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CHARLIE SHEEN: "Mainstream Media Blackout On Sheen 9/11 Piece" (And we'd better shed some light on it right now if we want anyone else to stand-up...)

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It ain't over until it's over, and it's certainly not over.

Charlie Sheen is a real horse to bet on, and as long as we understand that a big part of the mainstream media's dismissing of this story is dissing him, then we'll understand why there's so much buzz around his gambling, womanizing and other exploits.

He's no angel, but c'mon, with all the real devils out there causing real harm, for him to be a big target right now is a sign that they're trying to destroy his credibiity.

If you want any other celebrities to stand up for us - and I mean REALLY put it on the line in a major way, as opposed to merely coming out "now" against "Bush" (I mean who the hell isn't?), then you'd better help support Charlie.

Contact every media outlet and email them the story.

Or call them to ask them why they won't run it.

There are good people who work there, and many journalists would love to run with stuff like this in light of the crap they are often forced to produce today that leaves their friends and families ignorant and powerless.

If enough people ask they'll be able to force their editors to let them do it, because by then it's already a story...


Charlie had said he just signed for two more years of his TV show "Two and a Half Men", which is also doing well enough to help launch other shows, so maybe he's okay.

Of course, if they get all of us thinking he's a depraved lunatic, he could lose that too.

Keep an eye out folks, it's going to be interesting, and as a Google News search just now reveals, it appears some media-folk are ready to break their rusty chains and run with it...


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Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen Calls 9/11 'Conspiracy Theory'
Human Events - 1 hour ago
That’s what Hollywood bad boy and actor Charlie Sheen asked his brother after watching the news coverage of 9/11 back in 2001. ...

National Ledger Charlie Sheen Joins Conspiracy Chorus on 9/11 Attacks
National Ledger, AZ - 6 hours ago
It appears that actor Charlie Sheen has joined the chorus of conspiracy theorists that believe the attacks on 9/11 are not exactly as America watched unfold on ...

Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
WNY Media Network, NY - 21 Mar 2006
Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new ...

National Ledger Denise Richards Worried About Charlie Sheen's Gambling
National Ledger, AZ - 15 Mar 2006
By Josh Hart. A report from The Star this week will detail that Charlie Sheen’s soon to be ex-wife is reportedly concerned about his gambling habit. ...

Insane Hollywood Left Blames Bush For 9/11
RedState, VA - 10 hours ago
... Actor Charlie Sheen has said on a left wing radio interview that 9/11 was a plot by President Bush to allow us to go to war. Sheen ...

Deadspin Save Ferris!
Deadspin, NY - 11 hours ago
The film that brought us Matthew Broderick, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey, as well as Alan Ruck (who was close to 30 years old, by the way, when he played ...

Hide Your Panties! Jon Cryer & Charlie Sheen New Breakup Buddies
Post Chronicle - 26 Feb 2006
by Tashi Singh. Charlie Sheen, Two And A Half Men badboy and perenniel partier, has been dumped by actress Denise Richards, who is having his second child. ...

National Ledger Charlie Sheen Uses Heather Locklear to Spy on Denise Richards
National Ledger, AZ - 24 Feb 2006
By Josh Hart. Charlie Sheen is reportedly very interested in what ex-wife Denise Richards is up to. So much so that he is willing ...

Akron Beacon Journal, OH - 19 hours ago
... she had some input.''. Charlie Sheen's ex-wife is said to be concerned about his gambling habit. Denise Richards, who split from ...

Domenech on federal judges' upholding abortion rights: "In the ...
Media Matters for America, DC - 2 hours ago
... recognize the growth in conservative America," and failing to recognize "the greatest pro-gun movie ever," the 1984 Patrick Swayze/Charlie Sheen vehicle "Red ...
Domenech called Coretta Scott King a Communist Media Matters for America
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[Ed note: the original article contains highlighted portions of the text that link to more articles and video corroborating the claims, and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. The emphasis here is my own.]

Mainstream Media Blackout On Sheen 9/11 Piece

Controlled gatekeepers and delusional Neo-Cons attempt to kill story

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | March 22 2006

Despite a huge reaction amongst the alternative media to Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11, in part due to a brief link on the Drudge Report which was mysteriously pulled after a few hours, newswires and entertainment outlets have actively sought to impose a blackout on the story.

