Sunday, February 11, 2007

An Even More Inconvenient Truth

Hey Y'all,

My take on Global Warming took what I'd already heard plus 15 minutes of Googling and a half-hour of typing. While I'm not expert on the environment, I am an expert on propaganda, and this is some beautiful 21st Century artwork. This is being promote everywhere - like "propaganda" always is - because it's not about "saving the environment", and if you really want to do something then stop the rain-forest from being burned down or get the fluoride out of our water-supply.

Details are below in a blog, but...

The main thing is: DON'T commit Canada to paying a Global Tax to a group of people working for the same corporations that have been destroying the environment. We have NO guarantees of how they're going to use it or whether any penalties will be successful, and countries and corporations have been in open violation of other "treaties" for years. The corporations own the mass media, and the main reason they are promoting the hell out of this as opposed to ANY other "environmental" causes is because it's a big fat lie, and it won't solve any environmental problem.

They didn't care before, and they don't care now.

For "AIDS", a few years ago they got a bunch of nice "liberal" or "progressive" people to make a giant blanket, or the "AIDS Quilt", and that didn't cure AIDS either.

It's a distraction, like giving a baby a rattle until they get bored with it, then a stuffed animal, then a dolly, and so on. After giving us nothing to cheer about for years they are ALL giving us this - and - I don't mean "agreeing" with it, I mean deciding this is what should be discussed for hours, and taking us like a nursery rhyme through a nice set of pro's and con's with a predetermined outcome.

Many of the people arguing will think it's "real" too, but they'll keep the best of the "This is B.S.!" arguments off the TV, and even if a weaker version gets too loud they'll just take them off too, or put people on who are supposed to lose their own arguments. Most pundits on TV get a few thousand dollars and appearance, and they know what they are supposed to say if they want to be invited back.

The most obvious example is the "left" or "antiwar" people on "Fox News" who either stutter, act retarded, look like crap or essentially agree with the pro-war side by the end of the show. That's the "fake debate" crap that got Heckle and Jeckle addicted to thinking people like me are stupid - you can rent "OutFoxed" for more on that. I could easily kick the asses of anyone on TV, and so could the people I listen to, but none of us are invited on "Fox" or "CNN" and barely seen anywhere else.

With no "real" information, stupid and macho we can't "cut-and-run" 3-word arguments begin to make sense. With nothing else to argue about, both the "left" and the "right" babble away about "both sides" of an issue they don't even understand, and as if the "shame" of ending the "wars" is reason to continue torturing and killing millions of innocent people based on a bunch of lies and hugely corrupt profiteering that's never meant to end because people are making trillions off selling weapons.

In fact, about $2-3 trillion a year is "unaccounted for" or "missing" or "stolen" from the Pentagon, depending on what you want to call "theft", and that's their own numbers from an ABC News rarity and other sources.

Our media is a great system, because unlike the people of Communist Russia or China, we don't "know" we're being "propagandized". Any dictator in history would DREAM of our media system, because it makes using violence to screw people both more hidden and less necessary. It's a clever trick, because "Fox News" also makes everyone else look reasonable - and the "CBC" like the Word of God itself.

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, said what you want in a perfect (Nazi) media system is "An ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity", and that's what we have with 2 owners of the mass media in Canada and 5 owners in the U.S. all making us think they're disagreeing when they're just talking nonsense to hide the truth.

It's a lie, because while they all "touch" on "truth" once in a while, it's not what they "promote" day-after-day (like O.J.!) to get us inspired or angry or informed enough to do anything about it. What you see covered for weeks is a big bunch of garbage meant to tell you a story you'll forget in a few months, like the "Quebec Sponsorship Scandal", the biggest thing in the World until it became completely unimportant. You can see it, and as the World keeps getting worse what we keep learning on TV doesn't seem to be helping, training us to live with powerlessness and failure.

The main reason they are using "Global Warming" to scare us into feeling even more guilty is to get us to "sacrifice", or pay "taxes", which have been the basis for "government" for thousands of years. People agreed to give up a portion of what they have in exchange for a central body that organizes their society, it's always the same, and when "taxes" get too crazy is when people usually revolt, like the U.S. kicking the British out with the "Boston Tea Party" and American Revolution. These days taxes are crazy everywhere but governments and corporations have bought and sold themselves a lot of guns and mass media brainwashing-machines, so revolts are rarer than they would be in countries where most people are suffering.

Taxes are also incredibly evil because nobody understands them. They can be raised arbitrarily and justified using the "media" in a "democracy", where people are kept uninformed and don't discuss "politics" because it's depressing - giving the TV the chance to form their only opinions. As prices go up, instead of really telling us why, they just make complex excuses and scare the hell out of us, and get the rich to argue with the poor over whether the "government" is good or not. The middle-class then endorses screwing poor people while both sides become more selfish and spiritually and morally weaker, after all you can't be jerks forever and feel good about it.

Then, when nobody knows what's happening, the super-rich steal even more from the weak and stupid middle-class to empower an "upper-middle-class", or Bush's "tax-cuts for the rich", who then argue that the "Government is good!" and for screwing the middle-class. So, another fight is created while big chunks of the middle-class begin to join the poor - as is happening now. They keep slicing off the bottom layers of society until the only people in control are 5% at the top while another 10% fight to join them, giving them enough political clout to maintain an unjust system.

By the way, this isn't my "theory", this is the Third World.

Now they are making us feel "smart" and "good" for "saving the environment" while teaching us how to get "angry" at anyone who disagrees like they are "destroying" it, rendering any rational conversation useless. It's just like the Bushites who get angry when anyone disagrees with or criticizes "the President", proving it's not just "Bush" supporters but rather anyone who can be stampeded into ignorant anger. That's what "Al Gore" and his status are doing, and if he's so "angry" and knows what he's talking about, then apparently we should get "angry" too, and accuse anyone else of being a "Bush/Harper supporter" or in "denial", or of committing treason against Mother Nature Herself.

They are getting the 80% of people who hate "Bush" or "Harper" or "Right-wing nuts" to rush behind this solution because it's empowering a Global Government being built and created out of "taxes", and if you think fighting "property tax" in "Smallton" is tough, wait until you have to petition Geneva, Switzerland for others, or wherever.

When you want to complain they won't listen, and will send local Canadian cops to enforce the "agreement" anyway, because of course "Canada must fulfill her 'obligations' to Kyoto!" against Canadian citizens - NOT corporations and government. Then the Global Governance-body (if you prefer) will create some new "scare" and raise "taxes", maybe "Tsunami's!" and a "Danger-pay tax!" on shipping-goods, and bit-by-bit they'll keep scaring us with some "disaster" and selling us their fake solutions, growing the centralization of global government and corporate power.

Canada has already been in violation of numerous environmental treaties with no repercussions, and if we sign any deals like this then we'll end up paying for it while our governments and corporations get-off scot-free - just like they're doing now. No one can explain the "plan" to me, just that we should get behind it, and how all their environmental "fears'n'fantasies" justify it. I'm sorry, but until someone can explain exactly what the hell is happening and how this is going to solve it, I'm not buying it.

There you go, just a little window into my World, and since I avoid being confused and scared by the liars on TV, this stuff is just a Digestive Cookie... ;)

Love, BK

P.S. Here is the original with links and clips...

HISTORY in 10 mins + The Noam/11 Conspiracy + Global Warming = Global Taxing: Don't believe the liars lying again! JUST SAY NO!!!


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