Wednesday, May 15, 2013

As I Sit and Scold Pushy and Tricky Man/Girl Zombies I Watched: WORLD WAR Z - Movie SECRETS Leaked and Exposed


Just an FYI as I sit here at a Second Cup near Bathurst and Lawrence and try to use my laptop while being pestered by men near me to stare at them act like girls and men and women to watch them quickly scratch, wipe, pick, cough or sneeze and then often run, or the reverse. People are just spazzing and posing all over.

Now, I'm usually busy looking at, listening to or doing something and just politely acknowledging people in relaxed, relaxing and respectful ways that let them know I won't bother them again. I'm also letting relaxed, relaxing and respectful people have appropriate attention, especially women and children who can put a man in a good mood if he reassures and/or flatters them. But, these days men and women are both silently acting similar in more pushy, needy, creepy, tricky and girly-zombie like ways and are often too unpleasant to pay attention to again or even to say hello to far too often.  They don't want credit for exchanging intelligent looks at appropriate times. They want credit for exchanging stupid looks at inappropriate times and far too often.

Keep in mind that these men aren't gay or I would have heard "Bear, Grizzly, attack!" and been killed in a gay bar a long time ago. Or I just wouldn't say anything and chill out with the relaxed and intelligent ones while staying away from any who are too lecherous like a girl at a nightclub. I've been there and done that.

However, for two years it's usually straight men probably talking less and using their new girly powers poorly in ways that frustrate them and others, especially women who they jealously bother into finally cracking and copying their frustrated foolishness. The men who do this are clearly not in their right minds and are mostly just turned on when I make fun of them in public. With nobody but me saying anything about this stuff while everyone casually acknowledges it's going on and them not responding, most of these men still try to beg, trick and bother me into trying to look at them affectionately while they act like girls or wisely wipe, scratch, pick, cough or sneeze in the neo-feminine "can't be vulnerable with men or other women anymore" ways.

All of this happens as I occasionally scowl and occasionally laugh, mostly the latter these days.

The attacks are increasing fast though. People walking are also acting like zombies as I show.

Without formally addressing people who signal for attention, I'm just growling in self-defense.

It's just a fact of life at this point. Meanwhile, the girls' new "can't be vulnerable so just be pushy and sketchy and tough" stuff looks a lot like the guyls and too unpleasant to look at, as I said and as I say to many to avoid them getting too mad at me for no good reason. Many don't know any better, but they often figure it out when I tell them and because it's what they usually see they're just spazzing out too. This needs to stop.

Nobody likes looking at people freak out in tricky ways to get credit when they look at them and it's hard to give anybody credit when they're pushy weirdos scratching in tortured ways and so on. This behaviour is probably causing people to feel depressed, so check this video below out and knock it off.  It might scare the heck out of you becoming a zombie or condoning this type of sketchy paranoia-inducing stuff and that might help it stop being so normal and unspoken. Take a stand and raise the standards for attention again.



WORLD WAR Z - Movie SECRETS Leaked and Exposed. 

Agenda for a One World Government / NWO