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Pinkwashing: Breast Cancer, Big Pharma, Big Ideas and the Brave New Girl


Pinkwashing: Breast Cancer, Big Pharma, Big Ideas and the Brave New Girl

Vijay Sarma | Black Krishna Blog | November 19, 2010

In Toronto: everything is going pink. There's the ubiquitous breast cancer marketing, of course, mostly focusing on detection rather than treatment or prevention. But, there's also a mirror-effect going on across the social and cultural landscape. Might they be related? Is this happening elsewhere? Are people starting to get used it? What is "it" anyway?

Social engineering goals of the elite super-rich families have been re-discovered and re-admitted for decades. Millions of people worldwide know about them, at least if the last 10 years of online view counts can be counted on. Since polls of a few hundred or thousand people can influence our opinions, the aforementioned fact should be acknowledged.

Based on what we know: they're Satanic eugenicists. That means beyond the land, wealth and power they've accumulated over the centuries, they also want to massively reduce the population of the planet. Most estimates suggest by 90%, or as the Georgia Guidestones suggest, to move from 6.8 billion people to around 500 million. They've already started.

Cancer research (note: "re" search) has been done for over 80 years. Billions of dollars have been poured into it. It's the most profitable charity in history. Yet, the Canadian Cancer Society now says 40% of men and 45% of women are expected to get it. They also say 1 in 4 Canadians will likely die from it. This sounds like something we should look into more. is among the best websites on this. Just Google "natural news" and add "breast cancer" or "mammograms" or other search terms, or see their site for more details. Suffice it to say, a lot of research has been done on cancer. However, a lot of good stuff that contradicts the goals of the Big Pharma corporations to sell drugs is ignored.

Working with Big Banks, the drug companies have succeeded in buying themselves some more time from criticism by saying "We'll cure cancer in our lifetime!", which by casual colloquial estimates, I'd guess to be about 20 years in our current mind-state. They've also given themselves valuable PR worth far more than the few million in donations they make.

Back to eugenics: one of their goals was to use us to build them this 21st century technological wonderland, complete with higher sciencies and a massive and threatening military-industrial complex, which they use to control us. We made them fabulously wealthy. They grew fabulously decadent. And bored. So: they're now moving forward with depopulation.

Keep in mind that the entire population of the world of 6.8 billion people could fit in Australia living on about 12,000 square feet each, or the size of about 4 nice suburban houses worth of land. Of course, not all of the land would be useable, though more than people think with technology, but the bottom line globally is this: there is no "overpopulation problem."

Once that idea combined with "resource shortages" and "sustainability" is fully understood, we can see how the people in control of what most of us hear want us to expect a "normal" apocalyptic future and use less now so they can steal it. UN Agenda 21 is their plan for the system of "globalization" to create a "world government" for the people at the top to use.

Pinkwashing is just one way to combine several cultural memes, including our mass-engineered New Age social "Keep it happy!" pressure that's meant to prevent us from dealing effectively with any serious personal or political problems; female empowerment; adult infantilization and more. We like what we're used to; and we're getting used to seeing Pink.

While it seems like a daunting problem, it's not that bad. We can all easily see the trends in our cultures evidenced everywhere. Then, we can just help each other figure out how they push the bigger agenda and help each other resist them. Then, we can pressure our elected officials to deal with our most serious issues instead of just settling for what we're given.

Trends can be followed for practical reasons, like people trying to remain friends and businesses trying to remain in business. But, once we expose the dangerous ones, they won't be good graces or marketing anymore. We can reject our metaphorical "pink" contact avoid accepting the next phase of depopulation, including a rapid increase in cancer.

Just look around and see if you can notice big ideas being mysteriously pushed or accepted by all quarters, including men and women, the corporate and indie media, education and foundation funded activists, the political "left" and "right" and more. That's the work of the "shadow government" minions pushing big agendas right beside people who have no clue.

Most people still don't know enough about this agenda to resist it, through no fault of their own. However, it's not hard to tell people today as long as we're polite, brief and trying to help them, so it's a non-issue and can be done easily with 21st century technology. Then, it's simply up to people wherever they live to priotize better policies instead of Pinkwashing.


Vijay Sarma is a philosopher, journalist, artist and political activist living in Toronto and hosts CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening Morning Show Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST. You can currently see more info related to this article at - - and contact - with any questions, answers or suggestions.




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