Friday, February 18, 2011

We Can Be Right About Everything We Say With Calculated Or Random Perfectly Disconnected Responses (Or How To Behave... Or... Beehive?)


Just a head's up, we can be right about everything no matter what we decide to say in response to anything said with any connected or any totally disconnected true statement. I think the kids are into the random stuff from out of nowhere and non-sequiters have always been amusing. If it may be poorly connected, that can be a topic for discussion. But, we're not supposed to question each other's opinions to help improve them -- or by extension -- offer our own. We're just supposed say anything we want. When we don't offer our own opinions in in-depth conversations, we lose confidence in ourselves.

Based on how we've been socialized, this is something we have to work with. We can get great short-term results by working with the global fashionability of new age positive thinking ideas, which have many good and historically proven elements to celebrate, but more often feature generic platitudes absent of any real knowledge that lead to empty empowerment. The reason people keep coming back for more solutions is often because the similar ones didn't work, just like seniors prescribed 25 or more pills a day.

People have to try to be polite with respect to this, but the best ways to act today can leave us defenceless long-term against systemic corruption, regardless of how we define it. Much of our collective disempowerment might be because we get more credit for ignoring or downplaying problems or possibilities of taking action instead of feeling confident in challenging them. More and more we feel like having less and less of a say in defining our future. Whether it's accidental or not, it's still a growing issue to deal with.

We're relatively healthy, wealthy educated and intelligent people, so we can likely only be controlled by giving us ways to think that control us. We're encouraged to creatively make nothing out of something and something out of nothing. That's self-explanatory: there's less meaning to what we say all the time on purpose. We've heard how gossip and assorted apocrypha assault our senses, but we need to figure out how to keep whatever we like and still fight -- or -- we'll end up accepting everything -- good and bad.

Challenging this stuff can be difficult because we're supposed to take the edge off everything we say or risk sounding like an "extremist". However, unless we can call things like they are, we can't actually figure out what they are. We may intellectually know what's happening as more is revealed all the time, but we won't know how to talk about or deal with it by-design. Then, we'll feel so individually disempowered that we'll even be grateful to be collectively herded into messy riots and protests like sheep by wolves in waiting.

For some people, this stuff might as well be in ancient Aramaic, or it's impossible to understand. However, now that the good ship humanity has hit rough waters, we need to see more people speak up with a sense of certainty wherever possible to give others some hope in possibility. We can't just let everyone act deliberately clueless about what's going on or else we'll start to panic internally while being unable to express it in detail externally. This is where individual opinions and B.S. detectors should start to kick-in.

More people need to play their position, or when the boat gets shaky and women, children and the elderly need to grab an arm for support, that's where men come in. When seniors see some total B.S. going on about how kids are being raised, they need to posse-up armed with laser-sighted bear-spray and Glock 9's (ideally) and approach parents with words of wisdom. When adults see youth being elevated in pop-cultures worldwide and empowered by corrupt corporations, media and the state, they should start to worry.

Global standardization of thought is happening fast, but that's less important than what we can do about it. We have to be able to argue about what's going on like a couple of old ladies in Italy whose hands are flying so fast they're cafe table might take-off like a helicopter. (And just as loud too.) At the end of their discussion, they're both still friends and "more" sure of what they believe, whether it was the same thing or something else as a result of the dialectic. Of course, we hear and talk a lot about how governments are taking away our free speech. We just have to be careful and make sure we don't too.




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