Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush, Bono Have Lunch at the White House: "To meet, or not to meet, that is the question..."

What to do, what to do, what to do...

I mean, what to do?

Okay, so you're Bono, the biggest rock-star activist in the world, and you have a chance to sit down and really reach the biggest power-brokers in the world, the leaders of the G8. The same bastards mass-arresting and mass-detaining thousands of protestors at their G8 Summits, the same bastards responsible for turning the Western World into police-states, the same bastards responsible for turning the "War on Terror" into a "War on Rights"...

What to do?

I dunno mate, I dunno.

Tough call.

I mean, you could avoid meeting with them, and instead show up at one of the protests to add weight and credibility to them.

Or not.

You could get ridiculed by the press for being a "celebrity" trying to "cash-in" on helping people, as if "Bono" needed to "cash-in" on helping people, as if any major celebrity needs to, as if we buy into "cashing-in" as being what they are trying to do.


Sometimes we do.


The media (again!) is feeding into our natural cynicism, and clouding our judgment when it comes to the potentially honest ways in which celebrities want to use their influence to help make the world better. I mean, we shouldn't talk unless we walk, and even if we walk, we aren't wearing Bono's boots.

You think he "enjoys" meeting with these assholes?

I mean, evil has a certain charm, and clearly Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair are among the more charismatic leaders of our time to their fans - and even, begrudgingly, I'll say objectively from what I've seen and heard. A fake "Good Ol' Boy" is an American tradition, and former actor and California governor turned-President Ronald Reagan is now seen as an icon despite his "Ketchup is a vegetable!" incompetence. And Teflon-Tony's stuttering-stammering Brit-twit quick-talk has a certain charm, hell - Hugh Grant even made a career out of it.

Our favorite celebs have to be quite careful in how they present themselve to avoid being savaged by a corrupt Press Corpse. In a 2 hour meeting or event the press will wait for that precious moment when a World Leader says something funny enough for Bono to crack a smile - and bingo, a picture for the whole world to see that makes it look like they are bosom-buddies.

It's not true, and even the picture below was selected for it's editorial value, just like the meeting was arranged by the White House to prop up Bush's sagging approval numbers. This is obvious boiler-plate stuff. However, if you'll notice the article is tiny and bereft of any quotes by Mr. Bono endorsing Mr. Bush or his policies, and Mr. Bono chose to flash the "peace" sign in a jarring juxtaposition with Mr. Bush's now classic Sieg Heil salute of a wave.

I think Bono knows what he's doing, or at least he thinks he does, which is about as good as any of us get.


I also think that when Bono gets back to his crib in Bonoville and wants to take the Edge off, he cracks open a bottle of Glenfiddich, pours himself a damn stiff dram of single-malt sweetness, and says in his meanest-finest Irish brogue:

"I sure hope that fucker keeps his promises..."


Bono, left, lead singer of the Irish rock group U2 gives the peace sign as he walks with President Bush on their return to the White House from the Inter-American Development Bank, Thursday, March 14, 2002, where Bush spoke. Bono's visits to Washington have been successful in rallying support for relieving third world debt. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Yahoo! News

Bush, Bono Have Lunch at the White House

39 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - In town for a concert, U2 rock star Bono was invited to lunch Wednesday with the president. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the meeting at the executive residence would be a follow-up on talks he had with President Bush in July at the G-8 summit in Scotland.

"They had a very good discussion about some of our common priorities," McClellan said. "Both share a deep commitment to combating AIDS, preventing malaria and expanding trade to lift people out of poverty."

McClellan said Bono also planned to meet with National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley later in the day, before U2's concert at the MCI Center. The spokesman laughingly told reporters that Bush was not planning to attend the concert.


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"RE-REWIND, RE-REWIND!" - Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Plan BK: The Solutions - "Go on, it's okay, you don't have to be so friggin' cynical about celebrities trying to help Save The World..."

"Well-fed celebs,
Hell-fed celebs,
What the hell,
Sched: celebs,
If it makes us, turn-
Our heads!
It's our turn,
To sched,
A close look at,
See, who's well-fed,
While still, turning heads,
While still, earning cred,
The solutions gotta be new,
Half-in, and half-out?
They can still stay true,
What if celebs were you?
How could you secure your spot?
Give a little, to the have's,
And a little, to have-not's..."


BONUS: "We're coming in from the cold, yes it's you, yes it's you, yes it's you, I'm talkin', to..."

Former CIA Analyst: Government May Be Manufacturing Fake Terrorism

A Government openly promoting torture, A President acting like a King cannot be trusted, must be impeached | October 19 2005

Ray McGovern, former CIA Analyst during the Regan and Bush 41 regimes, joined Alex Jones on his daily radio show Monday 17th October as part of a round table discussion of issues surrounding the Iraq war and the "war on terror".

McGovern launched straight into the War in Iraq and suggested that over the last few months there has been a "sea change" in public opinion, and now over two thirds of Americans, according to major opinion polls, are against the war and can now see through the Neo-con Propaganda that so clouded their judgment in the lead up to the war.

McGovern went on to comment that there has built up an ignorant attitude amongst more well to do Americans that the troops dying everyday are expendable. There has been a shut down in the minds of people who cannot place themselves in the shoes of the families who's sons and fathers and brothers are being needlessly slaughtered for a corrupt elite agenda.

