Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!


The Nation's Deathbed Canada Day DVD Giveaway!


Happy Canada Day! :-)

I hope everyone is looking forward to the nationwide promotion of "The Nation's Deathbed" tomorrow, a perfect day across the country to find a way to save the day. Don't mind the lil' online scraps either. They can be just a part of the dialectic approach to figuring stuff out. This is something we're not used to with the lack of natural conversations we have about conspira-stuff coupled with our usual mainlining of info watching films or hearing radio. If the disagreements are honest they'll flare once in a while, but various parties will appreciate the purpose behind each others insistence. If they're not honest, then we'll all see it and shut them down. Either way there's reasons to believe we can control our electronic environment.

People can always voice their opinions until other members protest. The merit of their concerns, good or bad, has to be taken seriously to keep us focused. Mistakes will be made and meddlesome mendicants will mess around, but that doesn't stop any of us from working to create the listserve, movement and groups we want. Right now the freedom we have matched with the public vibe is ridiculous. We have to be careful about being "right" and thinking that's enough, a mistake I'll cop to a bajillion times. Sometimes people who know a lot don't think they have to think before they speak. One can get away with it, but it's a bigger pain in the ass than thinking before speaking with our advanced abilities to do so.

The last stage of their plans and the last stage of ours are on a collision course. One of us, truthers or the new world order, will succeed in bringing order out of chaos. This is not a scary thought. It's the realization that only two groups of people know enough about how the world works to suggest what we need to do to fix it. One group is the bad guys. The other is us. We're the "organic response to tyranny" to quote Alex Jones, with flexibility and individuality leveraged in collective ways to protect individuality. De-centralized power and honest money are the best philosophical targets of our actions to ensure it will be structurally impossible for a small group of people to achieve control.

All we have to do is give Canadians an idea of what their stake is in beating the New World Order. Not what they have to lose, but what they have to gain. Not what they have to fear, but what they have to hope for. Not about what we want to say, but about what they want to hear, but different. Solutions to the most complex global problems are sometimes too complex to think of. However, simple solutions to the simple problems caused by the complex system we live in could lead to an appreciation of the information stream. The health, wealth and relationships of Canadians can definitely be improved by Canadians who know more.

Simple stuff, eh? :-)



P.S. This might be nice on a flyer, it's great for the average person to see their heroes fight back...

MTV Star Heidi Montag: Over My Dead Body Would I Take A Microchip



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