Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OBAMA: Is he going to save us or not?


Obama Civilian Security



FYI, if you think this is hard to read now, wait until the brainwashing and dumbing down really kicks in hard after January 20th. We'd better check our heads before they're cut off by the new domestic spy force...


Hi [redacted],

I'll [redacted], but as the rest of the email...

(...don't read what I think of it if you don't want to.)


...the truth, even with logic and evidence that people understand, is the hardest thing to sell these days, especially to people who watch TV since they're so used to being sold something else.

Sometimes if you can't save someone, it's better to let them mentally disintegrate and focus your time and energy on someone else, hopefully they at least think they're being happy or productive as they lose their mind. It's only going to get worse as the TV's get bigger and we're all forced (by law) to watch digital signals, so we've gotta save who we can.

If you look at what the TV (etc.) has done to the world for the last 50 years you'll see why there are more problems than ever despite our supposed drive towards "progress", a lie like America has been pushing "democracy" worldwide by installing 700 military bases in 130 countries -- some "democracy" eh?

Don't worry, they got that from the Brits, who got it from the Romans... it's always the same thing with every empire (e.g. "We need to civilize India!" -- a 5000 year old civilization!), they just have to make sure we forget it's always the same thing every time, which they do. They have techniques, or "normal" things to do as they see it, that ensure certain messages are repeated and have a hypnotic effect, especially coupled with the flicker-rates by design.

They want you to watch more TV so they make it more addictive, just like cigarette makers manipulate nicotine, potato chip makers manipulate MSG levels and so on. Many people on the inside don't notice, just like many doctors and nurses think it's suddenly "normal" for kids to be autistic.

Most college kids who study TV know this and prove it for many a graduate thesis. Plus, TV makes sure stories they sell with absolute sincerity skip on recent history, that way they can recycle the same bad ideas and people into the system while we act like we've never seen politicians lie before during every election. (Wow.)

The Obama Phenomenon is the worst in history so far, but it's not his fault, he's just a puppet and/or salesman for the people with money working together worldwide for global control.

It's just business that we can see, or the "globalized" economy, or the people who spent over 2 years putting him on TV, newspaper and magazine covers worldwide until we loved him while virtually banning any serious analysis or criticism as "wrong" or "impolite". Suddenly questioning a politician is the wrong thing to do because it ruins the party the corporate media is throwing.

Now, whether the "One" or "Messiah" saves us or not, or does anything at all for us, we'll vigorously defend his every action (or inaction) like we would defend our own children.

After being taught to say "He'll save the world!!!" we're now being taught to say "He can't help us! He can't do everything! Leave him alone! He's doing the best he can!" with no evidence of that.

While we now learn to say he can do nothing, the people who heavily promoted him will only increase their control and steal all our stuff, including by consolidating power during this recession with the $8.5 trillion the bankers have publicly stolen from the U.S. taxpayer to buy the U.S.

Of course Obama will have to do a few good things so his followers can quote them, just like with Bush, but we'll cling to those like a life-raft during the tidal wave of bad things.

If the people behind him want to fight in IraqAfghanistan forever, or attack Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Sudan, Russia or China, Obama will say it's necessary and we'll agree.

If the people behind him want a one-million man domestic gestapo force (like the Nazi's) to fight crime and terror, Obama will say it's necessary and we'll agree.

If Obama wants to send UN peacekeeping troops to set up concentration camps in Africa (like the ones there and worldwide) we'll agree.

Like any other empire, soon we'll be bragging about ruling the world again while our own misery increases under a government that would do that. (No empire treats its own people well either.)

Just read the paper or watch TV: all this is being discussed, it's just not being discussed like this.

Anyway, most traditional explanations won't work until people are truly suffering and uncomfortable enough to pay attention to them, or when "New Orleans" happens to their city due to economic conditions and government malice, but they're good to have them on hand.

If someone I emailed for years gets cancer, loses their stock-portfolio, gets divorced, has an autistic kid... hey, what can I say? I sent you an email. I explained how people are messing with us and how you could protect yourself. I took the time to prove it as well as I could and far more than the average person takes the time to.

