Sunday, March 27, 2011

Luke Rudkowski vs. Rebecca Black: The YouTube Battle For Humanity's Soul


FYI, my friend just showed me a video the other day and it's a fantastic, awesome, incredibly warm and human social experiment conducted by world-renowned activist Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange (.org) on the New York subway system.

I won't spoil it, but the video will likely leave you feeling more thoughtful, empowered and compassionate. Now, the tacked-on ending to add some humour was likely a mistake, so it's better to stop the video before it, if you're showing it to someone.

No worries, you can watch the ending later, it shouldn't take away from the powerful feelings it will elicit. We're all encouraged to take the edge-off real feelings by adding something silly, but it's not necessary, and if we don't then we can "feel" more.

Then, we have the insta-ubiquitous "Rebecca Black" video with 58 million views, a staggering amount with media and pop-culture support if online YouTube counts are to be believed. It's not hard to get all of us talking about the same thing today.

One shouldn't hold anything personally against Ms. Black or her parents for trying to have fun, but the massive success of this project looks like it has nefarious forces behind it who want to dumb us down and invite us all to dream of being famous.

Comparing the two videos to see which one we should really be talking about should be fun. Socially, we're supposed to have to have an opinion on what we're all supposed to talk about. But: we don't have to have the same opinions as everyone.

Since people like YouTube videos, perhaps we can offer to compare more to see which ones do it for us better. Whenever something hot with parodies and tons of obvious critiques pops-up, we can offer alternatives to provide some perspective.

Take a look, in this era where we say "People are stupid!" a lot, I hope more of us can understand how to get in touch with positive feelings by seeing people as more than just "stupid", but as compassionate human beings with needs like we can.





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