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G20 Related: Huge G20 summits 'absolutely absurd,' Martin says + What Is Happening Now To Make What Happen Later


December 4, 2010 - 3 pm - News Search: toronto g20

[Ed -- A simple analysis of the latest Toronto G20 news and how it's conditioning us to accept "G20 Martial Law" again is below, hopefully it helps us reject how we're supposed to think and talk about it.}


Toronto Police Chief apologizes to Nobody

Marcus Gee | Globe and Mail | December 3, 2010

... Instead of lashing out at the SIU, shouldn’t the chief be worrying about whether some of his officers did, in fact, mistreat a G20 protester? He could, for example, issue an appeal to any officer who saw or took part in the incident to come forward with information about what happened to Mr. Nobody and whether a fellow officer roughed him up. With so many police around, and several involved in the protester’s arrest, someone must know.

[Ed -- We're watching the cover-up that nobody's supposed to care about happening now, but if we don't, the G20 Martial Law police procedures will soon establish precedents that will become normal.]


Police chief apologizes for comments about G20 protester, video

Jayme Poisson | Guelph Mercury News | December 4, 2010

TORONTO — Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has issued a public apology to Adam Nobody, the G20 protester at the centre of a YouTube video that ignited controversy earlier this week.

Blair, who suggested Monday that Nobody was armed and violent, conceded there was no evidence that the 27-year-old was either at the time of his arrest.

[Ed -- The same details were in the story above, but what's interesting is how the headlines and spin reflect how we're supposed to "take it" depending on where we live, or learn to feel about and accept it.]


New Suspects Wanted For G20 Damage

Staff | | December 4, 2010

Toronto police have released photos of 18 new people wanted for damage and destruction caused during this summer’s G20 summit.

[Ed -- This is preparing us to become Communist Canada snitches with our cellphone cameras and more, or the precedent of turning in photos of each other to help solve crimes is being widely established.]


G20 protesters deserved better from police

Rachel Sa | QMI News / London Free Press | December 4, 2010

The billion-dollar-plus bill for Toronto's G20 summit is not the only cost of that ugly weekend.

How do we recover the value of trust lost in our police?

Last week, the province's Special Investigations Unit announced no officers will face charges in connection with civilian injuries sustained during the G20 summit. While the SIU later said it would re-open its investigation into the assault on protester Adam Nobody, the damage has been done.

[Ed -- The cops are being trapped in this system with an increasingly paranoid public where we're all less safe, including thinking their bosses want them to away with murder, which they may be asked to do.]


Toronto G20 police tab 39% under budget

Henry Stancu | Toronto Star | November 15, 2010

Toronto’s “worst-case scenario” $124 million G20 police price tag has been greatly reduced.

Chief Bill Blair told the Toronto Police Services Board on Monday the final figure will be about $76 million — 38.7 per cent less than originally stated.

... “It was a worst-case scenario budget, but as we worked through it we looked for finding value for every dollar we spent. There was a funding framework provided by the federal government and we’ve worked within that framework,” said Blair.

[Ed -- We see the spin on the $1.5 billion budgeted for G20 "security", but even still ignoring the $500 million that went to the RCMP (The Real News 28/Jun/10), we can see a massive public "police state" bribe.]

Report on G20 secret law to be released next week

Canadian Press / Toronto Star | December 1, 2010

... Andre Marin’s 90-day probe looked at why the province passed the secret law.

Many thought it gave police powers to arrest people who came within five metres of a security fence at the summit site if they didn’t show identification.

The law actually stated that officers could only search people trying to enter the secure perimeter — but neither police nor politicians set the record straight until after the June summit was over.

[Ed -- This short article is just supposed to prepare us to be satisfied with an "explanation" - not "accountability" - or people being fired or criminally investigated for passing admitted "secret laws" in Canada.]


Ottawa won't say what it paid Deerhurst Resort to host G8 summit

Les Whittington | Toronto Star | December 3, 2010

OTTAWA—Canadians may never know how much taxpayers shelled out to American-owned Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville to play host to G8 leaders in June.

The Harper government recently released hundreds of pages of details on how it spent $857 million at the G8 and G20 summits. But millions of dollars of expenses were blacked out in the documents and further inquiries reveal the federal Conservatives have no plans to divulge these payments to real estate giants, construction companies and resort owners.

[Ed -- A huge cover story in Saturday's Star (4/Dec/10) reinforced the fact that the Feds won't tell us how they bribe people with our tax money, laws, etc., but we're supposed to think we live in a democracy.]


Huge G20 summits 'absolutely absurd,' Martin says

Peter O'Neil | PostMedia News / Vancouver Sun | December 1, 2010

PARIS — The massive number of officials from around the world who descended on Toronto at last summer's G20 summit was "absolutely absurd," former prime minister Paul Martin said here Wednesday.

"I don't know what all those people do," an incredulous Martin, who launched the G20 in the 1990s as a forum for finance ministers, told a gathering of experts here considering France's hosting of the 2011 G20 summit.

Martin was referring to the estimated 10,000 G20 delegates, government officials, observers from the United Nations and the European Union, and media who attended the gathering last June.

... "These meetings cannot be the kind of meetings that require an auditorium to hold people," Martin said. "It makes no sense at all."

[Ed -- A former Prime Minister saying this should be big news, but rare mainstream news that's reported but not repeated for propaganda purposes is more likely to be the truth, or more valuable and inspiring.]


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