In our first conversation with the Associated Press they strongly indicated that they would be running a story on Sheen's comments, as they did with Carlos Santana's much weaker comments about the Iraq war. However, after talking with Jeff Williams of the LA Associated Press office it became clear what the policy was.

Williams' attitude was brash and arrogant in saying (to paraphrase), 'I know all about Charlie Sheen and I don't care what he says.'

Asked if the story was newsworthy in comparison with the milquetoast Santana piece, Williams responded by saying 'we're not going to run anything.'

Asked again if the story would be newsworthy if it wasn't attached to the 9/11 information and was just Sheen criticizing Bush, Williams barked 'you're not gonna bait me!' and slammed the phone down.

Further attempts to contact the Associated Press were met with stern rebuttals of 'we're not talking to you'.

Subsequently we contacted the Hollywood Reporter and spoke to a polite individual who said that he did consider the Sheen story to be newsworthy and that he had flagged it up for a potential piece, but that he was later told by someone in a higher office that there was to be no story and it seemed unusual.

We then contacted another major newswire who indicated that they had seen the story but under no circumstances were they touching it.

Does this represent simple journalistic cowardice or should we pay attention to the fact that the government has been caught time and time again paying off reporters to produce fake news and the Church Hearings of the 70's which concluded that the CIA has fully infiltrated newspapers and newswires with their agents across the country?

The mainstream media pour over stories about every detail of Mr. Sheen's personal life whether real or manufactured yet will they remain silent when Sheen actually discusses something serious?

George Bush can be an admitted narcotics user, have DWI's, frolic around with homosexual porn star Jeff Gannon, scream at staffers and have fits of anger, lie naked in a coffin and masturbate as part of his skull and bones ritual, and engage in mock human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, a place where gay male porn stars are bused in to 'service' the members', and yet we are attacked by hypocritical phony Christians by even having Mr. Sheen as a guest on the show.

Again, Carlos Santana is all over the news today for criticizing George Bush and the Iraq war yet Charlie Sheen has gone much further, if the media ignores this story it is proof positive of a cover-up.

If Sheen had gone way overboard on 9/11 or used a limited hangout in saying that the attack was a result of incompetence the media would have been all over it. It is precisely because Sheen is dead on target with the facts that they have to ignore the story because his argument is credible.

Reaction from delusional Neo-Cons, a dwindling rabble of ignorant government apologists, has been predictable. The sum of counter-arguments against the evidence carefully presented by Sheen amounts to comments like "Sheen is an idiot," or the following comment which we received via e mail.

"Since Charlie Sheen has been dead for twenty years don't know how you got him to comment on 9/11. Maybe you should have contacted Elvis, he is living in inner city Detroit running a rescue mission with Adolph. They are also writing a book on how the South won the war. What the hell are you democrats going to come up with next? Do you all have day jobs?"

So the best they can come up with is saying Charlie Sheen's comments are not credible because he doesn't exist! This is the most bizarre conspiracy theory of them all and yet it is this insane level of idiocy that constitutes a minority of the response we received. Most comments were supportive of Mr. Sheen and his brave action in going public with his stance.

Sheen initially came forward because he was concerned about where America is heading as a country. He is the first from his industry to go public and his couragerousness should be saluted. Alex Jones has spoken privately with other Hollywood figures that are educated on 9/11 yet do not wish to step into the limelight and risk being attacked. Sheen took the risk and the reaction has been mute because he was very careful about his research before speaking out. This should be seen as a victory. The media cannot spin Sheen's comments because they are dead on target and leave no room to be taken out of context.

We will not cease in our efforts to turn this into a massive story but we need your support. Get the story and e mail it out to every newspaper, newswire and TV news station in existence.

The media's unwillingness to cover this issue only deepens the abyss that they find themselves in. We are not whining because the media won't give us or Sheen any attention, we don't even need the mainstream anymore to reach people, we can do it ourselves. But their reaction speaks volumes about how they are conditioned and in many cases ordered to shy away from these kind of stories.

Newspaper readership and TV news viewership is plummeting as people flock to the alternative media because the mainstream's credibility lies in tatters as it repeatedly lies by omission and covers-up for its government handlers.

Please feel free to contact us about this story at



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