Monday, April 08, 2013

Finally, back to talking about stuff people can't talk about that they can talk about.


Finally, back to talking about stuff people can't talk about that they can talk about.



Back to talking about stuff people can't talk about that they can talk about.

That means instead of the creepingly obvious; bubble-conspiracies that require research.

Perhaps it's odd. Or perhaps Orwellian in terms of interpretations. But so are many other things.

At this point, it may be easier for people to deal with stuff they can wait to research. Or even deny it.

That means the existence of the Total Health Show at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.


I was there April 7 - 8, 2013 with my Producer/Director/Cameraman/Editor colleague Danny Liberty reporting for the Toronto Truth Seekers online website and blog and interacting with hundreds of other enthusiastic attendees. We had a blast over the weekend and interviewed the following awesome speakers; I strongly recommend their work. Videos will be available shortly and you can see the rest at the link.


Shiv Chopra, MSc, PhD, Fellow WHO   

Health Risks Caused by Factory Farming and Agribusiness: E. coli and Other Food Borne Hazards

The Truth about Vaccines

Panel: Your Best Medicine: Food, Herbs & Spices


Jeffrey M. Smith   

Panel: Your Best Medicine: Food, Herbs & Spices

New Evidence of Serious Harm from Genetically Modified Foods

Film: Genetic Roulette


Nick Begich, M.D.   

HAARP - Changing the World with New Technology

Mind Control: A Brave New World or Enhancing Human Performance?

In Depth Workshop: HAARP: Learn how HAARP Affects Human Health, Weather Patterns & Geological Events $30

Panel: Using Energetic Frequencies to Heal


Joel Wallach, DVM, ND   

Minerals & Immortality: The Important Connection


Charmaine Murphy, colleague

Just turned 70 on April 7th, looks 40, hasn't seen a doctor or been sick in 20 years


Shawn Buckley, LLB   

Canada’s New Food Safety Laws



Nearly everybody is a foodie and knows about organic and poison food, so it's a good look for everyone involved. Plus, people know about questionable pharma practices and side-effect free alternative health treatments, which means they know something is up. When they can say and do something, like attend this show, they'll feel better on a number of levels from their health to their happiness to their heart for whomever.


Of course, there was some weird zombie-creepiness and my response. I'm also saddened by how many women are now resorting to the same pushy, tricky, sketchy, gross, needy and creepy unspoken aggro-attention-whoring zombie-garbage as the guys. They just don't know it's stupid yet. By now, failure is built into the guys tricking, bothering, intimidating and harassing each other to get affection models. They know.    

Regardless, since it's become hard to even look at people because so many are nervously trying to move faster when seen and to trick someone into looking at them doing something sketchy and gross and stupid that they won't admit, like pick their noses, scratch themselves, spit and cough and so on, my model of interacting with people to change the culture is effectively over. Everyone is nervous about everyone.

Meanwhile, as I swim the sidewalks during this sad state of affairs and take a hard-line against "The Not Itchy But Scratchy Show" everywhere I go, I end up winning, or bending people to my will who want to chill and forgot how. I ignored and crushed a bunch of nervous attention-whoring scratchers and pickers at the Spirit's Comedy night last Wednesday over a couple of hours as people got depressed and... stopped.

This experience combined with my zombie and picky and scratchy avoidance at the Total Health Show and everywhere else which ends up with more people trying to say hello in nicer and more relaxing ways tells me I'm right about this stuff. For what it's worth. So, since I'm sick of it and can't interact much with increasingly gross, sad, annoying, pushy and tricky men or women anymore, just make me rich and I'll make you happy.


Otherwise I'm going to focus on other things and let people do what they really want if they can figure it out. 

No problem and no pressure. I just know the stuff I'm selling and yelling can fix or break everything.

After all, if people figure out how to get along and empower each other, then that'll do.  

Get in touch with your thoughts; or give me some money and I'll give you options.

Don't worry, this happens a lot with people who buy stuff they need.

You don't need me. You need you. So let me help find you.

Don't worry. With resources I can do this myself.

There's just some stuff going on. Then not.    

Love, Vij



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