Saturday, April 25, 2009

Would You Come To Street Actions If [redacted] Wasn't There?

Hey Everybody,

Please pass this on to fellow veteran truthers we know who I might have missed, but it came to a head today after the street action when we went to Fran's. There were only 6 of us there, we were eating with two newer truthers, [redacted} and [redacted] who's living here now. [redacted] brought up the fact that he might also stop coming all the way downtown every weekend because of [redacted], a sentiment that appears to be shared by many. I echoed the statements that he's disliked by the group and can't take a hint; [redacted's] naturally tried to broker a solution. Much discussion ensued and after a few minutes I started recording and let everyone know just so nobody gets what happened confused. You can hear the 39 minutes here:


Since it's been a few years and our healthy numbers of 20-odd people have dropped-off dramatically, I can only speak for the handful of people I know well to ask the question: if we agreed that [redacted] had to bugger-off and find something else to do, would more of us come out to street actions? Would we got more members? Frankly screw all of us, we should really think about all the other people in our lives we can help if we manage to wake up enough people in this city.

Therefore, if we form a strong enough coalition we can easily say bye to [redacted] and hello to happier times. He pissed off a few people he spoke with today as usual as witnessed by others. I told him personally that I would ask a cop to remove him from our circles on the street if I had the support, so that's what I'm asking for: permission to kick him out, or more specifically an endorsement to. It's fun being out there with friends on a nice day if we're cool with each other.

I also know that in the last few years there must have been spooks infiltrating truth groups in the largest city in Canada, yet every time I bring it up people can't believe it. Well, we're not the virgins of the 60's who got blindsided by COINTELPRO, we're people who know about it and who should keep an eye on it, so once again I'm suggesting that [redacted] might be a spook. He doesn't look like James Bond, but they don't have to, instead he's the perfect guy to un-cool 9/11 Truth in our city.

Anyway, I'm just putting it out there, more craziness ensued as a few truthers and especially [redacted's] stepped to a huge fat white guy picking a fight with a smaller black guy among friends, they both handled themselves well but got popped a bit, I got in and wrestled an arm away, but things settled fairly quickly. The last thing we need is a giant piece of street-trash picking a vendetta and forcing us to look over our shoulders, so fortunately we helped shut it down and he lumbered off.

Let me know your thoughts, I don't really want to do this but I think it has to be done, so I don't mind playing the "heavy" once in a while regardless of what people think, I don't have any bodies on my resume or people who hate me that I know of, so it's usually a decent judgment call. Any group of friends in the world can control their social circle, so we shouldn't be any different when we have a consensus regardless of who wants to join us. If we agree on the problem we can take care of it.




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