Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting Bizzy Cards

Heya Truthocrats! :-P

Just a head's up for tomorrow, below is something I've been working on, or "Getting Bizzy Cards" that work for a variety of reasons, there's more to come. When I was campaigning for Dr. Moulden in North Bay we printed business cards and they worked great. We left them on business counters (with permission) since they don't take much room, we handed them out and people took and read the small piece of paper easily, etc. Frankly at one point we were going to focus the next run just on vaccines and say it doesn't matter who you vote for, just make sure you don't get vaccinated or vaccinate your kids since that's more important, though obviously we could do more on this issue if we won.

At the link below are 14 versions and 10 cards per letter-sized page, I can do them all day, but that means others can too, so feel free to try, they're quick and easy and you'll feel better being creative too. The size is 3.5" x 2" or just a bit smaller than a regular business card minus the "bleed" area so they fit easily into anything. They're in both .pdf and Word format. Anybody can print them anywhere, including people at work getting away with it, poor people who want to take a shot at The Man, anonymous people who want to leave them places or hand them to strangers (every time I see somebody with a baby...) and so on. They can be printed on different stocks and colours of paper. They can be cut-up watching TV.

Ideally, at least from my wannabe-youthful experience, I picture a couple of guys getting drunk at a party and celebrating one of them getting married or having a baby, then at a particularly libationally-loosened emotional moment, one guy says "Man, you know I love you right? Cool, so please take this and look at it tomorrow, I'm serious, but just for now, let's get back to partying." One problem people have is their half-knowledge (no fault) squandering opportunities to convince people of the truth about x, y or z, so instead of trying to explain something you might not know well, well, to quote "Blazing Saddles", just "whip it out" and let it do the talking for you, that's always impressive! ;-P

Download link (708 kb) -

Anyway, winning is easy and fun, at least we can see it that way, so what the hell, let's do it! :-)




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