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Republican Party Banning Congressman Ron Paul for President!

Are Both Corporate Parties Circling The Wagons Against Us?

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Hey Folks,

We should try to win before more laws are changed without our knowledge, and we should try to help an honorable man risk his life to save his country.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is trying to ban Congressman Ron Paul from the next televised Presidential debates, his punishment for winning them.

If he stays the electoral process maintains some of it's shredded integrity. If he's out free speech is dead. The message sent to anybody who wants to stand up for people is that people won't stand up for them. And that's that.

As a veteran, medical doctor and honest politician, Ron Paul in the spotlight can help expose the plans of corrupt politicians and corporations in debates, and get answers to the tough questions we need to ask. After seeing how the elite treat people overseas (Iraq) and at home (New Orleans), one has to wonder if their city could be next.

A phone call or email could tell the RNC and media to back down, save free speech, and help save your family's future:

Action Alert: Keep Ron Paul In The Debate

Sign the petition, jam the phone lines of the RNC at 1-202-863-8500, save free speech and the electoral process!


Despite being on TV with Bill Maher, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson and others, Dr. Paul's candidacy has been heavily censored by the media, including Yahoo! News refusing to list him in their "Total" election coverage:

Ron Paul for President Censored by Media

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The problem is people love his honesty and courage, and in ABC, MSNBC and other polls he's won upwards of 90% of the vote despite being one of 10 candidates. Fox News even had him winning until the debates closed, at which point Mitt Romney mysteriously surged ahead. Open minds are always convinced of his sincerity, which makes him a breath of fresh air:

Presidential Polls Show Congressman Ron Paul Is Winning!

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There's a ton of stuff that I recommend you check the website for, we're at a crucial moment in history, and one which will determine whether we remain free or not.

People say: "Don't worry, tyrants always fall!", lazily abusing the Gandhi quote.

I have to remind them that tyrants have also ruled for hundreds of years before they fell, and that they've ruled for most of human history.

This whole "constitutionally guaranteed freedom" thing is only 200 years old, and after hearing only talk shows talk about it, we've accepted as a cliche that the Bush Administration is destroying the U.S. Constitution.


What for?

It can't be for anything bad... can it?

We've got to use it or lose it, and this is one of those tests.

They weren't perfect, but the founding fathers and the newly freed American colony were pretty ticked-off at the tyranny of the British Empire they'd endured, including high-taxes to support foreign wars, housing soldiers of an occupying army, and the final straw, an Act banning ownership of guns. When they came to take them, the "shot heard 'round the world" (Ralph Waldo Emerson) was fired in Lexington, Massachusetts.

The founding fathers were mad enough to write an almost perfect document in response, including a 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech and 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, or the two most important tools in the U.S. Constitution for preserving freedom. If they take the first they'll go for the second, that's how the original American Revolution started, and right now we've got to defend our heroes and opinions as much as possible.

Peace, (NOW!!!)


An Honest Look At Immigration Policy

Orwellian double-speak is selling a total amnesty plan for illegal immigrants without our knowledge, and we need to listen to it's serious critics.

Mexicans are leaving their sunny and beautiful homeland to be domestic slave-labor thanks to a brutal police state at home and U.S. Federal Government and Bank of America incentives, including social assistance and ID-free accounts and loans. That's a choice between a rock and a slightly-softer place, and the only surprise is how easily we accept slavery on a mass-scale, and how we choose yell at the slaves instead of the masters arranging for the federal government to subsidize their slave-labor.

The people in Mexico have little to do with the crippling conditions at home, save for the ones who go along to get along in fascist bureaucracies. Their 2006 elections were stolen for the right-wing candidate in front of the world with the help of the Bush Administration - no slouch in that department - and contribute to the problem. American investigative journalist Greg Palast has an article about it in The Guardian Unlimited, basically the NY Times of Europe:

Grand theft Mexico


The ongoing uprising in Oaxaca saw passionate and active people battling their military to save their country, and yet it was hardly covered here at all. They're still at it too, and Forbes Magazine thought to pick up the AP story:

Oaxaca Protesters Vow to Block Festival


This is not about "race" no matter how much the TV loves "wedge" issues, and no matter how stupidly racist certain people act - including those in the mainstream media. This is about a permanent under-class of subsidized slave-labor being created to drive wages down and destroy the American middle-class, or the only group with the size and political clout to preserve the U.S. Constitution and control the Anglo-American Elite.

