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Saving A Baby From Vaccines (Plus Some Stuff On The Stupid "Economy".)


sorry for the delay, i wasn't sure if i should post this, but hey, it might save a few babies and it worked in this case, so what the hell - peace, ed


Thanks [redacted],

I'm glad to see as a mom that you're keeping up on health issues. If the solution is good homeopathic food, or vitamins, minerals and herbs I'd say go for it, but if it's a needle I'd say (PLEASE) avoid it.

There are lots of stories of institutions with nice people saying "Oops!" after they put out something which made people sick, so I strongly recommend NOT vaccinating [redacted] with anything. Ever. (PLEASE)

Please read this until the end, I'm keeping it short for your benefit. If you have any questions I could probably answer them, I've heard most of the normal ones and have already done so many times. But, if I put all the answers here it'll take too long and you might not read it all even if they're right, so I'm keeping it focused on your needs.

This was a big reason I [redacted] too, I thought I could have more influence on this issue if I showed you I was still a nice guy (actually nicer than ever) instead of trying discuss over email.

You can get exemption forms here:

It's nothing personal, but if you don't want to look into this stuff a lot then you have to trust your [redacted] once in a while. If you looked into something for 5 years I'd give you the benefit of the doubt too.

It's also nothing personal against your hot brown homeopath, at least she knows standard medical care is crap and I'm glad.


If she still believes in vaccines: it's probably an honest mistake.

She might be the most wonderful person in the world... making a mistake.

I've made a bunch too: but not on this issue.

I've met lots of well-paid and well-respected medical professionals who were very nice, but who never get to see evidence that contradicts their views, or are unwilling to look. Many were convinced of something they might later realize wasn't the truth, including the many doctors I know who regretted what they did or approved of and made amends by speaking on it in both "scientific" and layman's terms later.

I'd have to talk to you or the doctor more about this before I figure it all out, but one thing I have figured out for sure is that taking a needle to put anything "in" your body is a mistake that your body does not like.

Taking blood to test it is fine, but injecting your body with any particles of anything at all is an unnatural way for your body to receive them, which causes problems no matter what when your body reacts. They might be too subtle to notice at first, but they happen and many children aren't given the chance to be the people they could've been because of it.

They may look fine, but they grow up to be at least a little bit weaker, sicker and dumber than they should've been because their bodies reacted to the shock of having stuff dumped directly into their bloodstream.

How can our bodies handle that?

Especially tiny baby bodies???

Think about it - then it makes perfect sense.

If [redacted's] baby immune system is forced to fight what's in the vaccine injected directly into his bloodstream regardless of what it is, including viruses, instead of being taken in naturally in other ways, like through the mouth and digestion system like after a sneeze where your body has a chance to beat up any virus (etc.) perfectly naturally as it has for thousands of years, then it'll cause problems.

That much I'm 100% sure of.

I took the time to write this because I hope this helps. Please quickly read it a couple of times and share it with [redacted] and let me know your thoughts. I'll probably call you to discuss this too, this is what I call an emergency situation. If [redacted] is fine then he doesn't need any vaccine at all, so please thank God and listen to the people who love you.

Loving your son,



Hi [redacted],

I hate to, but I totally disagree with you, hopefully it's for the best in the end.

I know about sustainable development because I listen to Michael Shaw among others telling the truth, so you do too, otherwise people don't.

I also disagree with most on the economy and will be doing a lot morework on this based on a simple idea: if we all finally agree to say almost the exact same thing as the mass media about this issue andit's consequences, we're both fooled and screwed. We now finally knowthey have a corrupt funny-money system they've been using to rape us, so I don't accept that they can now make us poor with it and nobody else should either. I don't give a damn about what's "supposed" to happen with their ponzi scheme, I'm pissed at the ponzi scheme and concerned about what could happen to us if we continue to go along with it,

I know it's not the prevailing wisdom, but I know that irrespective of who proposed it that it should be, so hopefully people pick up on it and provide their versions.




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