Tuesday, March 31, 2009

re: End the seal hunt


UN Agenda 21 - In 10 Minutes

Agenda 21
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re: End the seal hunt

Can u please sign the petition? If u want more details, feel free to contact me anytime. This is something that is near and dear to my heart.



sorry love,

there's an anti-human, property and rights-grabbing agenda behind the modern day environmental movement, i've spoken with them and nobody can do the math, or explain how what they're asking people to do will actually solve the problem. i don't want anybody to beat seals, but if you look into things like the "endangered species act" and others, you'll see the people behind them don't like seals at all and like humans even less.

i just wrote a new pretty-singy song called "slumdog's list" where the chorus is "if you give it all up... there's no guarantee you'll get it baaack... if you give it all up... there's no guarantee they'll give it baaack..." because it's true: we can "use less" and "sacrifice" and all that "green" or "sustainable" crap, but if we do it doesn't mean our kids will get it later, it just means the same people currently stealing stuff and screwing the world will keep it.

no thanks, it's a biggy since it's being promoted everywhere, but that's what propaganda is: stuff promoted everywhere, just check any factual or fictional description to confirm.

anyway, my apologies but somebody has to say this stuff before we're all screwed, so i'm going to keep getting louder with it, my old plans are delayed but they're still going strong.

incidentally, i was on a radio show with a professor where we took tons of calls, there wasn't much about this issue, but it's good to know a lot of canucks have the canuck-sacks to know what's up.


nuffa me shawty, y'all stay brilliant and beautiful, it's a treasured combination and i look forward to enjoying the [redacted] experience and aura next time i see you, we're missing ya glamour these days... :-)




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