Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"we'll feel better once we figure out how to own the tools we use to express ourselves."


yezzurr, thanks and i'm glad you guys liked it, pass it on, i figure it's especially appropriate to pass this stuff on to a message board, similar to passing on warnings that masturbation can make you go blind on a porn site, if that were true, and the jury's still out. beyond the fraud, which is insulting, there's also the concept of the effects over "time" as part of long-term business plans made by big institutions worldwide.

just imagine if the govt. hired people, or created robotic automated online personas, to post tons of random non-sequiters on message boards and more everywhere, or things that army psyop psychologists calculate to be funny, simply because they're short and different and make fun of or piss on anything that's been said. they can literally try to change or "dead" topics so quickly that nobody can think about them.

then imagine if there are so many "sockpuppet" posts that they become normal and everybody else just goes along and starts communicating like that. then imagine if nobody wants to think of anything to say anymore because they know nobody else wants to think about and take it seriously. so, people type less, stop building online relations that can lead to offline ones and start to feel more isolated and paranoid.

if that sounds crazy, then imagine where this goes next. of course, people can do what they want, but in a world where we're bombarded by mediadvertising telling us what we want to do, it can help to understand why. for the people in charge, this isn't just about the cash, not when we get a lot of stuff free. this is about control through what's heavily promoted and how it works to change our behaviour over time.

radio host alan watt is usually good at explaining this concept, i haven't heard this show on this article yet, but he brought it to our attention, so i'm sure it's solid. check it out at the link below. we need to control our culture's control over us, or we won't know how many aspects are meant to destroy our balls and brains through long-term use. if we understand that, we can figure out how to use it for our own ends.

we'll feel better once we figure out how to own the tools we use to express ourselves.



Hear Alan Watt analyze this story at Cutting Through The Matrix Dot Com:

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