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AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM is "The scariest damn film you'll see this year." (CBS News)

It's amazing how a pretty smart guy who got some pretty smart guys to talk to some pretty smart guys thanks to money they got from some pretty smart guys to discuss a pretty smart subject in a pretty smart way... can be considered completely wrong.

Not "good" or "bad", but "wrong".

It's not inconceivable, it's just inconceivable how humans can completely differ on what reality is, and what truth is, what it was, and what it should evolve to. You'd think this would change when one presented with wholly compelling evidence that it's at least a worthy subject for discussion that could help a lot of people.

You'd think...

"Hmph, I was wondering why the spaghetti at that concentration camp tasted like sauerkraut..."

- Italy didn't fight with Hitler, they were taken over by Hitler after he backstabbed Mussolini and were too embarrassed to admit it, so they just kept quiet and agreed to say they lost the World War II too... (CBC aired documentary)

"AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM" is supposed to be amazing, and it details among other things how America's banking system was illegally given over to private interests in 1913, the majority of which still control America and much of the World.

In fact, nearly all central banks are private, and nearly all countries are beholden to their treachery. The people in them are screwed too, but there is some good news: income tax is illegal.

The producer, Aaron Russo, has produced notable films like "The Rose" with Bette Midler and "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy, and ain't no dummy. I haven't seen the film yet, but I have done a Google Video search (Go Google Go! Do No Evil!) and saw an interview with him that was truly fascinating: he breaks down the undisputed history, and therein provides the undisputable proof.

You can check for clips and info at their official website:

And you can see the grotesque hatchet-job reviews below.

And since they can't co-exist in a universe that makes any sense as we could possibly accept or understand it, one review is highlighted to reveal the utterly and willfully malicious density, disinformation, stupidity, laziness, inconsistency, treachery and/or hypocrisy that plague many of the others...

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2/5 "Just as the film�s arguments start growing persuasive, Russo (who also narrates the movie) undermines his work by freefalling into a tangled web of all-out conspiracy-mongering."
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-- Marjorie Baumgarten

3/4 "Russo is a clearly a healthy minded skeptic who tries to get both sides of the story."
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-- Ken Fox

C "An unconvincing doc that hardly justifies the view that the U.S. is headed toward fascism."
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-- Harvey S. Karten

2.5/4 "Filmmaking lapses aside, this is an impassioned and generally persuasive film that rings all too eerily true."
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-- Timothy Knight

3/4 "If America: From Freedom to Fascism is right only 10 percent of the time, we're in big trouble."
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-- Robert W. Butler

1.5/4 "Russo appears to make a good case against the IRS, but he does so sneakily, belligerently, and from a grotesquely unattractive soap box."
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-- Ed Gonzalez

1.5/5 "A hurricane of accusations and grievances, supported by repetitive, droning sound bites."
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-- Mark Keizer

D "Yes, America: Freedom To Fascism gives the Michael Moore muckraking-underdog treatment to the kind of delirious conspiracy theories generally associated with mentally ill homeless people screaming at passersby to stop stealing their brainwaves."
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-- Nathan Rabin



Rating: Rotten Avg. Rating: 3.6/10
2/4 "[Russo] has created such an inflammatory piece of clumsy propaganda it's hard to take his best arguments seriously."
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-- John Anderson

"Libertarian-positioned docu argues almost persuasively that U.S. citizens are not legally required to pay federal income tax, and much less convincingly that country is becoming a police state via new identity laws."
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-- Leslie Felperin

2/5 "The mess we're in never looked so messy."
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-- Nathan Lee

1.5/4 "Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism can't even think straight, it's so mad."
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-- Michael Phillips

1.5/4 "As if anticipating bad reviews, Russo ends his scattershot assault with a preemptive strike against the media: 'It's just the Federal Reserve System trying to save itself.' If you buy that line, then I'm the great-grandson of a 1913 conspirator."
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-- Bill Stamets

"[The film builds] to the standard New World Order line, which discredits any valid points Russo may have."
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-- Luke Y. Thompson


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P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

MOVIE REVIEW | ‘America: From Freedom to Fascism’

A taxing view of ‘America’

Is the IRS one big racket? Film makes some powerful arguments.


The Kansas City Star

By all means, approach “America: From Freedom to Fascism” with caution.

It’s a conspiracy-minded documentary from folks who think the federal income tax is a massive fraud and just one element in the move toward one world government and planetary totalitarianism.

And it works. You’ll leave Aaron Russo’s movie (opening today at the AMC Studio 30) feeling besieged, paranoid and furious.

Of course documentaries, like the Bible, can be twisted to accommodate almost any point of view. So the best thing about “From Freedom to Fascism” may be the debate it should generate about “truths” most of us accept without thinking. I’ll look forward to seeing someone in authority — senators or congressmen, members of the administration, the IRS — methodically rebut the points made in Russo’s film.

Oh, wait … all through the movie we see Russo trying to get these folks to answer his questions. And nobody will respond. On the other hand, he finds no shortage of talking heads (scholars, lawyers, even a few former IRS agents, most of them now affiliated with an anti-income-tax group) willing to talk about the rottenness of the system, often tossing in words like “diabolical.”

Finally he gets a sit-down interview with Sheldon Cohen, former IRS commissioner and an author of the federal tax code. When Russo insists that Cohen point out where in law it is required for Americans to pay personal income tax, Cohen in effect answers that “this is the way we’ve always done it” and ends the interview.

The film’s basic arguments:

•The 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which paved the way for a federal personal income tax, was never legally ratified by the required number of states. So said the Supreme Court in a decision just a few years after Congress passed the amendment. Nevertheless, the federal government created an income tax system as if it had been ratified.

•This led to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, described by Russo as a private cartel that controls the nation’s money supply but is owned by various big banks. Russo goes to experts to find out just who is behind the Fed, but even the experts can’t figure that out.

•The IRS uses thug tactics and intimidation to wage war on the American people. OK, nobody is going to argue with this, especially after the movie tells us about the Florida family who nearly lost everything after being falsely accused of tax fraud by a former employee.

Not to mention poor Joe Louis, who during WWII donated his boxing winnings to charities for America’s fighting men. Unfortunately, he didn’t keep any to pay the IRS, with the result that he lived most of his life under a $1 million tax bill. When he died his funeral was paid for by Max Schmeling, one of the fighters he vanquished in the ring.

•The War on Terror is being used to pave the way to universal identity papers, microchip “tagging” of human beings and unprecedented government eavesdropping on our personal lives.

•Ultimately it will all lead to a one-world government controlled by (who else?) the money men.

Russo, who was a producer on “Trading Places” and “The Rose,” borrows his methodology from Michael Moore. A rumpled 60-something perennially clad in khaki pants and loose, untucked shirt, Russo serves as our personal guide. He does man-on-the-street interviews. He employs little animated skits and has a choir sing “America the Beautiful” while an Orwellian list of recent executive orders and Patriot Act provisions scrolls down the screen.

But Russo isn’t the personality or the entertainer that Moore is. He’s not a particularly incisive satirist. His stabs at humor are pretty weak.

I’m a movie critic, not an economist or political scientist. So I can’t begin to say how many of this film’s dire predictions have a basis in fact.

But if “America: From Freedom to Fascism” is right only 10 percent of the time, we’re in big trouble.


Director: Aaron Russo

No MPAA rating

Running time: 1:40



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