Sunday, April 26, 2009

Help Running For Mayor of Toronto: May 1st - July 1st and Beyond.

Heya Spayed or Truthered! ;-)

Attached is a draft press release announcing my mayoral campaign, more details to follow. I'm hoping Canadians can help out with feedback and we can support all efforts to attack the political system attacking us. Frankly there should be 20 people constantly running for every elected office in the world to keep those who win honest, but until that happens I'll have an excuse to talk politics and be and excuse for others to as well. Nobody wants to unless there's a reason, so we can try to give them one they can use.

People have also been bugging me for years to neuro-linguistically program them instead of just saying it straight, so that's what I'll do using my given name and a slower and more deliberate style. I like to call it "Nazi-shrink speak" or "there-there... take your pills" stuff when ripping mainstream pundits for using it to hypnotize us, but it's what people are used to, s'Obama it is. Please check the video at the FNI Times link below for an example, people appreciate discipline and this approach takes more.

Interview: Understanding the Threat of a North American Union

Beyond this there are a few housekeeping duties, namely the possibility of truthers cleaning house in their own cities. Frankly screw all of us, we should instead think about all the people we know and love more who we can help if we simply take the freedom we have now to work together to wake up more people locally. The issue in Toronto is one truther who pisses off all the others to the point where they won't show up for street-actions for fear he's there. He also argues with people we meet, lies and acts shady.

Nobody likes to hear me say it, but in roughly 5 years of Toronto-truthing we're all sure that a few spooks have passed-through, so I'll take the heat once again as the only person who's publicly spoken about it in all this time. We're not the virgins of the 60's who got blindsided by COINTELPRO according to Dr. William Pepper, we're people who should know that in the largest city in Canada full of activism and problems that only get worse, we must be buried in spooks, masons, fabian socialists and others of that ilk.

This individual or group is operating now, and we need your help to neutralize it.

A muslim brother who we met last week sent me the above website, groups threatened and publicly tortured like theirs are acutely aware of the problem of spooks, or absent any CSIS or RCMP or Mason (or whatever) identification to absolutely silence any doubters: people acting spooky to sow division or retard progress.

If you never think about what gay people look like you might not be able to spot them, but my gay-dar works and so does my spook-dar. We can't stay in our comfort zones by dismissing possibilities, or disrespecting each others respective analysis, especially when our group is shrinking just as it needs to grow.

Yes it's too bad, but what's worse is giving up on fixing the problem. It's not hard, we just need to decide on simple solutions without getting wrapped up in "taking sides" nonsense. We should all be mechanics and we should all never care who fixes the car as long as it moves faster than before.

So, if a bunch of decent people say somebody problematic has to go and they don't take the hint, then we kick them out forcefully instead of leave ourselves. Lots of activist and other groups are infiltrated until the environment is so toxic that all the good people leave. This can't happen again.

And, if anyone wants total power concentrated in their hands alone, they don't demonstrate enough trust in and respect for others to validate their leadership role. The key to saving the world is de-centralized power and honest money, so making excuses for fascism is a mistake.

Please feel free to apply or improve on these ideas, like sports teams who play good defense communication is key. My apologies if these emails are unfamiliar when they should be frequent and normal from all of us. Keep in touch and keep your eyes on the prize.

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