In fact, I sent a bunch of emails which take about 2 hours -- or the average TV watching period -- to check out in detail to save your life.

Was the TV you watched worth more? We'll see.

Beyond that, we tactically only have a few months left until serious chaos, it's already started worldwide (see the riots) so we should work to minimize the damage here. People can't easily take advantage of you if you know what's going on, but if you trust the same corporations poisoning us to tell us the truth you'll end up poisoned by their lies too.

The only way to "free" the media to tell the truth is to share it widely until we all know it, then they have to talk about it and may even get to use their considerable skills and resources to get to the bottom of some of the problems that should have been solved decades ago (like homelessness) when we were first made aware of them. There's more as usual, but this is a solid logical start as always.

No worries, there's going to be lots of celebration of Obama and lots of paradoxically bad news about how we're all in huge trouble, hopefully our families and friends can survive the schizophrenic attack of both "Hope" and "Fear" being heavily sold at the exact same time over the next few months and manage to retain their sanity, it's a paralyzing and toxic cocktail if we drink too much.

Peace by peace...


hey homey, i was wondering where you went.

not too many other conspiracy nutters around this site. things were getting dry without you.
no justifications - no excuses



sorry homeslice...

...i'd love to keep posting, but i ran this game a few years ago and got what i could out of it, plus there's spooks (Pentagon, CENTCOM, etc.) that are admittedly screwing around on message boards to control public opinion, including within pop-culture which more people pay attention to than the news. mainstream articles talk about it as normal military strategy in our fascist culture, so this is practice while hopefully informing a few who can still read.

FYI, this is something i just googled now to make the point, if i'd taken more than 10 seconds i could make it 10 times, you just have to know what exists to know what to look for...


Pentagon Prepares For Cyberspace "War"
Wednesday May 14, 2008

According to Wired, the Air Force is investing millions of dollars to enable it to gain "access" and "full control" over any kind of computer in the world ... and wishes to do so in a stealth manner.



Back on 20th February 2002, the BBC published a report titled, Pentagon plans propaganda war. In it Tom Carver reported the following :

The Pentagon is toying with the idea of black propaganda.

As part of George Bush's war on terrorism, the military is thinking of planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media.

A new department has been set up inside the Pentagon with the Orwellian title of the Office of Strategic Influence.

It is well funded, is being run by a general and its aim is to influence public opinion abroad.

Now comes word that the BBC report was wrong on one count. The Pentagon didn't want to just manipulate the media internationally. President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld knew rather well that the war they were waging was here on U.S. soil.



this "posting" stuff is all transitional anyway, check HHC and see how no matter what's said it's old news within a day or two. that's why the plan was always to use it to learn how people think (or don't) among other ways, then switch to music once plans to save the world were completed. they're almost done, including changing the way we think, but once you get used to thinking this way there's always more that come to mind, which isn't a bad thing since the world is always "change"ing.

i studied 2Pac, Bob and others and saw how they got famous before they figured things out, so i decided to do the reverse. i proved i could rap and sing and did a few shows a few years ago, then i researched like crazy, then i got into radio and proved a bunch, now i'm back on my bullshit trying to make a hit with the knowledge to hit back, especially since most "conspiracy theorists" are way better at explaining how the NWO is kicking our ass than they are at explaining how to kick theirs.

SONG: A Battle For The Ages


if they kill me, you have the plans to save the world without me. if they don't, i can produce 3 minute conversations you can play over and over again to de-program yourself and suggest ideas on how to win. otherwise if we all know and don't do anything we're just like communist russia, where people ALL knew the government was evil and were ALL scared to say it, kind of like what's happening now in our culture by-design. my stuff is -- in principle -- kind of like bob marley's "get up, stand up" with an updated information overlay. i'm not that good yet, but i'm working on it.

in fact...

i'd love to get this down once and for all, maybe with the "stolen from africa" guys since they do video interviews. i can clarify what "hip hop" is being sold for too, it's so obvious we already say it.


i was supposed to be recording 2 hours ago and got caught up emailing a bunch of people back, plus other shit, so my apologies but i've gotta finish this mixtape and then an album within a week, so i'm out.

keep scrappin' and stay up homie... :-)



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