That's who this Bill is aimed at, and the hyper-accelerated creation of capital by the corrupt Federal Reserve is only setting up a bigger collapse unless we stop it. The system needs to be cleaned-out and new leaders have to institute New Deal Economics to revive manufacturing sectors long-ago sacrificed to globalisation, and tax some of the funny-money (e.g. "derivatives") generated by financiers essentially out of nothing. Nothing in this Amnesty Bill will raise the standard of living for anybody but a handful at the very top, while those under them remain threatened by the thought of joining the teeming masses in poverty below.


Why We Need To Support Ron Paul, Alex Jones and Free Speech Before They're Gone!

As we sleepwalk into the fifth year of the Invisible War on Iraq, over 3000 soldiers are officially dead, over 600,000 Iraqi's are officially dead, and America and the World face endless wars and police states. We need heroes more than ever, or ordinary people with the courage to speak up and risk their lives instead of just shut up and have fun.

We need to believe in our ability to understand the truth and breed leaders in our communities, and we need to have faith in "people" over "governments" and "corporations", most of whom seem less trustworthy.

In 2004, and after learning more about the Bush Administration, many of us were scared into loyally supporting John Kerry and his "pro-war" policy against a possible dictatorship or rapture. The mistake was endorsing the wrong reality, or a fake one, and we have blood on our hands for sacrificing innocent Americans, Afghani's and Iraqi's to support the Skull and Bones puppet who folded under pressure.


Congressman Ron Paul has spent 30 years as a medical doctor and Congressman, delivering over 4000 babies and a perfect Constitutional voting record. He's the truth and the truth hurts the establishment, or the people destroying the U.S. Constitution and any others they can find.

Dr. Paul is enjoying massive popularity in his TV introduction to the American public, winning nearly every opinion poll taken by a massive landslide, including 94% of the vote in an ABC News poll with 18,000 respondents who could vote online only once thanks to recorded IP addresses. Everyone who listens is pleasantly shocked by his clarity and honesty, as if we didn't make "people" like this anymore let alone "politicians".

With people scared of "single mothers", "gay marriage" and a "War on Christmas", it's not hard to be demonized for being "different" in threatening though inexplicable ways. Discussing real issues can be difficult, especially with limited time and a public fed "Talking Points" based on lies. Good people need to be allowed to campaign or others won't try.

That's what's at stake, along with an opportunity to end the War in Iraq and bring the troops home.


People don't want the truth and can't handle it, but with the right people telling it that can change.

Dr. Paul is on record saying the most important things any politician has ever said, and that includes every icon we've celebrated in the 20th Century. He's worthy of our support, he's our best chance to clean up the system instead of being forced to tear it down, and he looks more Presidential than Bush by country-mile.

Alex Jones and his team have spent over 10 years exposing the biggest lies told by the biggest liars in the world. He's 33 years old. They've even challenged the hidden money-lenders, or the only people Jesus Christ beat the heck out of while throwing them out of the temple. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

The modern day money-lenders are trying to shut down Dr. Paul's campaign, because if he's allowed to be there then people will see the other candidates are lying. The RNC is trying to ban his free speech and campaign to maintain the illusion of credibilty, and no one else with power or influence will take a stand if they know we the people won't defend them.

Please see and for suggestions on how to deal with evil people, they've seen this stuff coming for a while.


The only way an idealist can win is for the public to understand what's happening and take a chance on change, which is what Ron Paul represents. Access to information is where internet users differ from TV watchers, where our greatest opportunity is, and where educated community leaders are born.

The internet-user is just one-click away from looking at Alex Jones' work to see how - with no evidence - they've been wrong about him.

The "Real ID Act", "North American Union", "Immigration Amnesty Bill" and other issues they discuss reveal the crucial news we miss, and about 80% of their content is from a daily best-of the mainstream media. They analyse news stories alongside government and other documents to let us know what's being planned, and give us a chance to predict and hopefully improve upon our future.

It's funny how people who know nothing about him have strong negative opinions, which is a sure sign of a smear campaign.

