Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BK and Barrie Zwicker on "Get In The Ring" on The Bull 94.5 Radio (Download)


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I hope all are well, here's the download link to the interview Barrie and I did on "The Bull" west of Toronto:


It was a fantastic opportunity to answers questions for 1.5 hours that people may settle on instead of investigate, or the type of thing that defaults their belief towards the corrupt status quo. People like simple questionswers like "if it was true the media would talk about it", or semi-rhetorical assertions. If we can quickly and consistently beat these then we're in good shape to quickly and consistently wake people up, so perhaps we should collect the best answers possible to the standard questionswers we receive. We can all still be individuals in every area, but much like one military against another military, we can also develop the best tactics to win in kill or be-killed confrontations like this one. (Ouch. That was harsh.)

There is a global standardization of culture happening that's being implemented regionally, so it's entirely possible for different communities to quickly take care of the different but regionally similar questionswers that stop them from thinking. I just started reading Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine", and while she quickly dismisses any notion of 9/11 Truth (boo!) she gets a lot right, including starting off the book by detailing the CIA's MK Ultra Mind Control experiments, including the ones carried out at McGill University by Dr. Ewen Cameron in the late 1950's and continued by the CIA and others to this day. The Chicago School of Economic Lunatics behind the last 50 years of foreign policy use it too. And, it's currently being used on us.

Since we're under mind control, we should mind that fact and work on figuring out how to beat it for us and others.

Adam sent this through to the Toronto 9/11 Meet-Up, I committed to go and hopefully others in Toronto will as well.

This is the perfect place to figure out what good people don't get up to now and and why and to make sure they get it.

End the War in Afghanistan - Rally and March
April 4, 2009 1:00 PM
Dundas Square

Peace by peace...




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