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Who's The Man?

Who's The Man? 

You may want to know a bit more about me, which only makes sense. I'd rather you focus more on what I can do for you right now about your most recent and pressing concerns to avoid any confusion and wrong conclusions, but it's only fair to share a few highlights so you relax.

I was born on April 28, 1974 in Scarborough, Ontario, a former suburb of Toronto before the mega-city amalgamation, so I'm a Canadian citizen of east Indian origin. I went to high school and then York University for film, did debating and public speaking and traveled the world competing and for fun for a few years while dating a bunch of girls, having some great girlfriends and being 0 for a few on getting married because after a couple of years they get mad when I don't want to yet. I'm in charge and yet constantly deferring to my girls' whims; they're happy with the stability.

I've worked mainly in sales and marketing and can talk to anyone, or even a mailbox. Recently, I worked as an executive conference producer where I learned about different corporate industries and roles, talked to Fortune 500 VPs on the phone, convinced them to advise or speak at small events and developed their speaking session outlines for their approval to deal with their latest collective concerns and figure out their problems. More recently I worked as a career strategist speaking with all different career-levels from students to millionaire oil executives and discussing resume writing, distribution and job search strategy services. I've also worked in healthcare, staffing, managing stores and more.

You may also know me from my other "save the world" interests over the last ten years, which isn't hard to explain when will can beat chill.

What happened is I was getting a bit bored and restless selling voicemail systems to clients like Telus for their wired and wireless customers at a great small company. I was always confident and connected and yet started wondering why so many young people, or people just a few years younger since I always considered myself an old wise guy, weren't as happy as they should be. I just didn't get why people couldn't be happier.

The turning point was really when I went with a good friend to see the documentary "Tupac: Resurrection" in November 2003. We weren't that excited and even showed up a few minutes late because, while I respected him, I wasn't the biggest fan before because I was on the east coast, was jealous because the girls I liked thought he was cute and didn't really understand what he was up to. However, the documentary by director Lauren Lazin put it all together in his own words brilliantly, changed my guilty mind completely and this quote at the end finally did it for me:

"I want, when they see me, they know that every day when I'm breathing is for us to go further. Every time I speak I want the truth to come out. Every time I speak I want a shiver. I don't want them to be like they know what I'm gonna say because it's polite. I'm not saying I'm gonna rule the world or I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world."

- Tupac Shakur, MTV Interview, 1994, Wikiquote,


After that I was inspired and bouncing off the walls for a couple of days in Ottawa while visiting friends. It may seem strange, but I felt fantastic.

While I didn't know a lot yet, I'd been considering applying my intelligence and energy to solve the world's problems because I figured I'd obviously have something to add being ballsy and different and handling little stuff on a daily basis anyway. I started looking into activist organizations and realized many were resistant to change, or discussing new approaches for some reason, maybe because it made them feel bad or sad because they might feel wrong if they hadn't done them before or whatever. While I found this frustrating, I just kept looking into what was happening.

It was delivered, so I was a Toronto Star left-winger and fought for those causes until I realized the "left" and "right" are just a trap to fool people into not thinking about anything but defending their side and crapping on the other. I looked into "conspiracy theories" and while there's lots of speculative and practically useless crap, I also found a lot of valuable stuff since "conspiracy" just means people planning something illegal or immoral in secret and is the most common charge in any court in the world. Plus, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and it's no accident.

Since then I've hosted a radio show on CKLN at Ryerson University for 5 years where I discussed politics, culture, relationships and more. I've also been complaining about guys getting soft as baby poo for years, or the same ones who I could argue with about anything thinking they're cool for being scared and losing their ability to. I've been a talking head in documentaries up against powerful politicians, been interviewed by the CBC and others, worked with Toronto Truth Seekers to share info about politics, health risks and more, plus performed as a singer and rapper.

Over the last few years I've taken different but accepted positions on things, including using my radio show, posters and flyers to try to shut down the protests and G20 Martial Law in 2010 before it happened, or "if the government invites to you a fight with the cops to make you look stupid on TV, don't go!" After that I had to quit my radio show to run for Mayor of Toronto mostly by myself for a couple of months and came in 9th with 2,264 votes. Frankly, I was sick of all the supportive silence, left for a fresh start in Ottawa, saw women stalked and the rest is his and her story.

My initial strength was being a quick-thinker, understanding relationships and being able to handle any sad problems by thinking of solutions to be happy to be working on instead. After giving friends advice for years, then losing touch with many as I went deeper into trying to understand the big picture, I can now say that everything relates back to relationships as everyone else who's ever done anything like this knows. Or, to quote my man Pete, "I don't trust a man's love songs if I don't trust his fight songs, and I don't trust his fight songs if I don't trust his love songs."

Hopefully that brings you up to speed and I'd be happy to answer any questions. The bottom line is I've been trying to think of more ways to solve everyone's problems and think I'm on to something based on the fact that I told a representative sample size about it for a couple of years, mainly in Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world, and hundreds a day say hello to me in friendly ways. This should be worth something to you.

For now, I'll leave you with a few links to my blog, music, videos and more to check out if you'd like. Please be in touch with any questions.











If you don't want to talk about it, but still want me to fix it, no problem. Just visit a TD Canada branch, use this info and donate cash.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Just say I'm a performance artist you want to anonymously support. If I get enough donations, I'll find new ways to finish this myself.




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