After all, how else does it happen?


Propaganda mysteriously makes us hate and distrust people we learn nothing about. Ignorance and slander add fear and weaken our critical thinking. Then we accept more lies. Then we get shocked at anyone who could sympathize with them. Then we put them in camps.

(Oops, sorry, skipped ahead there.)

The people who know Alex Jones like Alex Jones, and the people who most frequently smear him do inferior and/or racist work with no apparent goal or benefit for the public, or the exact opposite of what Mr. Jones and his team try to accomplish.

Their simple and brilliant techniques - certified by a growing number of fans - include literally showing us rare mainstream news stories to form an alternate narrative of what's happening. The proof vs. propaganda is right there, including hundreds of articles, reprints, hard copies, screenshots, documents, speeches, radio shows, films, books, commercials, TV shows, website links and other specifics.

Compare their rigorous approach to truth to the lazy government and media lies, and it's easy to figure out who to trust.


Good journalists often work on great pieces that are "said" but not "repeated" despite their quality. These stories are more likely to be the truth than propaganda, or what's repeated endlessly everywhere until everyone else repeats it.

When even people who never watch the "news" have heard it and say it, you know you found it.

Check any description of "propaganda" and compare it to our mediascape, we're just buying crap based on our biases instead of understanding that it's crap.

In 1980, Americans heard only 50 companies controlled the mass media in a country with 250 million people and were outraged. However, at least back then the 35th ranked company wanted to crack the Top Ten, and sensible anti-trust laws helped a desire for profits translate into a push for better journalism.

In 2007, Americans hear only 5 companies control the mass media in a country with 300 million people and don't care. Now media empires act like gas companies in colluding on cost, censorship, laziness and propaganda.

Alex Jones has figured out the big picture after too many 18-hour days in too many rabbit-holes, and he expresses it well enough to be a passionate and credible leader under attack like so many others in history. With the power of the internet we can use his information to educate ourselves and the public, it's been working so far, and we should respect the fact that Ron Paul trusts him too.

Fear and ego will keep us from winning, let's give up both and work together, including bad ideas about good people.


Since Erin Brockovich won an Oscar, we've also hardly seen any whistleblowers in an era of unprecedented corruption.

It's like they've been banned from TV.

The Alex Jones Radio Show, websites, movies and more are dedicated to protecting and promoting whistleblowers, and help to give them the exposure that informs us, celebrates their courage and saves their lives. It's all in a day's work, which they get done in a few hours, or a week's work, which they get done in a day.


We have to remember the next President of the United States doesn't take over until January 2009 anyway, and the early election campaign is likely being held to take the pressure off the Democrats to end the wars and oppose President Bush.

This was a mandate they were given in November 2006, or a few months ago.

Democrat supporters are now cheering for Barack "Umm... Iraq? Umm... New Orleans? Umm... America has a bright future!" Obama, and Shillary "To Bomb or Not To Bomb... Please Let Me Bomb!" Clinton, among other politicians with power who won't do anything * NOW * about anything at all.

So how can they be trusted in January 2009?

Who cares!

Cheering is fun! :-)


Dr. Paul's campaign can be used to educate people on issues he's spoken about eloquently and passionately for 30 years in and out of Congress, including the Federal Reserve Fraud, CIA Covert Ops, Military Budgets that are NEVER for "the troops", Foreign Policy, Fort Knox, Economic Policy, Limited Government, Privacy, Constitutional Governance, 9/11 Truth and more.

An enlightened public can vote for an idealist; a frightened public will anoint Bush King.

If the internet goes down we're in trouble, so we need to work together now to use it as effectively as possible.


Michelle Malkin on Fox News just suggested Ron Paul's friendship with Alex Jones should discredit him.

Now, if Fox News doesn't want us to learn about Ron Paul, Alex Jones,, and others, tell me: what should we do?

We can let the censorship and self-censorship happen, or we can stop it.

And if it's wrong, we should stop it.


Everyone can do what they want, and everyone should check out the work of Alex Jones and his team with an open mind. They're the hardest workers in the Save The World Biz, and they can give us the clues to look "up" at our enemies instead of blaming each other, which can only help us work together... :-)




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