Sunday, February 20, 2011

PEACE TREAT: The New Age vs. The Old World Order = The Win


Just a head's up: Sorry, I was wrong and I change my mind. My bad. It happens. I just hope it doesn't happen too often. (It does.) What's weird is, in working out the math many times over the years, I used to be much righter about this stuff, from "the revolution will not rip the X-Box out of your hands" because we like it (etc.) too much; to "don't say 'F--k 50 Cent' or 50 million 50 Cent fans will say 'F--k you' back" in indie hip hop circles. The bottom line is we have to find ways to use what works for us to work better for more. Plus, we can already see and agree on what works.

Humans tend to humanize things anyway, or understanding what makes people tick can keep people from ticking each other off. Since spirituality has largely replaced religion, we see "prayer" replaced by "repetition", "faith" replaced by "belief", "G-d" by "goals" and "the universe" and so on. People can find or make various versions, but it's basically the same elements that have always worked re-packaged in better and worse ways. Dismissing them and being left with no tools to use to achieve goals is a worse option. That's not to say that everything is perfect. Just that it's valuable.

Even if other cool tools are suggested, unless they're proven, familiar and endorsed by many others, they might be rejected as many people won't feel like they can use them. We have the opportunity to see what works to motivate people to achieve their goals in the 21st Century, just because we're here, and see if those techniques can be applied to a variety of goals. As long as we don't just stick to what we know when we set our goals, or go beyond the 10 things we knew (e.g.) when we start to learn 25 more things that can help, we can beat the groups behind globalization.

What caused this miraculous "Saul of Tarsus" aka "Paul the Apostle" conversion from a hater of "new age" ideas to a practical proselytizer? Without sounding like an endorsement, since I'm not endorsed by anyone, at times not even by myself, it was witnessing "The Secret" vs. "The Recession" at an event recently (as I defined it) and thinking about how people can use the tools they love to get "a million dollars and huge pectoral muscles" (Ren of Ren and Stimpy), or a nice ass, or whatever they choose to want until they get it. Since it works, it can probably be used to work.

The main issue right now is the fact that goals are often set without an omniscient understanding of the world. This is something that nobody but G-d allegedly has, so it's a fairly common problem. We can all learn we're brainwashed, but it can be hard to learn everything we've been brainwashed from learning, especially if we're being brainwashed by something else. Since new age techniques promoted for years and used by billions of people, both consciously and unconsciously, are centred around belief and repetition, unfortunately it's not that hard to just re-brainwash ourselves.

Most new age and self-help programs today involve commercial aspirations and the celebration of independent wealth creation, or related (and at-times selfish) pursuits, that are ultimately supposed to lead to happiness now and later. The money goal is a big thing, especially since people inspired by billionaires could focus on nothing but becoming one before they decide to take other things, or people, or the world seriously. The commercial aspirations of most programs combined with our social engineering also help control the nature of info shared. Just like they do everywhere.

So: what's the solution?

People are usually in the mood to be cheered up. We don't know exactly why that is, but it's probably because we feel we need to be. Since this keeps happening, there must be something(s) we don't know. Getting personal power should mean we're not afraid to learn what and hear anything: if it's stupid we can laugh at it, if it's smart we can enjoy it. The hard-truths about the system that we live in can be framed in more positive and empowering "new age" ways often absent from discussions had by those who study them as people unwittingly reinforce the opposite of their goals.

Whether it's karma, the laws of attaction, universal vibrations, a million dollars or Calgary getting the fluoride out of their water, the results always speak for themselves. However, faith in the method used to achieve those results is arguably more important than the results themselves -- or people would never get them. Many people with ambition and conscience now endorse some form of new age thinking, even to be practical and interact with others in socially ap-praised ways. That means no matter what we know, it can use a new age translation to pass it on.

Instead of pitting competing paradigms against each other, I've heard Buckminster Fuller said it's better to build something new and better. (Paraphrased.) It's always important to be culturally sensitive while sharing new things with any culture, like toys or TV with foreign countries, or unfamiliar ideas with ones own. Philosophical and moral consistency are goals of any serious spiritual discipline, so info-warriors and new age achievers are natural allies. As long as our knowledge of the system doesn't conflict with our alleged limitless human potential to fix it, then we can win.


More on this shortly.





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