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no one at [redacted] tells any of us what to think or say..there is no corporate control at this radio the sense of a talk agenda



Hi [redacted],

No worries, I could be wrong and if you're up for it I would love to have or record a conversation about this for the greater good and to confirm the answer, but in my experience I've found that most journalists -- like most people -- don't look into how their organizations are structured, nor into areas they're not supposed to, likely because their culture doesn't stress it. They are the only ones with the training and resources to get the information we need, but we need to know who they work for and how it affects their work to see how it can affect us, including keeping us from finding out things we need to know. It's cool, we're all in the same boat.

Lawyers know they can't wear track-pants to court.

Journalists know what they can and cannot look into.

Carl Bernstein (half of the "Watergate" duo) wrote a 20,000 word article in Rolling Stone in the late 1970's about the CIA's "Operation Mockingbird" and other projects to control the media at the highest levels to control public opinion, but despite this nobody looks for their influence today, just like activists don't look for COINTELPRO-style operations 40 years later -- even though the Pentagon has recently been caught and admitted to infiltrating and manipulating anti-war groups, even as official policy. While it makes no sense objectively, the biggest driver is probably the fear of finding out something they may not think they can deal with. Here's a great film featuring former mainstream journalists, academics and others speaking on how the American media system is far better at propaganda than the Communist Russian media, at least there the people knew their government and media was lying.

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

In terms of the bigger picture, regardless of what individual journalists do on their own with their limited reach, the corporations who own them have an agenda, so they all promote basically the same stuff at the same time, which is what forms popular opinion. Whether it's "global warming" and taxing "carbon dioxide" while ignoring a million real environmental threats; "Obama" and his "hope" instead of "information" when we instinctively know a bunch of corrupt people are screwing us and any real leader should call them out; the "surge is working" as if that excuses the deaths taking place despite this "success" propaganda designed to get us to ignore or think positively about the War in Iraq; and so on. They do this so they can do stuff that really screws us that's often ignored, especially as more people see what's "hot" to talk about and the culture is trained to care about the wrong things.

Anyway, my apologies for the length in an 8-word email world, as you can tell I think I have stuff to say that people need to hear and understand, so I'll continue to try and work around it. Please feel free to respond as you'd like.




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