Thursday, February 17, 2011

What exactly does “prophecy meets policy” mean? :)


Hi Vijay,

What exactly does “prophecy meets policy” mean? :)



Hi [redacted],

What I mean is even if stories of apocalyptic prophecy are true, as I've heard many Christians say, they might not be, or we could just be getting it wrong, as may have happened in the past. So, I prefer to cross-reference any prophecy (e.g. "one world government") with policy (e.g. the UN or "international community says") to see if there's anything that we can do about it.

As long as there is, then I assume any reasonable G-d would want us to do something about it, or "G-d give me strength", as it were. I figure if there's a Devil, then he and G-d can arm-wrestle, we can handle business down here. I think a lot of religious people, including many Christians, have been fooled into selling afterlife salvation to others just to help guarantee their own.

However, when I say this to Christians, including those promoting it in public, about half get it right away, or say "Oops!" in some fashion. The world's elite want to destroy "G-d" and replace Him with "Science" to destroy our values and history. Then, if your boss asks you to torture someone for years at Guantanamo Bay, you can't say "no" because G-d wouldn't like it.

What I've also said to Christians (and others) is if you can use your relationship with G-d to clean up your country, save the kids, etc. then heck, we'll all see the value and might convert. However, if one's understanding keeps them from learning the truth and dealing with "rulers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesian 6.12) I think they're doing it wrong.

I hope that helps, as you can see I've been working on some of the math to make sure that people of good conscience aren't fooling themselves (and others) by not acting on it. I'm also trying to stick to soft Canadian abstractions (generalizations) since we're not really socially engineered to handle this (in fact it's the opposite), but regardless, it's to be handled, so it is what it is.

Please be in touch with any other questions, I think people with G-d on their side could kick some serious a--! ;-)