Sunday, April 26, 2009

BK vs. ManBearPig Flu vs. Vaccines

Hey Everybody,

I wanted to do a video on this but my Logitech Quickcam software has been buggy for weeks even after many downloads and re-installs, sorry about that. I'll figure out a solution soon, I'm just working on others. Here's some information on the latest "ManBearPig" (or whatever) flu virus scare currently hyped, it's scary but so are the liars who've been scaring us, so keep that in mind.

Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses

The bottom line in bullet points:

1. See for more, their stuff is 90% rare mainstream news, or what good journalists find instead of what corporations and governments all put out at once to create the national conversations, which are usually crap. You've probably heard about this stuff somewhere, but get some new analysis with history and context instead of just fear-mongering.

2. Remember all the "bird-flu" scares from a couple of years ago with TIME and Newsweek covers about a super-infectious" virus that always killed just a few people and quickly disappeared? This was predictive programming (see Alan Watt for more) or how they plant ideas in our heads to manifest them later so we are vaguely familiar with and accept them. Don't do it.

3. Vaccines are the biggest danger in all this, they're evil and cause micro-vascular strokes (Dr. Andrew Moulden) as our deliberately over-stimulated immune systems see large white blood cells attack injected particles as they travel through tiny capillaries and crush them, which cuts off blood-supply to organs and causes autism and other illnesses. Avoid them and tell others to.

4. Remember how the U.S. government acted during Hurricane Katrina when they said "Go to the Superdome where there'll be food, water and help" and instead people were screwed? If the news or giant roaming trucks with loudspeakers say report to local centres, roll-up your sleeves and take a shot: don't do it. Spread the truth about vaccines now before we all get shot.

5. Finally, nobody knows what's happening. This whole exercise could be a real or engineered pandemic to kill a bunch of us, or it could be more fear-mongering to weaken and stress us, or whatever. Just know that all the corporations who own the media, and who scare us because governments use fear to control people, are probably lying. Find and share the truth, not the fear.

That'll do for now, please pass it on, good luck everybody.




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