Monday, May 24, 2010

strength in numbers, that's the key.





strength in numbers, that's the key. right now, i can't say for sure i'd step in unless someone's life was threatened, but even then, if i thought i'd lose my own anyway, it's a tough call. like i said with my dundas square story above, it has to be "normal" for "guys" or "men" to "do stuff" in situations like this in canada.

alex jones goes off on this on his show a lot about america too, or people helping others afraid they'll be sued by p-ssies, or that it'll take too much time, etc. (btw, shut up haters -- he's been right for 15 years on film, radio, tv and elsewhere and is co-signed by a bajillion people you'd have to respect 'cause they've done more than you.)

buddy of mine in a (fun/crazy) convo i posted on my blog noted that it's not so much our "balls" themselves that are the only problem, because they're often there when we're confident about something, but their "resiliency" is missing, or they can't take shots without us flipping out - or - our eyes glazing over. it's making "talking" tougher in our snitch-culture.

anyway, i'll go off on this tomorrow, it's p-ssing me off.




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