Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canadians kNWO What Time It Is! :-)

Heya Truelosophers! :-P

Just a head's up, I got there late (my bad) but it went well by all accounts and new leaders for movert actions are emerging all the time. Special thanks to Dan and Steve of the pyramid-smashing multi-media conglomeratti for "The Nation's Deathbed DVD Giveaway!" cross-Canada kick-off of the next 6 months of truthtivism, great flick btw. We can see it just takes the will since we have many ways, well done.

There was a crush of people watching the Dundas Square stage from across the street, so we were literally surrounded by people chilling out beside our table overhearing our conspira-shit to a classic Michael Jackson soundtrack. Bitchin'. I stayed until around 10 pm and we had a variety of interesting conversations, most people feel we know what we're talking about whether they want to discuss it or not. We're in pretty good shape.

Frankly I think we're ready for the "assumptive closing" one hears about among classic sales techniques, or assuming you've made the deal to make the deal. Since we all know governments and corporations are corrupt, we just have to say we learned more about why, so here's a few details plus what we can do about it, which is the reason we learned all this stuff in the first place. That should do, so we should do up some flyers.

Canadians from across the GTA were tolerant or appreciative of what we were doing. Perhaps it's not their cup of Tim's, but they could see why we were there and recognized the value of us doing it on Canada Day. We're getting offers to come and speak to groups of kids and others, so we should start formalizing our outreaches. Once we get a receptive crowd with specific questions, our answers will tell the story.

I mean...

Is there really a great big ol' c-o-n-spiracy?


There's just rich evil people whether we look at them or not.


They got caught and indicted by a global jury of over 12 million peers.


The people who looked into it understand it, just like people who look into anything else! :-)





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