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ELECTIONS: Will Canadian Truth Seekers Help Fellow Canadians Get Results?


ELECTIONS: Will Canadian Truth Seekers Help Fellow Canadians Get Results?

Vijay Sarma | Black Krishna Blog | March 24, 2011

As of this writing, I just finished an appearance on "The Truther Girls Show" thanks to host Sonia from Montreal and American Freedom Radio. So, I'd like to thank them for the opportunity and hope it was helpful to discuss the issues and what we can do.

One thing that stands out is how to leverage the fact that, for over 50 years, people have been trying to share info about the "new world order" being created in secret by a handful of central banking families using their allies to gain control over the world.

For the last 50 years, the theory was if people really knew what was going on they'd do something about it. Today: it's not hard to achieve the first part as long as people still have faith in their abilities to understand and communicate, and others as well.

Many ways have been tried, including sharing books, newsletters, posters, flyers, faxes, emails, websites, dvd's, conventions and more. They've worked. While not enough people are aware yet: enough are to give everyone a reason to wonder why.

Inspiration to act on what works can be found everywhere: from family and friends, to children, artists, activists, religious or political figures and others. Everyone we've admired has spoken truth to power and told us to. So: everyone can find something.

Polls worldwide going back 5 years indicate over half the people in the world question the official story of 9/11. So: the other half should at least see the evidence. It helps convince nearly all who do. So: the next logical step is people using it for something.

It's not the only issue, but "9/11 Truth" (Google: WTC-7) is a great common cause and gateway to more truth, or at least info and options, about our health, wealth, relationships and future for anyone to review. If it's stupid: laugh. If it's smart: enjoy.

Elections are a great time to bring up evidence of the global elite's plans in the proper context and provide alternate explanations of the news. Nearly everyone can share it to figure out political solutions when people are most likely to want to discuss them.

While giving jobs to politicians that pay six-figures, plus perks, and trusting them to guide the country for years is important, the expected short Spring 2011 federal election is being downplayed by our mass media. Canadians should demand more.

Lists of issues for prospective MP's to speak on that concern all Canadians can be created and shared so voters can ask their candidates to do something about them. There's lots of official, mainstream and independent info to use to relate to everyone.

My experience suggests many Canadians really want an excuse to talk about issues that concern them in serious and natural ways. This can be helped by meeting other Canadians who are seriously and naturally concerned about issues that affect us all.

Across Canada, reports from 9/11 Truth and related groups suggest that 90% of Canadians like it when fellow Canadians are calmly and consistently sharing rare info and options. The market and product are good. We just need more business plans.

Canadian truth seekers who work on political campaigns will be able to answer many media created questions better than most, plus share info with homes, businesses, condos and apartments, the latter with legal permission and a good timely excuse.

No perfect quick-fix solution exists to untangle years of bad policies and treaties, but once everyone is aware of the plans of the global elite, everyone can resist them on every level, including rejecting bad info that harms the relationships they value most.

When Doug Plumb ran for MPP in Toronto in 2008, a few of us helped deliver 20,000 8-page newspaper-sized flyers printed by Victor Fletcher (Toronto Street News) to condos and apartments in downtown Toronto because we had the opportunity to.

Also in 2008, when Dr. Andrew Moulden ran for MP in Thunder Bay, I helped manage his campaign and we delivered thousands of business cards (etc.) with anti-NWO info. Canadians were eager to share their concerns with people doing something too.

During the 2009 "swine flu" pandemic, Toronto Truth Seekers were on the streets every Saturday at Dundas Square with a table and info on vaccines, legal exemption forms, dvd's and more topics. Week after week TTS was accepted and appreciated.

Preparations in 2010 for G20 Martial Law in Toronto were apparent early, including promoting protests to set up population control exercises run by the police. While trying to stop this, the response and vibe to public postering and flyering was good.

After G20 Martial Law and during 2010 Toronto Municipal elections, the response to postering and flyering to stop it from happening again and running for Mayor went well. Lots of info got out and I got 2,264 votes and came 9th out of 40 candidates.

Just a few months in 2011, it may be apparent to most Canadians that we probably have problems with corruption that threaten our way of life. So: it's a better time than any to share explanations that can help lead people to think of and work on solutions.

Canadian truth seekers in 2011, like others worldwide, don't need to have all the answers, just enough to ask good questions, like ones that can affect elections to get us results. This can help make the case for everyone to research and think of more.

Before 2012, Canadian truth seekers and others should get active during federal, provincial, municipal and other elections to give their fellow Canadians a chance to ask for more than they usually get. At this time in history: we can use history to win.


Vijay Sarma is a journalist, artist and activist investigating globalization, how it affects people in Toronto, Canada and the World and what we can all do. He can be reached at or 647-855-4744 or and his website is After a successful independent info war campaign running for Mayor of Toronto, he's considering a run for MP in Toronto in the Spring, or MPP in Ontario in October. Please contact him with any suggestions.




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