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CANADIANS: Stop Whining About Your Electile Dysfunction And Grow A Pair, Will Ya?


CANADIANS: Stop Whining About Your Electile Dysfunction And Grow A Pair, Will Ya?

Vijay Sarma | Black Krishna Blog | March 28, 2011

I'm so mad I could snap and pick a fight with 30 million people right now. I said it might be "six", but the "five-week" 2011 Canadian federal election-jack is a pathetic reminder of what we'll put up with in this country. If that's the case: what does that make us?

Our Prime Minister just got ruled in contempt of Parliament for being a corrupt, lying, and fascist f--k. Guess what? He's leading in the polls. He's also warning of the vague "coalition" threat that our elected representatives might actually try to hold him accountable.

What do politicians want from us more than anything? To be left the hell alone to slack, profiteer, party and cash-out with fat pensions. So what's happening in this "Seinfeld election" about nothing? We're told it's a waste of money and won't change much.

Then there's our response. A caller to my morning radio show in a city of six million people was concerned about the fedelection-jack and asked what he should do. After listing local groups that may - or may not - get active, I had to offer to help him out myself.

Nobody has a good response to this election and nobody even wants to think of one. Nobody wants to hit the streets to inform Canadians to have a chance to take our country back. This is completely insane. Am I the bad guy for saying it? Then how do we fix it?

People are nice and half of downtown knows me and casually says hi. I got almost no help, money, emails, calls or anything else during my 2010 Mayor of Toronto bid. Yet, I still got over 2000 votes. Or, we still want something done about our biggest issues.

Anyway, I'm prepared to hit the streets and offer solutions in 2011 if people donate to support my full-time efforts. Just hook me up and stay the hell out of my way. We're all getting dumbed-down, dehumanized, robbed and murdered, so it has to be stopped soon.

Don't let the Canadian establishment make the elections a joke. If they do, they'll make us laugh, but they'll be laughing more as the joke's on us, like telling a retarded kid a joke he doesn't get but laughs at anyway. Adults have to get in the mood to handle this.

Finally, grown-ups can spit up real political discourse on their bibs like baby food, but it's getting too dangerous to turn into babies when their babies futures are at stake, so try and hold it and your town down. Why would anyone say anything like this? Good question.


Vijay Sarma



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