don't "get", which is a crucial difference this can help get handled.

People should at least be able to listen to my analysis from back then since it was a good mixtape and even got a little shine here and there from media and others. Maybe some people will be more comfortable at first listening to me from 4 years ago try to describe some of the things they are thinking about or going through from then until right now, including how I felt and in some cases feel about many of their possible problems, reactions and solutions. Besides, many of the ideas are timeless but updated and so still apply today. True.

As I said it's only about 20 minutes on purpose to make this easy. I'll try put together the original album if I can find the special feature pieces and re-release it on an upload site soon just to show you. But this is fine.

Of particular note is "We On The Streets Now" which is still an energetic anthem, albeit a bit too messy. But hey, most songs can be picked apart this way, so don't try it too often. Just enjoy it if possible if you want to.



An Album/Mixtape and Counter Psyop Obama Myth Expose Released in March 2009 still relevant in 2013.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Obamacide by Black Krishna

posted April 06, 2009 at 12:04PM EDT | 6 comments
Activist, radio journalist and emcee Black Krishna [click to read] has offered HipHopDX the chance to premier his exclusive new collection of songs, entitled Obamacide: The Album.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the social and poltical-minded man, who also goes by "BK," said the following of his Barack Obama Administration-inspired work. "What Obama supporters want to believe in is great; it's the same thing as nearly everyone who wants peace and prosperity, but there were and are people behind the scenes who influence decisions that we have to know about, including the political "system" that Obama is currently President of.  All we have to do to stop the global recession and move forward is to see who's behind it, or who's getting money when we're not supposed to, which is not right."

[Click Here] to download.


Play the album using the "Queue All" link near the top of the page, then start with "I Will Listen To You":

For probably the best song on it, just click the "Download Free MP3" blue button:


Peace by peace...




P.S. The "StillmatiCanuck" album right after is also dope, albeit more third-person'y with all the reverb which may make it easier for some to digest. It's also about 20 minutes and more focused on Canadian stuff.

Play the album using the "Queue All" link near the top of the page, then start with "StillmatiCanuck":



Album Tracks


I Will Listen To You
What You Want To Believe In
A Battle For The Ages
The Starbuckstapo
We On The Streets Now
Barack O'Blah-Blah
Universal Mind Controul
Class Morefare
Either (Hi Hip Hop)
Get U'r Self A Gun
High Off Reality
Debt Man Walking
F--k The Queen
Waking Up
One Life