Mr McGovern stated that the war "has nothing to do with democracy or freedom or defending "our way of life", it is to do with enriching the pockets of those who support this administration."

Alex then put it to Mr McGovern that Congressman Ron Paul had recently been on the show and said that The Bush Administration was openly trying to set up a martial law police state in America. McGovern responded in the affirmative:

"Well it does seem that those who have his (Bush's) ear are hell bent on giving away or providing wider responsibilities to our military. Witness what they are talking about now with giving the military primary responsibility for catastrophes, for hurricanes and so forth. Our military has been built up as an instrument of power but has never existed with this kind of potency before, and so we all need to look at this because there are laws against using the military in law enforcement capacities and we need to get to our Congressmen and Senators and say "look enough of this stuff."

McGovern then moved on to talk about terrorism and the fact that if there was another major attack in the US, it would mean a martial law state (According to General Tommy Franks) and a breakdown in our freedoms.

He amazingly went on to suggest that if another attack took place we should not accept what the government tells us because it could be them carrying out the terror.

"We have to be careful, if somebody does this kind of provocation, big violent explosions of some kind, we have to not take the word of the masters there in Washington that this was some terrorist event because it could well be a provocation allowing them, or seemingly to allow them to get what they want."

McGovern said he would not put it past the Government to "Play fast and loose" with terror alerts and warnings and even events themselves in order to rally people behind the flag.

Last week we revealed how a major terror alert in New York was outed as a fake, and magically boosted Mayor Bloomberg's ratings.

Mr McGovern then went on to reveal his opinions on the possible upcoming indictments within the Bush Administration, siding with the view that the truth will out and the Administration will come toppling down because of the way it has continually forged a bedrock of lies to justify the War In Iraq.

But he warned that we have to stay vigilant and continually expose the lies because we no longer have a free mainstream press. If we stop looking they will get away with anything they want.

Mr Govern Stressed that the founders wrote the Constitution with far sighted possibilities in mind, and we may now be at that juncture. The founders provided us with the ability to impeach any Government should it take away our liberties or any President, should he attempt to act like a King or an Emperor.

At this very moment we have a President about to veto a ban on torture. Even at the height of the British Empire torture was still outlawed because it was recognized as the pinnacle of human rights violations. What more does this Administration have to do before we remove it from power?



"RE-REWIND, RE-REWIND!" - Monday, September 12, 2005

"The Crazies": Speaking from Camp Casey, ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern breaks down who's in charge of the U.S. Government

"The crazies are in charge,
Livin' large,
Kept the gimps locked-up,
But now they costin' us our cars,

Star Wars is next,
Ya paychecks,
Ya red-necks,
The guillotine's flexed,

Even Bush 41,
Kept 'em 'round,
Just for fun,
Even a rich man's son,
Didn't want World War Won,

Didn't want World War Too,
But Carlyle's, got a smile,
For every inch of sand,
They'll go, the extra mile..."


BONUS: What Really Happened Today?

The TV keeps hummin',
CNN drummer's drummin',
War cry, stimuli, keeps me comin',

I'm a whore, for more,
Hooked to the core,
I just-
Keep pickin'-
At that canker sore-

On my brain!

See who Al-Qaeda trained?
Bad guys in black hats?
I must be insane!

To think, before I blink,
Something about this stinks,
I'd better take the blue pill,
Pour me, another drink!

Then sit back and watch,
Closed mind, open eyes,
I love this flick!
Same villains as True Lies!

Now where's Arnie?
Oh yeah, he's chillin' out in Cali!
And while Compton burns,
He's working out at Bally's!

But wait,
I'll take a little bathroom break,
But as I'm walkin' away,
The world starts to shake,

I have a mental-earthquake,
Low on the Richter scale,
Is Guantanamo Bay?
A jail bought for sale?

In hell with no bail?


It's gotta make sense!

'Cause the words: "terrorist threat"...

Are never in...

The past-tense...


What really happened, today?
What the hell is Bush, trying to say?
What really happened, today?
What should I do? Shop or pray?



I'd better stay alert/scared,
Cop me, a gas mask!
Will this shit even work?
I didn't think to ask!

I didn't think at all,
Life, is better that way,
King George will save us,
Now, what the hell did he say?

"We've got a blanket alert,
On a general threat!"

Oh shit...

That's scary stuff, I'd bet!
I'd bet all the bad guys-
Are getting ready for war!

But wait-
There weren't this many bad-guys before!

Jesus Christ!
These Muslims are fucking like rabbits!
Let's give 'em smokes and drinks!
And teach 'em other bad habits!

Chill'em out a bit,
Soon they'll see it our way,
Try the new McDonald's,
"You deserve a break today!"

All that Jihad and bombing,
Now, what was that for?
So what, if half your people,
Are stuck, dirt-poor?

Learn to be like us,
And you won't even care!
We just stick em in ghettos,
Wanna see?
You don't dare!

They're scary-scary places,
With nothing but bad people,
And I can't believe God,
Made 'em all that evil!

It's almost medieval,
How they choose to live,
When all America does,
Is open our hearts and give!

Well if you don't like us,
Then go fuck yourself!
I don't give a shit,
I just laughed through Elf...


What really happened, today?
What the hell is Bush, trying to say?
What really happened, today?
What should I do? Shop or pray?



- Black Krishna f. E-Dub and Conroy


"RE-REWIND, RE-REWIND!" - Friday, August 19, 2005

The Endgame: Neo-Continuity...