Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Last Spamurai

Hey True-nami's! :-)

Just a reminder of Saturday's (Feb 28th) last anti-NWO conspira-planning parties in February in Toronto, 4 pm - ?, at 1512-C Dundas St. West, at the corner of Dufferin, one driveway north-west in the back, behind the green doors. I was happily working alone on the WhatYouWantToBelieveIn.com website last Saturday until buddies showed up late and we conspira-convo'd, these meetings have cleaned up tons of crap for future generations. The site'll be up hopefully soon, I'm just checking with my host with the most.

In a conspira-nutshell:

We all want to believe we have solutions to our problems, can control our futures and give our kids a better world.

No worries, it's easy thanks to what we've figured out over the last 10,000 years, plus our numbers.

So: no bad news without good news, or no problems without reactions and solutions.

My efforts to "Wake Up!" truthers have yielded some interesting results, namely learning that truthers don't like being told to wake up either, regardless of whether or not someone is telling the truth. It's cool, the irony doesn't bug me since I've been focused on "winning" for 5 years as opposed to "learning", so most of it is figured out and hopefully someone will want to use it. I'm on the Jeff Farias radio show tonite at 7 pm and have spoke with their producer about these ideas, plus the Word on the Streets 'Special Ops' division is ready to roll-out worldwide to stop martial law. There's lots of people with lots of knowledge, but as many tell me, very few with solutions, so that's where I come in.

The Americans are a lil' tougher than us smugly superior Canucks, but since I live here and have friends like you guys here, I'm going to work with people who want to 'work together' to save the country, not 'do their own thing' or bug people to 'do their own research', as if that crap would've worked in 1776. If that means being a "whistleblower" who reveals the truth about Canadian conspiracists then so be it, we can't screw our fellow Canadians by not telling them how to save their lives and children. I know for years that every time I suggest an idea that people say is "Great!" there's rarely a follow-up comment or desire to build on it or execute. People usually just bring up something else.

I think we forget we were raised here and taught to think in ways that keep us from maximizing our potential. See Alan Watt for the best big picture of generations of brainwashing... just yelling "9/11 Was An Inside Job!" ain't gonna cut it. Regardless of the Holy Conspira-Teat we think we get our Virgin Scary Mother's Milk from, the truth is most information is given to us by the New World Order. That's how we know it. They're used to giving us stuff in ways that get us fighting with each other. They're prepping race riots right now with daily "racist" stories that people are freaking out over designed to assign collective guilt. It's working as people say "How would white people like it if..." etc.

Anyway, just some food for thought, please spit or swallow as you'd like.

Either way, it's going to be up to people who know the truth to avert the recession.

And: if conspiracy theorists say the same thing as the mass media then we're screwed.

So: we should 'think' about how we can all beat the New World Order to come up with ways to.

People who never think of them have a tough time understanding solutions: so it's worth it so we can.

Oh yeah, Barky's almost toast. My apologies, but I'm going for a million free downloads with the Obamalbum and everyone's invited to make YouTube vids, it's 23.23 mins, or a metaphorical hour away on the classic 24-hour Doomsday Clock and sounding fantastic. It's my first time mixing an album and Ableton Live is awesome (shoutouts to Blackwaters), but since I'm a fearful and e-tarded Luddite, it takes longer. Regardless, here's a picture from the back cover courtesy of Matt in Ottawa with a little Paint.net kerflufflery, plus the intro track that shows how Obama's words and promises can be used to wake up his supporters. What the heck, let's enjoy some "hope" for a "change"... ;-)

Peace by peace...




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